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Things To Do In Panchmarhi

Planning A Trip To Panchmarhi? Here's our list of top things to do in Panchmarhi

Panchmarhi is the declared Queen of Satpura. It is a hill station of MP with its several waterfalls that include the Apsara Vihar and of course the Rajat with its single drop fall just across. Then there is the Bee Fall which tumbles over the jagged rock in the northwest. There is the Satpura National Park with its Indian bison and the herds of deer and do not forget the Pandava Caves that gave Panchmarhi its name. You can do all these but there are so many more things to do in Panchmarhi. Some of these will now be discussed.

The Charms of Apsara Vihar

The Charms of Apsara Vihar:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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Apsara Vihar is a beautiful and placid waterfall deep within the forest of Panchmarhi. It cascades from a height of 30’ and crashes to form a pool of cool water below. All visitors to Panchmarhi make it a point to make a beeline for this fall which is also a favourite with picnickers who want to take a break from their regular active lives. The pool is a great hit with all these visitors who simply love to splash around in the water.

The Handi Khoh Viewpoint

The Handi Khoh Viewpoint:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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Handi Khoh is ‘the deep valley’ and this is an amazing viewing point one must see when on a visit to Panchmarhi. The incredible view is that of a gorge 100m deep with towering cliffs all around rising to a height of 300m. From Handi Khoh one can see Chauragarh in the distance as well as other points such as Forsyth Point or Priyadarshini. The local story is that there was a lake in that area which dried up and thereby the name given was Andhi Khoh or the blind water body. In due course of time this became Handi Khoh which today is home to a fairly large population of bees. There is a small ravine as well and one can hear its sound when there is total silence. Nature lovers and photographers find this place irresistible.

Forsyth Point

Forsyth Point:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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This is the place where Captain Forsyth is said to have discovered Panchmarhi in 1857. Panchmarhi was thereafter anointed with the tag ‘hill station’ after this and from then to the title of ‘resort’. It is from this point that one can get a bird’s eye view of the hill station spread below and around and the verdant landscape.

Chhota Mahadeo

Chhota Mahadeo:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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Chhota Mahadeo is on the way to Chauragarh. There is some amount of monkey menace and visitors must take due care not to keep their car windows open or leave food stuff lying around. Chhota Mahadeo is a narrow opening to a small cave. There is now a statue of Hanuman too but one must check whether someone is already in the space trying to come out before you venture within. The space within is just adequate for about six people who can walk sideways. The space is around 30 odd feet and at the end of the crevice is an open space for six people to just stand. The experience is adventurous but if you are claustrophobic you could give it a miss.

Visit the Bison Lodge

Visit the Bison Lodge:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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The Bison Lodge was constructed by Captain Forsyth in the year 1862. This lodge was used by the officer as his residence whenever he came to Panchmarhi for an inspection tour of the neighbouring forests. Today the lodge is a museum. It displays the flora and fauna of the area. The museum also has diverse models and maps besides pictures that describe the flora and fauna in detail. There are stuffed bison, lions and tigers in the museum and there is also an open air theatre where documentaries on wildlife are played.

Charming Tawa Madhai

Charming Tawa Madhai:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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Tawa and Madhai are 113km away from Panchmarhi and it should take about 2h30min to reach. The Tawa Dam & Reservoir is a perfect getaway from the boring city life. Tawa has lush greenery all around and there are options for the adventurers. When you come here you must time your trip in such a way that you can see the incredible sunset. Go on a lake cruise too. It is an hour long cruise and the ride will be very memorable with tiny islands in the reservoir and picturesque Satpura hills on the horizon. Madhai, a reserve forest, is similarly most enchanting with its raw wilderness and total tranquillity as you enter one of the most beautiful forests in the country.

Bee Falls

Bee Falls:  Things To Do In Panchmarhi
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There are several waterfalls in Panchmarhi, some large and others small. Bee Falls is among the most popular waterfalls on account of the fact that it doubles up as an attractive spot for picnic as well. The waterfall cascades down its 35 m height and you can reach it by taking a short trek. Enjoy your picnic here with family and friends.

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