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Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri

Planning A Trip To Shivpuri? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Shivpuri

Situated close to Gwalior in MP, Shivpuri is an ancient town that is considered very important for religious Hindus. It has a blend of different cultures and is also rich in its natural beauty. Known by the name Sipri earlier, Shivpuri is associated with Lord Shiva and literally means the City of Lord Shiva. Once a part of Ashoka’s kingdom, Shivpuri’s jungles were the hunting grounds for Emperor Akbar. Subsequently, the royalty of Scindia won the town from the Mughal Emperor and granted it to a Maratha general called Ingle. There are several tourist places to visit in Shivpuri. These include National Park and lake besides bird sanctuary and historically relevant monument. Let us see some of them. 

Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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Madhav National Park was once the favourite of the royal rulers of Shivpuri and today it is a great favourite of nature lovers who come to visit Shivpuri. The verdant expanse of this park is home to diverse species of fauna. Some of these include the Nilgai, the Indian gazelle Chinkara and birds such as the painted stork, purple sunbird and the pond heron among several others. Here you will also find the majestic leopard, sloth bear and of course the langur. There are migratory birds here as well such as the pochard, mallard, teal, pintail and the graceful geese. Take some rich memories from a visit to this beautiful park. 

Sakhya Sagar Lake

Sakhya Sagar Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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The Sakhya Sagar Lake is located very close to the Madhav National Park. Created in the early 1920s this lake is home to diverse species of reptiles such as the marsh crocodiles, Indian python, monitor lizards and many more. You must take a boat ride on this lake and enjoy the time you spend on this beautiful expanse of water.

Karera Bird Sanctuary

Karera Bird Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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The Karera Bird Sanctuary is an amazing place which provides shelter to some 245 diverse species of birds. These include both those that have been residents here for a long time and those that are migratory. These diverse species include the Indian robin. Spoonbill and heron besides the black bellied river tern, egret and pintail. There are predatory animals here as well such as tigers and leopards besides herbivores that include elephants and blackbucks. The flora to be found here include swamp vegetation as well as riverine and deciduous plants. Prepare to be amazed and relaxed at this popular sanctuary.


Chhatri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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The Chhatri at Shivpuri is among the most famed monuments in MP. It provides the right kind of blend between the Hindu and Mughal forms of architecture set inside a fine Mughal garden. The construction of this Chhatri was carried out under the guidance of the rulers of Scindia. You have the option of either enjoying the beautiful amalgam of the two cultures or taking a walk inside the Mughal garden which encloses the tombs of the Scindia rulers of a majestic past. Each evening classic musical presentations are performed in the premises of Chhatri and Mughal Garden as part of prayer offerings.

Visit Parihar and Have a Dip

Visit Parihar and Have a Dip:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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Parihar is located about 20 km from Gwalior in Shivpuri district and about 84 km from the city centre. Considered as a holy place to bathe, it is believed that those that take a dip here once will be washed of all their wrongdoings and sins. You may or may not believe in this saying but do visit the place because of its sheer natural beauty.

Explore Banganga Temple

Explore Banganga Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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The Banganga Temple, according to a legend, is the place where Arjuna had shot an arrow into the ground in order to extract water so as to quench the thirst of Bhishma Pitamah who was on his death bed of arrows. This is how the name Banganga came about. Ban being the arrow and Ganga, the holiest of holy rivers for the Hindus.

Bhadaiya Kund

Bhadaiya Kund:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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Bhadaiya Kund only 10 min away via Circular Road is a fine place with a natural spring where you can enjoy picnic with your family and friends. The spring water is high in mineral content. During the monsoon this place is very crowded and it is a wonderful experience one needs to have to believe it. A large number of young couples can be seen in this attractive place because of its natural beauty.


Survaya Ki Garhi

Survaya Ki Garhi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Shivpuri
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Visitors express their amazement after seeing the “three beautiful temples within the walls of the fort”. Survaya Ki Garhi is a beautiful heritage property in MP in the form of a small fortress near Shivpuri. The fortress is architecturally brilliant and rich in cultural quality. It houses a number of temples that are dedicated to Shiva. There are altars where the ancient Hindu used to practise Yagna. The sculptures that are depicted here indicate the Kachchaphaghta style practised in the early phase of medieval India in the form of dance, music and the demi gods that are clearly visible. Despite the wars between Indian kings and the Turkish Sultanate as well as the Mughals, the sculptures have survived quite well. This is surely a must see site.

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