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Things To Do In Indore

Planning A Trip To Indore? Here's our list of top things to do in Indore

Indore is the most populated city of MP. Known for the Lal Baag Palace and the 7-stories Rajwada Palace that date back to the days of the Holkar dynasty, it is one of the most attractive cities in India. Visitors always come back to Indore if only to again taste the multi-culture flavour of the city such as the Jain Temple Kanch Mandir and the Iskcon Temple or the Indore White Church. There are places to see and things to do in Indore. These are discussed in detail in the paragraphs below.

Visit Gomatgiri

Visit Gomatgiri:  Things To Do In Indore
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It is a good idea to stop at Gomatigiri, which is considered sacred by the Jains, on your way to Indore City, as you land at the Indore airport. Gomatgiri houses the statue of the 21’ high Gomateshwara. It is understood that this statue is a replica of the statue of Bahubali that is located near Bangaluru in Shravanbelagola. Gomatgiri is only a 10 minutes drive away from the Indore airport and is situated on top of a hill. There are also twenty four temples in the complex. Each of these temples represents the twenty four Tirthankaras according to Jainism. Gomatgiri is also a great spot for a picnic that rewards you with a grand view of the surrounding area.

Enjoy the treats at Pipliyapala Regional Park

Enjoy the treats at Pipliyapala Regional Park:  Things To Do In Indore
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The Pipliyapala Regional Park in its 122 acres area has a huge lake measuring 80 acres. The park attracts the young and the old alike. At the park one can engage in several activities that include motor boating and pedal boating. There are magical musical fountains and labyrinths as well as the beautiful French Gardens and the Artist Village. The park has a Fast Food Zone to stir your gastronomic juices with its tempting foods. There are bridges, canals and gardens in the park and together these create a space that will relax you since all this is far away from the noisy city.

Admire the Khajrana Temple

Admire the Khajrana Temple:  Things To Do In Indore
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The Khajrana Temple has within it among the most impressive shrines of Lord Ganesha. Built by the famous Rani Ahilyabai from the Holkar Dynasty, the basic intention was to protect the idol from the reach of Aurangzeb. In the initial stage the temple was inside a small hut. Today it is a large temple that has big outer and inner sanctums. During Vinayak Chaturthi great celebrations are held each year at the temple.

Hike to Janapav Kuti

Hike to Janapav Kuti:  Things To Do In Indore
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Janapav or Janapav Kuti is located 45 km from Indore at an altitude of about 881 m above MSL. It is famous as a tourist place and one can access it on the Indore to Mumbai Highway close to village Janapav Kuti. The location Janapav Kuti is the best escape for city dwellers who are fond of nature and who do not mind a little trek. Surrounded by thick forest Janapav is one area which is still pristine and unpolluted. Press on then and breathe in the pure air and find your freedom in the lap of nature. If you plan well you could participate in the fair held during Kartik Purnima just after Diwali.

Visit the Chhatris

Visit the Chhatris:  Things To Do In Indore
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As you will see all over MP and parts of Rajasthan as well, Indore also has its own Chhatris, the place of cremation of the Holkars. These Chhatris are known as Krishnapura Chhatris which are a set of three Chhatris located in Indore. Beautifully built, these Chhatris have structures that are carved intricately. A visit to this solemn site is very relaxing and one will find temples as well as other structures that have been built around the Chhatris.

Shoot pictures at Bijasen Tekri

Shoot pictures at Bijasen Tekri:  Things To Do In Indore
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The Bijasen Tekri temple is located on top of the Tekri Hill. The temple built in 1920, is just two minutes driving time near the airport. It is also only 9 km from the railway station. It is a very beautiful place and visitors get a fantastic view of the city especially on clear nights. On top of the hill is the Arms Museum of the BSF (Border Security Force). There is a beautiful garden and a small lake in the area that surrounds the Tekri. If you visit the place during the Navratri Mela you will see thousands of tourists and devotees at this temple.

Seek blessings at Annapurna Temple

Seek blessings at Annapurna Temple:  Things To Do In Indore
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The Annapurna Temple is an attraction for tourists as well as an important place for pilgrimage. Besides Goddess Annapurna, this popular temple houses the temples of Kalbhairav, Hanuman and Sivan as well. The complex also has the depiction of the four Vedas. Visitors will note the similarity between the architecture of this temple and that of Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Prove yourself at Safari Activity Park

Prove yourself at Safari Activity Park:  Things To Do In Indore
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The Safari Activity Park in Indore is where there is no shortage of things to do especially if you are looking forward to adventure activities in the outdoors. There are several programmes to choose from. The activities available include climbing walls and crossing obstacle courses while you are pitted against all the others who are competing with you. Of course there are other sober activities too and these include stargazing and camping or simply spending some quality time with family and friends. If you like you could also spend a weekend here.

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