Kompong Thom
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Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom

Planning A Trip To Kompong Thom? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kompong Thom

Kampong Thom is an apt city for those tourists who would love to witness the people culture of Cambodia from close quarters. Along a battered pathway, visitors can stumble upon some incredibly concealed tourism destinations from Cambodia's glorious history. Visitors have the option of choosing between visiting magnificent Buddhist and Hindu shrines, impeccable floating villages, or splendid cultural resorts. Kampong Thom was designed for tourists with an impeccable liking towards ancient temples. Let us take a look at some of the exciting tourist places that can be visited on a trip to Kampong Thom.

Sambor Prei Kuk

Sambor Prei Kuk:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
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Forming one of the most significant groups of religious shrines in the whole of Cambodia, Sambor Prei Kuk comprises more than 100 temples spread across the wilderness of Kampong Thom. These ancient Hindu shrines were made out of bricks and form treasured remnants of the pre-Angkorian period. The central shrine area comprises three compounds that are encompassed by coextensive walls. Tourists can choose to visit the temples during the day in the company of local guides who can provide insights into Kampong Thom's history. Some tourists even prefer riding through the temple complex atop motorbikes.

Prasat Kuha Nokor

Prasat Kuha Nokor:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by https://www.lonelyplanet.com

Prasat Kuha Nokor is an age-old Buddhist shrine erected during the governance of King Suryavarman I. This temple forms a part of Trodork Poung Village that is inhabited by the Pong Ror community. These shrines were constructed atop a flat square platform developed out of sandstone and laterite. A barricade that rises to about 1 m surrounds the central platform, and two significant gateways provide entry to the temple through the eastern and western fronts. Prasat Kuha Nokor is also adorned by two serene ponds, a big one and a smaller one on different sides of the temple area.

Wat Kdei Deum

Wat Kdei Deum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by https://www.visitcambodiatravel.com

Wat Kdei Deum is situated in Kampong Chen village, which has the people of the Kampong Chen Tbong community inhabiting its expanse. The structure of this Buddhist temple follows ancient Angkorian architecture, with striking similarities to the Banteay Srei temples of Siem Reap. Two tranquil pond areas also grace the temple's vicinity. Buddhist devotees from all parts of Cambodia throng Wat Kdei Deum to pay their respect to God. Faithful from all over the globe visit Wat Kdei Deum throughout the year to gain their share of blessings from Lord Buddha.

Phat Sanday

Phat Sanday:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by http://www.visitcambodia.org

Phat Sanday is a mesmerizing floating village that offers tourists with an intriguing glimpse into the lives of the local inhabitants that live in Kampong Thom. Situated at the river mouth of Stung Sen River, this village is entirely isolated from the blemishes of the outside world. Phat Sanday covers a vast expanse along the waters of Stung Sen River and is nestled approximately 80 to 90 km away from Kampong Thom. Every morning, a ferry departs from Kampong Thom to carry passengers to Phat Sanday. Tourists cannot afford to miss out on these picturesque boat rides through the winding river for a meager 15 USD.

Wat Kampong Thom

Wat Kampong Thom:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by https://angkorfocus.com

Popular among the local inhabitants as "Wat Indrisamvora," Wat Kampong Thom is a splendid Buddhist shrine. Constructed in the 17th century, this ancient temple was restored to its earlier glory only in 1984. At present, Wat Kampong Thom houses several remarkable figurines that depict incredible scenes from the famed Buddhist folklore. These statues adorn the temple grounds as well as the prime worship place. Tourists who wish to indulge in an authentic and localized tour of Kampong Thom should surely explore the peaceful temple complex of Wat Kampong Thom.

Baray's Khmer Homestay

Baray's Khmer Homestay:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by http://www.visitcambodia.org

Baray's Khmer Homestay is a sorority-based water park that invites tourists to get acquainted with the people culture of Kampong Thom. To aid the local inhabitants, this homestay was formed to fight rural poverty in the region. Visitors can stay inside wonderfully carved out bamboo huts that are surrounded by towering coconut trees. Local authorities arrange for exciting activities such as pony cart rides of the floating village, boat manufacturing, palm fruit tasting, ox cart rides through rice, fishing ventures, and Khmer noodle making.

Prasat Andet Shrine

Prasat Andet Shrine:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kompong Thom
Photograph by https://angkorfocus.com

Situated approximately 27 km away from Kampong Thom, Prasat Andet Temple comprises a brick column that is placed right next to a contemporary Buddhist shrine. The shrine is wonderfully nestled atop a tiny hill and has thus been conferred with the title of "floating temple." As is typical with most of the ancient Buddhist shrines in Kampong Thom, the old temple here was also built out of masonry, sandstone, brick, and laterite. King Isnavarman I built Prasat Andet Temple during the 7th century. This shrine pays respect to the Hindu Lord Harihara, who epitomized Vishnu's creativity and Shiva's destructive powers.

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