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Indore Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Indore? Here's a detailed Indore tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
28.5° C / 83.3° F
Current Conditions:
Broken Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
October to March
Recommended Duration:
3 to 4 Days
Nearest Airport:
Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (8 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Indore Junction

The history of Indore is a story of perpetual strife. The fights were among the Marathas, the Moguls and the British who were all trying their level best to be the dominant power in central India. It is said that it was Rao Nandlal Chaudhary who founded Indore. The founder of Indore held on to the city and its suburbs and built a fort near the banks of Saraswati River where Indrapur was founded. The name later mutated to Indore. The Marathas remained in power till the third battle of Panipat where they lost to an Afghan invader, Ahmad Shah Abdali. Later, the Holkars took over the reins of Indore after signing an agreement with the British. Later still, Indore with other princely states joined the Indian Republic after India became independent. Tourism in Indore is fairly elaborate. A travel guide to Indore is given below for all who wish to visit this beautiful city.  

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Indore Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Road: 

Roads in Indore are fairly well connected to the rest of the country. While one can reach Delhi in less than 15 hours, it will take about 10 h 32 min to reach Mumbai from Indore.


By Rail: 

Indore has excellent rail connections with most of the bigger cities in India. There are 3 Super Fast trains to New Delhi and 3 Super Fast trains as well as 1 Duronto to Mumbai from Indore.


By Air: 

The airport in Indore is fairly busy. One can fly to Indore from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai as well as Bangalore and Kolkata. There are international flights to Sharjah, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur as well.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Indore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (April-June): 

The summers in Indore are fairly harsh. The temperature has been known to go up to 45°C when it is unbearable to go outside. It is best to avoid your visit to Indore during these summer months.


Monsoon (July to September): 

In a way monsoon season is a pretty good time to visit Indore. The area all around is lush green and it is cool. All the waterfalls are in full spate and nature is at its best. However, there is always a chance for roads to get flooded and this may be a problem for visitors with time at a premium.


Winter (October-March): 

Indore is at its best in the winter season. One gets a lot of energy when one is not sweating! It is also a good time to go shopping and tasting the local delicacies.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Indore Tourism And Travel Guide
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See the Sound and Light Show at Rajwada Palace: 

This show is held at Rajwada Palace from Tuesdays to Sundays at 6:30pm. The voice is that of Shri Amitabh Bachhan and all lovers of history must watch the show. The show is for 30 min and the charges are Rs. 200/ per person. The present palace was built in 1818 by Holkar II at a cost of four lakhs to replace the original palace destroyed in 1801. This palace was finally taken over by the MP Government and declared a monument. You must visit the palace and see the show as well to learn about the history of Indore and the Holkars.


Enjoy the day at Pipliyapala Regional Park: 

Do some motor boating or pedal boating at the lake in the park along with family and friends. The park is all of 122 acres while the lake itself occupies 80 acres. Enjoy the musical fountains and the gardens and when hungry there are different foods served at the Fast Food Zone to satiate your appetite.


Breathe in the freshness at Bijasen Tekri: 

If you want to take a grand look at Indore you must visit the Bijasen Temple on top of Tekri Hill. Of course it makes sense to visit the place when you are near the airport, as during arrival or departure, since it is right next to the airport. There is a pretty garden and a small lake near the Tekri and if you visit the place at night the view is absolutely awesome.


Check out the Safari Activity Park: 

The Safari Activity Park is a fun place with different activities to test your skills. You could climb a wall or cross an obstacle course or if you like, simply gaze at stars or enjoy the weekend in the outdoors.


Hike up Janapav Kuti: 

Take a trip to Janapav Kuti 45 km from Indore and hike up the slope. It is an excellent escape from the sounds of the city. You will be in the midst of a thick forest which is absolutely unpolluted and clean. Breathe in dollops of fresh air and enjoy your time in the laps of nature.


Visit the Chhatris: 

The Chhatris at Indore are called Krishnapura Chhatris. There are three of them. These are very beautiful and maintained well. The structures have intricate carvings and a visit to this place is very relaxing. There are some temples around the Chhatris as well.  


Take a break at Gomatgiri: 

Gomatgiri is a sacred temple of the Jains. Here you will find the statue of Gomateshwara, similar to the one near Bangalore in Shravanbelagola. Gomatgiri is located just minutes away from the airport. So it makes sense to visit the beautiful temple either while leaving or entering Indore.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat:  Indore Tourism And Travel Guide
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There are dozens of places where you can have good food in Indore, food that suits your palate. Try Joshi Dahi Bada House in Sarafa Bazaar for dahi bada and bhutte ki kees. Mediterra in Vijay Nagar is where you should try out pizza and hummus while Hotel Rajhans serves excellent dal baflas. If it is good non vegetarian food you are looking for, try Nafees Restaurant for mutton biriyani, haleem and kebabs.

Shopping in Indore

Shopping in Indore:  Indore Tourism And Travel Guide
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Indore is famous for its amazing variety in handloom, whether it is a salwar suit you are looking for or a saree. Indore is also well known for handcraft items such as glass bangles and leather toys, traditional potlis and pen holders that are ethnic in looks. Buy namkeens when you are in Indore. Select the best dal moth and sev, bhujiya and dhania chivda that are some of the delicacies of Indore. Sarafa Bazaar is known for its jewellery collections.

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