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Orchha Weather And Best Time To Visit Orchha

Planning A Trip To Orchha? Here's a snapshot of Orchha weather and the best time to visit Orchha

Orchha is a sleepy town. At best one would see Orchha, today, as an agricultural village and nothing more. However, it is also a town with a great history. For three hundred years, Orchha was among the most important of all the urban places in Madhya Pradesh. These 300 years have left behind a stamp of a mix of both Mughal and Rajput architecture. One can admire the exquisite architecture seen in the numerous monuments in Orchha. The climate of Orchha consists of sweltering summers and comfortable cool winters. While the monsoon also offers a lush green countryside, winter is the best time to visit Orchha. This is the period between December and February. The complete weather guide to Orchha is given below.

Summer (March –June)

Summer (March –June):  Orchha Weather And Best Time To Visit Orchha
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The summer season in Orchha is unbearably hot. The temperatures could reach 47.7°C then and it is unadvisable to plan a trip to Orchha during this period. Orchha is a charming place, and it is better that its charms be enjoyed during the cooler months of October-March.

Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon (July-September):  Orchha Weather And Best Time To Visit Orchha
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Orchha does not receive much rainfall. It averages only 40 inch of rain throughout the year from the South-westerly monsoon. Besides the winter season, the monsoon is also a good time for visiting Orchha. It is during this season that Orchha becomes lush green. During the monsoon, Betwa transforms into a frothing and foaming river while the Wildlife Sanctuary becomes a paradise with its rich flora. The view from on top of the Chaturbhuj temple is breathtaking and one can see the entire town enveloped in a canopy of greenery. The average temperature during this period is generally a minimum of 24°C and a maximum of 34°C.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Orchha Weather And Best Time To Visit Orchha
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The winter season in Orchha starts in December and ends in February. However, Orchha is pleasant throughout the period starting from October and ending in March. The environment of the place is vibrant and thoroughly enjoyable. The temperature during this period could dip to a low of 9°C and go to a high of 35°C.


The long walks during this period are most comfortable, while visiting the numerous sightseeing places will not be tiring. One can therefore see some of the most beautiful temples and exquisite palaces here besides impressive chhatris, or cenotaphs, found in the country. There is also a Rama temple of considerable importance and this has made Orchha a place of pilgrimage as well as a spiritual centre. If you now add to all this, a totally laid back environment and the options of enjoying a rich and idyllic countryside, you could imagine enjoying the simple pleasures of life. These are cycling and walking or rafting to your heart’s content.

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