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Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur

Planning A Trip To Jabalpur? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is an ancient city in Madhya Pradesh. Today it is a 2-tier city in the state. However, it is also the third largest city in the state and the 37th largest city in the country. An important city of MP from the points of business, industry and administration, Jabalpur is also an important centre as both a military base and also as a centre where arms and ammunition are manufactured in the country. An important producer of forest products, the city is also a major trading centre. Jabalpur is an important tourist destination. There are several tourist places to visit in Jabalpur. These are outlined in the paragraphs below.

Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by famousplacesinindia.in

Dhuandhar Falls, located in Jabalpur are a falls that drop from 30m height and are a beautiful sight to see. The name of the falls obviously comes from the two words, dhuan meaning smoke and dhar meaning stream, both in Hindi. So it means a steady flow of water. This is the most popular destination for tourists in Jabalpur. The falls are a result of the Narmada River flowing through the hills before plunging into the waterfall which is so forceful a fall that a cloud of mist is created thereby resulting into Dhuandhar Falls. The crashing noise sounds like a roar which is heard from far. There are viewing platforms constructed along the sides so that one can get unrestricted view of the falls and surrounding ravine. The view is spectacular and very memorable.

Boat ride down to Bhedaghat

Boat ride down to Bhedaghat:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by mptourism.com

A boat ride down to Bhedaghat from Panchvati ghat on the Narmada River is an experience one cannot forget. The ride is a spectacular experience with the white marble rocks rising on your sides as the boat takes you through the ravine. You will find the lustrous rocks changing their shapes even as you look at them in awe. For a novel experience take the boat ride on a moonlit night. You can take the boat ride from 7am till 7pm. 

Chausath Yogini Temple

Chausath Yogini Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by en.wikipedia.org

The Chausat Yogini Temple in Jabalpur is one of the two such temples in Madhya Pradesh, the one in Khajuraho being the other. Made of coarse granite stone, the temple of Lord Shiva is located in the centre of the temple complex. The temple was created to serve as the abode of the Goddess Durga along with her sixty four yoginis or female attendants. The temple is located near the famous Dhuan Dhar and one can see the temple on his visit to the Marble Rocks at Bhedaghat.

Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by mouthshut.com

Raja Madan Shah, the Gond ruler, made the Madan Mahal Fort in 1116AD. Built on top of a hill in Jabalpur, the fort is small and enchanting. The history of the fort is linked to Rani Durgavati who was a Gond queen. She ultimately died while fighting the Moguls and she is considered a martyr in the history of India. Rani Durgavati also built several temples and tanks that are to be found in Jabalpur. Though the fort is small it is well equipped for defending against armed intruders. It has a stable, a reservoir and war rooms besides the major chamber kept for the rulers. The fort is a dominant feature on the skyline. It presents a spectacular view of both the town and the entire area that is around it. On the way to the fort you can also see the famous balancing rock.

Dumna Nature Reserve Park

Dumna Nature Reserve Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by holidayiq.com

This park includes forests, a small dam and diverse wild animals. These animals include wild boar, chital deer and porcupine besides several species of birds. Situated only 10 km from Jabalpur, the park also serves as a favourite spot for picnics with activities such as boating, fishing and a ride on the toy train.

Sangram Sagar Lake

Sangram Sagar Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by holidify.com

The Sangram Sagar Lake, located only 15 km from Jabalpur city, is a beautiful lake with several species of birds and fish. It is a well known place for bird-watching and is one of the most sought after places in the city. The structure adjacent to the lake was built by Sangram Shah, a Gond ruler, in the 15th century. One can see several medieval buildings near the lake. Because of the vast water body, the lake attracts several migratory birds in season. Some of these birds include the spear-tailed duck and the red pouch pochard ducks of the western and central Asia besides coots. The atmosphere in the environment of the lake is clean and tranquil. It is therefore an excellent place for walks and for those who love nature.

Sea World Water Park

Sea World Water Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by https://www.youtube.com

The Sea World Water Park is a thrilling option for spending a full day, especially if you are with your children or friends and relatives. There are different systems available here such as the wave pool and the water rides. The food stalls functioning at the park offer several mouth-watering options to quench your appetite after the fun and frolic. This is one place where you will definitely not feel bored.

Rani Durgavati Museum

Rani Durgavati Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Jabalpur
Photograph by holidayiq.com

The Rani Durgavati Museum is dedicated to the memory of the courageous queen who was martyred to the cause of freedom of her kingdom. The museum has an excellent selection of sculptures and is well known for being one of the best museums in Madhya Pradesh. It is open all days of the week between 9:30am and 6pm.

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