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How To Reach Kep

Planning A Trip To Kep? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Kep

Kep is a tranquil town situated along the southern borders of Cambodia. The city's expanse remains decorated with incredible beach havens and nature reserves that lure in tourists from all parts of the globe. However, Kep can also intrigue visitors with its exciting collection of remnants from the bygone Khmer era.

Some of the ways to reach Kep include hiring a private taxi, sharing a local cab, boarding a motodop or tuk-tuk, catching a bus, or hopping onto a ferry to get here. With so many options to get into Kep, roadways form the best travel option for tourists visiting this town. Let us take a look at the different modes to reach Kep in detail.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Kep
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Tourists can easily reach Kep's territory from Kampot while onboard a tuk-tuk ride that costs around 15 to 18 USD for a return trip. Other options include hiring a motodop for 15 to 18 USD and reaching Kep in approximately 30 minutes. Kep also enjoys functional bus connectivity to other Cambodian hubs such as Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, with buses, minibusses, and share taxis plying in and out of the city. Tourists who prefer lavish transport options can also hire a private taxi to get to Kep for about 40 USD. Major bus operators plying through this region include Kampot Express, Giant Ibis, Capital Tours, and Sorya.

By Water

By Water:  How To Reach Kep
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Kep is connected to the neighboring city of Kampot through a delightful stretch of calm sea waters. The Crab Shuttle is a popular boat that plies between Kep and Kampot regularly. This shuttle takes off from Kampot at 9.30 AM every day and reaches the Rabbit Island pier at 11.30 AM. These boats offer a stunning view of the deep serene and an unforgettable trip of the picturesque Rabbit Island along the way. A one-way trip aboard the Crab Shuttle costs close to 9.50 USD, while a return trip aboard this tranquil ferry costs approximately 13.50 USD.

Getting Around

Getting Around:  How To Reach Kep
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The best way to explore Kep's beautiful countryside is to board a local tuk-tuk ride through the town. While a short venture across the city would cost about 2 USD, a journey across the city's streets for an entire day would cost between 12 and 25 USD. Tourists who wish to discover Kep solo can hire different types of motorcycles for the price of 7 to 14 USD. Visitors who want to go environment-friendly also prefer riding a bicycle through Kep's stunning landscapes. Motorcycles or bicycles form apt modes of transport to steer through the untroubled backroads of Kep.

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