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Tourist Places To Visit In Kep

Planning A Trip To Kep? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kep

Kep is a beautiful beach paradise set against the backdrop of ancient shrines and picturesque mountains. Tourists who visit this city must get their hands on the delectable crab-comprising food items on offer at several seaside restaurants and market areas. Some of the excellent tourist places to be visited when in the city of Kep include bustling fish markets, remarkable wildlife reserves, delightful white sand beaches, and tranquil lake vicinities. Let us read on to discover some of these alluring tourism destinations that can be visited when in Kep.

Kep National Park

Kep National Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Kep National Park is situated in the remote areas of Kep in the south-eastern hemisphere of Cambodia. This nature reserve is famous across the globe for the scintillating hiking circuits that it offers adventurous tourists. One of these alluring trail circuits includes "Stairway to Heaven," which is nestled amid flourishing mountain vegetation. Several standpoints across Kep National Park offer visitors with incredible vistas of Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam and the stunning Bokor Mountains. This place also lures tourists with its reserve of wildlife including squirrels, wild gibbon, macaques, butterflies, and birds.

Kep Beach

Kep Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Kep Beach forms a never-ending crescent of white sands along the extremities of Kep Peninsula. Located within touching distance of the Gulf of Thailand, this beach boasts of a stunning promenade that tourists can stroll through with the sea breeze flurrying through. One of the highlights across the eastern shores of Kep Beach includes a figurine of Srey Saw that portrays an unclothed fisherman's wife who hopes for her husband to return. The road that moves parallel to the shoreline of Kep Beach provides visitors with picturesque long drives. Tourists can also feast on sumptuous seafood at a nearby restaurant in leisure time.

Crab Statue

Crab Statue:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Kep is famous across the globe for its abundant reserves of seafood, especially the tender crab meat that is on offer. To celebrate this fact, the local authorities have constructed a magnificent crab statue in the middle of the sea waters surrounding Kep. This figurine is blue and was built atop a podium that rises above the sea waters. Tourists will be taken aback by the beauty of this crab statue when they visit the Crab Market and other seaside restaurants that lie within close quarters. The Crab Statue also holds a welcome signboard with a message that requests tourists to keep Kep's surroundings clean.

Wat Samathi

Wat Samathi:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Situated within touching distance of Kep National Park, Wat Samathi is a tranquil Buddhist temple. Tourists need to hike through invigorating dirt trails that lead up to the hilltop shrine. This diversion from the main mountain trail is popularly known as "Samathi Path" among the locals. Once at the top of the hillock, tourists can rest and gleefully catch a glimpse of Kep's splendid landscapes below, beautiful Vietnam, and the stunning shoreline of the city. Visitors can also break out from their temple visit and embark on peaceful trails through the forest too.

Crab Market

Crab Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Crab Market is a refreshing local marketplace in Kep that offers sumptuous seafood. This market has formed the focal point the hub from which local authorities have got hold of hundreds of crabs from the sea and exported them throughout Cambodia and across the globe. Fishers offer takers with delicious crabs that they might have caught the night before, pricing them per kg. The cost per kg usually hovers between 10 and 30 USD. You can also ask the local sellers to cook the crab themselves and feast on these dishes while seated at the tables set up by their restaurant.

The Secret Lake

The Secret Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Popularly known as "Tomnop Tek Krolar" among the locals of Kep, the Secret Lake is perfectly placed between remarkable cave areas and pepper plantations. This artificial lake was formed under the Khmer Rouge regime as an irrigation dam. Tourists shall find solace at the banks of this peaceful lake thanks to the hillocks and rice fields that encompass it. The lake came to be called "Secret Lake" as its banks formed the secret burial ground for several laborers who were involved in the construction of the dam. Tourists can take up  tubing, swimming, and kayaking or hop onto water paddle cycles during low tide.

Phnom Sar Sear

Phnom Sar Sear:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kep
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Phnom Sar Sear is a majestic mountain situated approximately 14 km to the southwest of Kep. According to a Khmer folk tale, Prince Sakor Reach famously sort for a hideout at this mountain to leave his pursuers wondering where he disappeared. Rising to a height of approximately 40 m, Phnom Sar Sear comprises three tiny mountains that span across a 1.5 km stretch. Two magnificent caves of Phnom Ach Prochiev and Phnom Dorei Sar also lure in tourists thanks to their remarkable structures. It is a beautiful experience to be seated beside the Viel Sre Muoy Roy mountain well and spot scintillating landscapes.

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