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Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot

Planning A Trip To Chitrakoot? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is a town in the Satna district of MP and Chitrakoot district of UP. It is full of divine intervention and wonders. It has a powerful and prestigious standing related to religion in the country. Chitrakoot is one of the teerths and therefore of great relevance to the devout Hindu. There are several intriguing tourist places to visit in Chitrakoot. Each place that you see has one or another legend that is attached to it. These places are now discussed in detail.

Gupt Godavari

Gupt Godavari:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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There is a legend with every place in Chitrakoot. Gupt Godavari emerges from within this cave and thereafter disappears into another cave. The legend involves the demon Mayank who audaciously stole Sita’s clothes while she was bathing and because of this Laxman killed him. The massive rock that you see jutting out of the roof is supposed to be the demon’s remains. Visitors will find a beautiful sculpture of the triumvirate as they enter the cave. If you like bats, the cave is full of them.

Ram Ghat

Ram Ghat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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Ram Ghat has been created on the banks of River Mandakini. You will see several holy men all dressed in saffron meditating on these banks. It is believed that the holy River Sarayu surfaces from its source and again vanishes. Legend has it that during their exile, Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman took shelter at this sport and appeared in the presence of Tulsidas, the revered poet. The Tulsi Chabutra which is a platform in Ram Ghat is understood to be the place where the poet has written Ram Charit Manas.  

Chitrakoot Falls

Chitrakoot Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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Chitrakoot Falls is a natural waterfall which is located 38km west of Jagdalpur on River Indravati that originates in Odisha’s Kalahandi region. The height of the fall is about 95’ and is the widest of all falls in India. After the fall, the river finally flows into River Godavari after its journey of about 390km. On the left bank of the fall is a Hindu shrine that is dedicated to Shiva and several grottos that are naturally formed called the Parvati Caves. The area around the fall is very pleasant except in summer when all vegetation gets denuded.

Sati Anusuya Ashram

Sati Anusuya Ashram:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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As per legend Sati Anusuya, the wife of Atri Muni, performed tapasya and brought Mandakini River down to the earth in Chitrakoot when lack of rainfall for ten years had brought famine to the area and all animals and birds were dying. The ashram is located in a thick jungle around 16km from town. According to legend this is where Anusuya and Atri Muni met Lord Rama and Sita when they had come to meet them.

Hanuman Dhara

Hanuman Dhara:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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The Hanuman Dhara, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is a shrine located in the wooded hills of Chitrakoot, 5km away from Ram Ghat. Legend has it that Hanuman doused his burning tail in the stream of ice cold water while returning from the destruction of Lanka. That stream has been named Hanuman Dhara. Visitors need to climb some 360 steps in order to seek the blessings from Hanuman.

Bharat Milap Mandir

Bharat Milap Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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Bharat Milap Mandir, located near Param Kutir is supposed to be the meeting place of Bharat and Lord Rama. This is where Bharat is supposed to have come to Lord Rama to plead him to come back to Ayodhya to take his place on the throne as the king. Legend has it that Bharat camped here along with other members of the nobility and the royal family. There are impressions on the ground said to be those of Lord Rama and Bharat.


Kamadgiri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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Kamadgiri is supposed to be at the heart of Chitrakoot. It is located on top of a hill which is forested. At the base of this are several Hindu temples surrounding the place. The name Kamadgiri means a fulfiller of wishes and is another name of Rama. People go around the hill as in a parikrama. They believe this will bring about an end to all their sorrows and that all their wishes will be met. Bharat Milap Mandir is among the temples around the hill.


Rajapur:  Tourist Places To Visit In Chitrakoot
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Rajapur, a small town within the district of Chitrakoot is the place where Goswami Tulsidas was born. As the writer of Shri Ram Charit Manas and the Hanuman Chalisa, Tulsidas endeared him to all those who read his works in Hindi. A small temple has been dedicated to him here and all those who love Tulsidas pay their respects to him.

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