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Things To Do In Orchha

Planning A Trip To Orchha? Here's our list of top things to do in Orchha

Orchha is the sort of place where one feels like taking things easy. However, despite this, there are several things to do in Orchha.


Orchha is an earthy sort of place, a place which is basically agricultural in nature. However, Orchha is also a place that is very historical. For this reason there are several palaces that one could see such as Jahangir Mahal and Raja Mahal. Along with palaces, there are old temples that are worth seeing such as Chaturbhuj and Ram Raja Temple and both of these are very pretty. Besides these sightseeing places, Orchha offers fun things that you could do. In order to have a memorable trip to Orchha try out the following things.

Visit the beautiful Phool Bagh

Visit the beautiful Phool Bagh:  Things To Do In Orchha
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The Bundelas were very artistic and this is evident in the garden complex known as Phool Bagh. The garden has very ornately designed fountains in a pavilion with eight pillars. A large bowl called Chandan Katora collects the water and thereafter supplies it through the roof thereby making it appear just like rainfall. The garden was built to serve as a memorial for Prince Dinman Hardaul. The prince had committed suicide just so that he could prove he was innocent to his elder brother. During the time of the Bundela kings, this garden served as their retreat in the harsh summers of Orchha. The fort complex tends to tire you out. Phool Bagh will give you a well earned rest.

Attend the Sound and Light Show

Attend the Sound and Light Show:  Things To Do In Orchha
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For visitors to Orchha, the Sound and Light Show with its powerful sound and amazing effects is something that must not be missed. It is in this show that one can soak in the impressive past of Orchha. The show takes place in the Fort Complex between 7:30 pm -8:30 pm in English and from 8:45 pm-9:45 pm in Hindi. The past glory and history of Orchha is presented in an audio visual treat for the eyes and ears that one is unlikely to forget. In the words of the organizers, the show will be presented even if there are only 6 or 7 people interested in the show. “The interesting tales will keep you engrossed till the end.”

Go on a Nature Trail

Go on a Nature Trail:  Things To Do In Orchha
Photograph by orchaa.wordpress.com

Taking the 12 km long nature trail located inside the Orchha Natural Reserve will always be a wonderful experience. The trail is on a fascinating river island that covers 44 sq. km of territory that is surrounded by the rivers Betwa and Jamni. In order to enjoy the trail one has to buy tickets between 8 am-6 pm from the office of the Reserve. The trail has been signposted and marked well. If one likes, one can cycle around the trail as well. While on the trail it is possible to see deer, peacocks and monkeys. Turtles are also seen at times on the banks of the Jamni River.

Shopping In Orchha

Shopping In Orchha:  Things To Do In Orchha
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Orchha is truly a village. One cannot therefore hope to see one of the smart malls here. However, there are small shops that sell handicrafts and souvenirs besides beaded chains and gemstones. Residents advise that buyers may adopt the usual bargaining methods here.

Get yourself an Ayurvedic Massage

Get yourself an Ayurvedic Massage:  Things To Do In Orchha
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At the Amar Mahal or Orchha Resort one can enjoy a soothing and relaxing Ayurvedic massage. The charges for massages are between Rs 500-2000 and these rates are considered reasonable compared to what one may have to pay in cities. Yoga enthusiasts can participate in Yoga classes that are conducted here every morning.

Enjoy the fine Ecosystem of the Orchha rivers

Enjoy the fine Ecosystem of the Orchha rivers:  Things To Do In Orchha
Photograph by aboutindia.it

The rivers in Orchha offer diverse options for entertainment. While swimming is also indulged in near the Boat Club, rafting and boating are recommended instead. Rafting on the Betwa, starting from the Boat Club, is enjoyable in season. Tickets can be arranged from MP tourism and these are available either at Hotel Sheesh Mahal or the Betwa retreat. These tickets are priced at Rs. 1000 per hour for a raft that would accommodate up to six people.

Birding in Orchha

Birding in Orchha:  Things To Do In Orchha
Photograph by orchaa.wordpress.com

The Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1994, is estimated to have around 200 bird species. These include not only the local species but also migratory birds. Birds that are normally seen include black swan, white swan, peafowl, jungle bush quail, storks, owls, kingfishers and collared scop owls among several others.


Other adventure sport options include fishing and jungle trekking and camping or hiking. The best time to visit the Sanctuary is between November-June. It is likely for the sanctuary to shut down during monsoon. The sanctuary offers a natural jungle environment which will appeal to the visitor owing to its natural ambience and a sense of solitude.

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