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Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Chitrakoot? Here's a detailed Chitrakoot tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
34.1° C / 93.4° F
Current Conditions:
Broken Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
August to October
Recommended Duration:
2 to 2 Days
Nearest Airport:
Prayagraj Airport (135 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Chitrakoot Dham (8 kms)

Chitrakoot is a town in MP and UP (each in part) that is entirely religious in nature linked as it is to Lord Rama who stayed here with Sita and Laxman when they had left Ayodhya on self-imposed exile. Tourism in Chitrakoot is therefore rich in various aspects of Ramayana whether it is Bharat or Hanuman or some other personality connected with the epic. But, there is much more to see in Chitrakoot besides. Travel guide to Chitrakoot therefore lays out an interesting list of sites that you can and should visit.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide
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Chitrakoot has no air connections with any city. However, it has a railhead at Karvi or Chitrakoot Dham. Chitrakoot is also well connected by road with all nearby cities and towns in MP or UP.


By Road: 

Chitrakoot is connected fairly well with other cities within MP and UP such as Satna and Jhansi besides Kanpur and Allahabad. One can also travel by buses from all nearby cities within MP and UP. There are taxis also that one can hire. Allahabad is about 135km away while Varanasi is around 275km away from Chitrakoot.


By Train: 

It is convenient for travellers to take a train to Karvi or Chitrakoot Dham from their starting point. At Karvi one can take a taxi for Chitrakoot which is only 8km away.


By Air: 

Chitrakoot does not have an airport. One can take a flight to Allahabad, 135km away or from Khajuraho airport, 175km away. Varanasi airport is yet another option and that is 275km away from Chitrakoot. Buses and taxis are available from all these places to get you to Chitrakoot.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide
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Chitrakoot is a subtropical town. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It does not rain a lot in this place and so tourists will find Chitrakoot comfortable in the monsoon.


Summer (March-June):

Chitrakoot is quite unbearable in summer with temperatures rising beyond 46°C. Though the nights are comfortable the minimum temperature is still fairly high at 29°C. The weather being harsh and uncomfortable summers are best avoided by visitors.


Monsoon (July-October):

Chitrakoot is very comfortable during the monsoon with temperatures remaining low. One can and should visit the place during August-October when the rains slow down a bit and one is treated with lush and dense vegetation all around. Since the visibility is good visitors will find touring quite attractive at this time.


Winter (November-February):

As far as the temperature is concerned Chitrakoot is cool or cold in winter. However, there is a problem with visibility owing to the haze and mist bordering on fog during winter in Chitrakoot. But, it is all right to visit Chitrakoot till December. January and February are best avoided on account of poor visibility.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide
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The Mysterious Gupt Godavari:

The mysterious Gupt Godavari is a cave located about 19km from Ram Ghat. According to legends this is the place where Godavari River emerges and once again disappears in another cave that is located nearby. There is a massive rock which is protruding out from the roof of the cave and this is believed to be the remains of a demon known as Mayank.


Ancient Kalinjar Fort:

The ancient Kalinjar Fort is located in Banda in UP. It is among the 8 famous forts which were built by the Chandela dynasty. The fort is close to Khajuraho and is at a height of 1203’. Do visit the fort and take a look at stone images of the various gods such as Shiva and Vishnu. There are carvings in stone of birds and other animals as well.


Sacred Bharat Kup:

Bharat Kup is a small temple and there is a well nearby which is significant. This well is about 50km away from Chitrakoot and is supposed to be the place where Bharat stored sacred water that he had collected from the various places of pilgrimage he had been to. His intention was to use this water for the crowning of Lord Rama which he wanted to perform in Chitrakoot before starting off for Ayodhya.


Chitrakoot Falls - the Indian Niagara:

Chitrakoot Falls is a natural waterfall. It is located about 38km to the west of Jagdalpur. It is on the River Indravati which originates in Kalahandi region in the state of Odisha. The height of the fall is about 95’ and as it is the widest fall in India, it is known as the Indian Niagara. There is a Hindu shrine of Shiva and caves nearby named Parvati Caves.


Seek Blessings at Hanuman Dhara:

The Hanuman Dhara is a shrine that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is located around 5km away from Ram Ghat in a wooded hill. Legend has it that Hanuman wanted to douse his burning tail in the icy water of this place after destroying Lanka. Visitors can see the idol in the icy cold and clear water of the dhara. One must climb 360 odd steps in order to seek Hanuman’s blessings.


Beauty of Marpha:

Marpha is located about 4km from Gupt Godavari. A beautiful place with temples and the ruins of Chandel Fort, one will enjoy both the beauty and the magnificence of Marpha. Spend some time here and feel the vibes of the place while you listen to the songs of the holy people in saffron in an environment of incense.


Crystalline Sphatik Shila:

Sphatik Shila or crystalline rock is the flat boulder where Lord Rama and Sita were supposed to have sat. One need not be religiously inclined to enjoy the beauty of the place for its greenery and tranquillity.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat:  Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide
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Chitrakoot is a place where one can get good food at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket. Try Annapurna or Ashok Restaurant in Ramghat for North Indian food. There is Jaipuria too which is a small and popular dhaba. You can also try Paryatak Awas Grah which is a restaurant run by the government. It offers good meals at bargain prices.  


Shopping:  Chitrakoot Tourism And Travel Guide
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Chitrakoot is just a small town in the hinterland of both UP and MP. You will not find big malls or shops here. But, there are local markets and several shops where you can pick up a souvenir or two to remember your trip by.

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