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Things To Do In Shivpuri

Planning A Trip To Shivpuri? Here's our list of top things to do in Shivpuri

About 116 km from Gwalior in MP, Shivpuri is an ancient town that is considered sacred by the Hindus. Derived from Lord Shiva, Shivpuri was earlier known as Sipri. This town’s history can be traced back to the time of Ashoka and the Nandas and the Mouryas whose empire Shivpuri was in.


The town also played an active role during the freedom struggle and the Quit India movement, and after Independence it became a part of MP. There are several places to see and things to do in Shivpuri. These are discussed below.

Have a Trip to Madhav Vilas Palace

Have a Trip to Madhav Vilas Palace:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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Madhav Vilas Palace is also known as the royal residence and is a historical monument in Shivpuri. The palace is well known for its spacious patios and lovely turrets besides the exquisite marble floors. The palace which served as the Scindia’s summer palace at one time is today the training centre for the Intelligence Bureau of the government.

Pay Homage at Tatya Tope Memorial

Pay Homage at Tatya Tope Memorial:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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The Tatya Tope Memorial is a very pleasant place to catch your breath in the midst of your busy touristy schedule. It is in Shivpuri that Tatya Tope was hanged to death on 18 April 1859 for his revolutionary actions against the British Empire. The memorial has been created at the same place where he was hanged. The grand statue serves to remind the sacrifice Tatya Tope made for the freedom of our country. The statue is magnificent and a visit to this fine place is justified.

Visit Pachrai Teerth

Visit Pachrai Teerth:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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A Jain Temple, Pachrai Teerth is located in the charming Pachrai village. There are numerous temples here and among these the prominent ones are Pachrai Teerth and Panihar Barai Khaniaghan Teerth. You will probably see many devotees taking a dip in the Panihar bathing ghat so that their sins would be cleansed. Dedicated to Bhagwan Sheetalnath, Pachrai Teertha has the idol of the Bhagwan, a statue of very large size and a magnificent idol indeed. It is believed that the idol has supernatural powers.

Visit Shivpuri District Museum

Visit Shivpuri District Museum:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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The Shivpuri District Museum is an attempt for the preservation of the local history as well as the relics that have been found in this area. It is possible for the visitor to understand and appreciate the historical importance of Shivpuri by seeing the various monuments, the temples and the ruins all around. This is basically an archaeological museum with exhibits that go back thousands of years. There is also a library where one can read books that are devoted to the historical excavations in the area. There are other books that add to one’s knowledge about Shivpuri and its surroundings. There is a large collection of sculptures, paintings and coins from the Rajput and the Maratha eras and this acquaints the visitor with the lives of the people who lived in these parts long ago.

Narwar Fort

Narwar Fort:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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Narwar Fort, situated on top of a hill in Narwar, MP, is spread over 8 sq. km area. The fort is supposed to have been built in the 10th century by the Kachwaha Rajputs when they took occupation of Narwar. The fort remained in the possession of the Kachwahas, the Pariharas and the Tomara Rajputs in succession from the 12th century onwards till it was finally captured in the 16th century by the Mughals. Scindia, the Maratha chief fought and took the fort back in the 19th century. Today the fort looks dilapidated but at one time it would have been second only to the Gwalior Fort in its magnificence. Close to the fort are various monuments or their remnants of the Sati monument, Chhip Mahal and Ladu bungalow among many others.

Mahua Shiva Temple

Mahua Shiva Temple:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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The Mahua Shiva Temple today is just as beautiful as it was when it was constructed. Mahua is a very small and common village in appearance in Shivpuri but it has treasures that date back to the 6th and 7th centuries hidden from sight. Shaivite in origin, the area has only a few temples that are still standing and these serve to remind us of our history going back in time. The Shiva Mandapika can probably be traced back to the second half of 7th Century AD. A temple from those times dedicated to Shiva, it has exquisite carvings that depict Ganga and Yamuna on the two sides of the door which leads to the centre of the temple.

Visit Madikheda Dam

Visit Madikheda Dam:  Things To Do In Shivpuri
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The Madikheda Dam at a height of 62m is in the village of the same name and is located across the Sindh River. It was built for feeding the Mohini Pick up weir downstream. Though the construction work should have started in Nov 1993 when the project was awarded, the statutory clearances could not be obtained in time and the work could start only in 2000. The work on the dam was completed in June 2007. It has a 3.2MW power house as well. Visitors have said that the dam is an attractive place to visit with plenty of greenery all around.

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