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Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Shivpuri? Here's a detailed Shivpuri tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
32.9° C / 91.2° F
Current Conditions:
Broken Clouds
Best Months To Visit:
December to February
Recommended Duration:
2 to 3 Days
Nearest Airport:
Gwalior Airport (116 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Shivpuri (3.5 kms)

Shivpuri in MP is a town that is 116 km from Gwalior. Historically Shivpuri was in Ashoka’s kingdom and area of influence in the 3rd century BC. The Nandas and the Mouryas ruled Shivpuri till the Nagas conquered it in the beginning of 1st Century AD. Shivpuri became a part of Samudragupta’s kingdom in the middle of 4th century AD and prospered. A number of rulers changed hands thereafter such as the Gurjara-Pratiharas who ruled till around 943 AD. The Kachchapaghatas came next followed by the Kushwahas and then the Pariharas. The Jaipellas conquered Gwalior and ruled till around 1232 AD when Iltutmish won over the area and handed over power to one Malik Nasratuddin Taisi. With Independence Shivpuri became a part of MP in 1956. Tourism in Shivpuri consists of places of natural beauty as well as those of historical interest. A travel guide to Shivpuri is placed below for visitors to Shivpuri.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide
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Shivpuri is well connected by road or rail with the rest of the country. However, it does not have an airport of its own and one needs to use the airport at Bhopal in order to access Shivpuri. 


By Road:

Shivpuri has good road connections with cities in Madhya Pradesh. Therefore, when you land in Gwalior airport you can travel by NH46 to Shivpuri which is only 116 km away. There are bus services too from Noida and Kanpur besides Agra and Udaipur. Travellers from Lucknow to Shivpuri have commented favourably about the highway to Shivpuri.


By Rail:

Shivpuri has its own railway station. It is well connected by rail with Mumbai and Delhi as well as Gwalior and Chandigarh. If you land in Delhi from abroad you have the choice of taking one of the weekly trains to Shivpuri, or flying to Gwalior, and then taking a taxi to your destination.


By Air:

For air travellers it is best to fly to Gwalior which is 116 km away and then taking a bus or taxi to Shivpuri. Gwalior is well connected by air with the major cities in India.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide
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The climate of Shivpuri is hot and dry. It is humid and hot during the rainy season but the weather is excellent during winter, which is a great time to visit Shivpuri. 


Summer (April-June):

The best part about Shivpuri is that it is accessible all year around. However, summers are very hot and humid. Travellers will find their movements very difficult and uncomfortable. As May temperatures often hit 43°C and beyond, it is preferable for tourists to leave out the option of visiting Shivpuri in summer.


Monsoon (July-October):

Shivpuri has an average rainfall of about 130 mm in the monsoon. With such heavy rainfall roads often become flooded and difficult to navigate. Shivpuri is therefore best avoided during the rainy season.


Winter (December-February):

It is best to visit Shivpuri during winter season when the night temperatures record 9°C and less. Days are also comfortable at about 23°C. It is great to visit Shivpuri during this period. However, night temperatures could drop to 6°C and therefore proper woollen clothing is advised.

Things To Do

Things To Do:  Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide
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Have a Picnic at Bhadaiya Kund:

Bhadaiya Kund is very close to the heart of Shivpuri town. There is a natural spring here which forms the focus of a perfect spot for a great picnic with your family and friends.


The Famed Chhatri:

A visit to the famed Chhatri will be most educative in terms of viewing the fine architecture that you will see here, a perfect blend between Hindu and Mughal forms. You can take a walk in the Mughal garden which is adjoining the Chhatri. You could also try to attend the classic music presentation during the evening and combine this with your visit to the Chhatri.


Visit Shivpuri District Museum:

The Shivpuri District Museum is a great place for you to understand the history of the entire region. Here you will find relics that have been located, books that will educate you about the excavations and sculptures and paintings as well as coins harking back to the glorious past.


Be Close to Nature in Karera Bird Sanctuary:

A visit to Karera Bird Sanctuary is most enjoyable.  There are more than 240 different species of birds here and these include both the residents and those that are migratory. You will therefore be able to see egrets and pintails as well as herons and spoonbills. Herbivores and carnivores are here as well such as leopards and tigers besides blackbucks and elephants. You will also find different species of flora in this beautiful sanctuary.


Enjoy the Beauty of Madhav National Park:

The Madhav National Park is one of the highlights of all those who are visiting Shivpuri. Once the favourite of the nobility of Shivpuri, today this verdant expanse with its rich flora and fauna is most popular with all tourists. The animals that one can see here include the leopard and the sloth bear as well as the Nilgai and the Chinkara. There are hundreds of species of birds here too and these include residents such as the painted stork and migratory such as the pochard and the mallard.


Take a Boatride on the Sakhya Sagar Lake:

This lake is adjacent to the Madhav National Park. It is home to different types of reptiles and these include the monitor lizard, the Indian python and marsh crocodiles besides others. Take an enjoyable boat ride with your family and friends.


Explore the Legendary Banganga Temple:

The Banganga Temple is legendary. The location is supposed to be where Arjuna shot an arrow from his gandiva so that the underground water could serve to quench the thirst of Bhishma. The name of the temple indicates a combination of the Hindi Ban or arrow and the river Ganga.

Where to Eat

Where to Eat:  Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide
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You will find the best places to eat on the Circular Road or the Jhansi Road. While both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are available on Circular Road, Jhansi Road is more popular for Chinese dishes. While in Shivpuri you must try out kebabs and coconut barfi, bhutte ki kees and malpua, all lip-smacking items. Visit Hotel Veda in Padora for your special evening.


Shopping:  Shivpuri Tourism And Travel Guide
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Shivpuri is a mid-sized town in MP. Of course this town boasts of malls such as World Square Mall and Siddharth Arcade Shopping Mall but there is nothing that is a specialty of this place. One could try out the cotton saris that might please the ladies.

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