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Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie

Planning A Trip To Kratie? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kratie

Kratie is a beautiful town situated along the embankments of River Mekong. This city attracts several tourists based on the sheer beauty of its tranquil islands and colonial architectural prowess. Some of the exciting tourist places to visit on a tour of Kratie include fantastic water resorts, age-old holy shrines, picturesque mountain areas, mesmerizing islands, and charming villages. Through these tourism destinations, visitors can get acquainted with the vibrant culture of the people of Kratie. Let us read on to know more about these beautiful tourist spots.

Phnom Sam Bok Resort

Phnom Sam Bok Resort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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Phnom Sam Bok Resort is a historically significant water resort located in the Thmor Kre Commune area of Kratie. Some of the unique features of this resort include a huge pond filled with fresh water and beautiful plant life and the stunning landscapes on view from the peak of the mountain that hosts this resort. The two peaks atop the hill, one pointed and one dull, provide thrilling viewpoints of the Mekong River that lies below. Bird watchers can sight the Mekong Wagtail along the river banks. Other birds found here include River Lapwing, Kingfisher, Indian Cormorants, and Small Pranticole.

100-Column Pagoda

100-Column Pagoda:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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100-Column Pagoda is a magnificent architectural wonder of Kratie that lies approximately 36 km away from the central area of the town. Situated within Sambor District, this structure has been constructed precisely where the Royal Palace shrine of Sam Phu Borak Capital of the Chen La regime existed. Four Buddhist shrines throng this vicinity, including Vihear Lao, Vihear Kork Keut, Vihear Kork, and Vihear Sar Sar. The Khmer New Year is celebrated at 100-Column Pagoda, with its 35-m long, 18-m wide, and 23-m tall 116 columns accommodating several visitors.

Phnom Sopor Kaley

Phnom Sopor Kaley:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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Phnom Sopor Kaley is a famous historical tourist spot, comprising buildings that store remnants of the age-old Khmer empire. This historical site is located at the base of the Sopor Kaley Mountain and offers tourists with breathtaking countryside sceneries. Tourists can trek 800 steps to reach atop the mountain and pay their respects to the ancient pagoda situated at the peak. According to folk tales from Kratie, Sopor Kaley Mountain was named after a crocodile that thrived within this region. A brave warrior named Nen Thun trounced the crocodile, and the crocodile then formed the mountain post its demise.

Wat Roka Kandal

Wat Roka Kandal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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Wat Roka Kandal is a peaceful holy shrine situated 2 km southward of Kratie. With its roots dating back to the 19th century, this temple lures in historians from different parts of the globe. Several international companies have come together to maintain and preserve this historical site. Today, Wat Roka Kandal houses a tiny handicraft group that prepares delightful souvenirs for tourists to take home from their trip. Apart from this, the vertical surfaces of this shrine are adorned by paintings of stenciling on lacquer. These paintings closely resemble similar portraits found in other temples at Luang Prabang.

Koh Trong Island

Koh Trong Island:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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The paradisal Koh Trong Island can be reached by catching a ferry from the jetty located at Kratie's Jasmine Boat Restaurant. Boasting of a beautiful ecosystem, this island's lush green countryside comprises enriching paddy fields, grazing cattle, and cleanliness personified villages. The friendly locals allow tourists to abide at luxurious "Rajabori Villas" or local holiday homes. Koh Trong Island enables visitors to meet and greet the people of Kratie. Tourists can either explore the island on a cycle, a horse cart, or a bullock cart. The floating Vietnamese village situated here attracts a truckload of visitors.

Mekong Discovery Trail

Mekong Discovery Trail:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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The Mekong Discovery Trail is a perfect way to unearth the several naturally idyllic spots located along the expanse of Mekong River. This project is run by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, a Dutch development organization, and the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia in unison. The 180-km expanse of splendid ecosystem extends to the Laos border from Kratie. Tourists can take up activities such as catching a glimpse of sunset or sunrise at Ramsar Wetland, discovering Irrawady dolphins, venturing on horse-cart journeys, performing customary rituals of the locals, and unwinding atop comfortable boat rides.

Basket Weaver Village

Basket Weaver Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kratie
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Situated 15 km southwards of Kratie, Cham village is famous for the cottage industry present here that weaves authentic baskets. The town has about 4,000 inhabitants. Initially, women of Cham prepared these baskets as part of their fun activity. However, they later began to use it as a source of livelihood. These baskets are weaved out of fine-cut reeds or bamboo, maintaining them in their natural color or dyeing them with deep hues. Apart from this, the women of Cham village also prepare furniture, household items, and mats out of rattan and wicker. These handicrafts portray the skillfulness of the locals.

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