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Things To Do In Bhopal

Planning A Trip To Bhopal? Here's our list of top things to do in Bhopal

Bhopal is a modern city with a great history. Today’s Bhopal has ancient monuments that tell of tales going back centuries. There are palaces and temples and mosques, as well as lakes and beautiful parks for viewing animals in the wild and enjoying a picnic with family and friends. There are prehistoric cave paintings that go back 30,000 years as well as the famed Sanchi Stupa which is a destination for thousands across the globe. There are several things to do in Bhopal and these are discussed in detail below.

Enjoy a day’s picnic at Van Vihar National Park

Enjoy a day’s picnic at Van Vihar National Park:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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Spread over almost 4.5 sq. km, the Van Vihar National Park is a place where one can enjoy seeing a fairly large number of wild animals, all kept in surroundings that are similar to their habitat. One can therefore see animals that not only include carnivores such as tigers, lions, leopards and hyenas but also several herbivores like sloth bears, black bucks, wild boars and wild hares among others. There are several species of birds too, and vegetation that includes bel and amla besides tendu and amaltas. It is a pleasure to spend some time relaxing in the fine environs of the park for a small fee. The park is open on all days other than Friday between 06:30 am and 18:30 pm.

Spend an enjoyable evening at Sair Sapata

Spend an enjoyable evening at Sair Sapata:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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Sair Sapata is a fun place where one can spend hours in amusement with family and friends. The 25 acres of land offers several experiences such as car dashing and zorbing as well as boat riding and forest hiking. There is a playground for children, a musical fountain, toy train and a suspension bridge. Located in Prempura in Bhopal this is a place where you can rejuvenate yourself.

Admire the magnificent Taj-Ul-Masjid

Admire the magnificent Taj-Ul-Masjid:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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The Taj-Ul-Masjid is the largest mosque in India. It covers an area of around 430,000 sq ft and has a capacity of about 1,75,000 people at any given time. The architecture reflects the style of the Moguls and is made of beautiful red stone. The charm of the mosque is enhanced further due to the Motia Talab, a lake nearby. The mosque bears an amazing resemblance with the Jama Masjid which is located in the old part of Delhi. This imposing mosque was built in 1901 by Shah Jahan and one must not miss seeing it.

Go Boating in Bhojtal

Go Boating in Bhojtal:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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A boat ride in the blue waters of Bhojtal is a marvellous way of cooling and energising . As the oldest lake in Bhopal, Bhojtal is where all the different forms of water sports take place. The entire area has been created for providing entertainment. There is the beautiful Kamla Park close to the lake and an over bridge that separates the two lakes. There is a Dargah too beside the statue of Raja Bhoj and stalls all around the lake where one can enjoy diverse types of eats.

Ride the Ropeway Tekri

Ride the Ropeway Tekri:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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The Bhopal Ropeway at the Manuabhan Tekri Temple offers some of the most amazing views of the city. The ropeway, by showing off its adventurous side, serves to bring some balance in Bhopal which is in reality a wonderful place full of historical monuments. The return trip gives you a picturesque view of the Jain temple among other captivating views. Undoubtedly, the ropeway ride is the most attractive thing to do in Bhopal.

Enjoy Coffee at the Indian Coffee House

Enjoy Coffee at the Indian Coffee House:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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Your trip to Bhopal will perhaps remain incomplete without that cup of steaming hot coffee at the popular Indian Coffee House. Enjoy some great dosas too along with your coffee. This is the favourite haunt of all natives of Bhopal. Rub shoulders with them and find out what is the specialty of a Bhopali. While the interiors are traditional, the rates are easy on the purse and the service is very prompt.

Do some exciting shopping in Bhopal

Do some exciting shopping in Bhopal:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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In Bhopal all shoppers head for the so very inviting DB Mall which is located right in the centre of the city. Belonging to the well known Dainik Bhaskar Group, this mall has become a great place for the youngsters to hang out. Today, one can find those that are fun loving and the others that are shopaholics all gather here. The reason could be more than one but at least one major reason is that the mall has a never ending stream of offers. All the global shopping brands have an outlet here. There are excellent options for dining and the latest films are screened at the multiplexes as well. There is an entertainment zone for kids too.

Eat Peshawari and Mughlai at Za-Aiqa

Eat Peshawari and Mughlai at Za-Aiqa:  Things To Do In Bhopal
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If you are a foodie you are at home in Bhopal. This city is a Mecca for all gastronomes. At the Za-Aiqa one can stuff oneself with Lucknowi foods. Irrespective of whether the Bhopali cuisine, Awadhi or Mughlai food is your weakness, this restaurant will not fail to wear down your defences. This place is great on hospitality and has excellent seating. A visit is recommended.

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