Ban Lung
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Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung

Planning A Trip To Ban Lung? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Ban Lung

Banlung is a scintillating small town popularly known to the Cambodian locals as dey krahorm. The city forms the capital of the Ratanakiri territory and a well-known hub for fun and frolic. Banlung is famous all over the globe for its beautiful rubber plantations. This city forms a major commercial center of the country of Cambodia. Visitors can discover hilltop shrines with magnificent Buddha statues, waterfalls that cascade into the abyss, and national parks that breed exciting wildlife and plant life. Let us read on to understand some of these tourist spots that can be visited when in Banlung.

Chaa Ong Waterfall

Chaa Ong Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Chaa Ong Waterfall forms the tallest waterfall in the whole of Cambodia with its waters streaming down from a height of about 25 m. Nestled within a forested gorge, this waterfall allows tourists to claw their way into the backend or take a shower underneath them. At the foot of the Chaa Ong Waterfalls lies a huge rock-strewn cave with a roof along with other huge rocks. Visitors can sit atop any of these big rocks or take abode within the rocky cave to catch a glimpse of the splendid waterfalls launching into the stream below.

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful nature reserve located approximately 37 km away from Banlung. This sanctuary boasts of a magnificent reserve of birds and animals such as red-headed vultures, tigers, and elephants. Other unique species of animals that are being conserved at the Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary include ko prey and wild ox. Covering an incredible expanse of 2,225 sq km, the sanctuary has been alluring tourists with its scenic jungles and peaceful surroundings for ages now. Larger mammals such as wild buffaloes, gaurs, bantengs, bovids, and bears also thrive within the Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary.

Phnom Svay Mountain

Phnom Svay Mountain:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Phnom Svay Mountain is situated approximately 2 km away from Banlung city. The mountain acquires religious importance thanks to the presence of the Wat Isana Rattanaram shrine around the base area. The people of Banlung regularly pay their respect at this temple. Constructed in 1994, a towering figurine of a leaning Lord Buddha attaining nirvana adorns the apex point of Phnom Svay Mountain. From the peak of the mountain, tourists can even catch a glimpse of neighboring hubs such as Vietnam and Laos along with the stunning scenery of Banlung's terrain.

Ou Senmonorom Waterfall

Ou Senmonorom Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Ou Senmonorom Waterfall is a captivating waterfall located approximately 9 km away from Banlung. The continually flowing waters of these falls launch into the abyss below from a considerable height of 18 m. Tourists can relax around the banks of Ou Senmonorom Waterfall to relish the pristine waters of the rapids dropping down with incredible grace. The surrounding region comprises lush green wilderness where visitors can explore exciting animal and plant life. Ou Senmonorom Waterfall also attracts several exotic birds to its vicinity, making it a perfect birdwatcher's paradise.

Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall

Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall is a stunning cascade located approximately 26 km away from Banlung. This splendid waterfall is divided into four floorings, and each of those floorings makes up a height of about 4 m. The pristine waters of Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall flow through this region all around the year. The surrounding vicinity comprises breathtaking sceneries and tourists can even take a swim into the streams to refresh themselves. Photographers and birdwatchers would find themselves at home when spending time around the picturesque Ou'Sean Lair Waterfall.

Norng Kabat Forest

Norng Kabat Forest:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Norng Kabat Forest is nestled approximately 23 km northwards of Banlung. This serene nature reserve comprises a tranquil pond area where tourists can spot exciting birds and animals throughout the year. The incredible species of visiting birds and animals has given the forest the status of an apt birdwatcher's haven and animal lover's paradise. In the area surrounding the Norng Kabat Forest, lie several delightful tribal villages that are popular throughout the world for their cultural fervor. It is a rejuvenating experience to visit these villages and discover ancient traditions, beliefs, and customs of local inhabitants.

Viel Rum Plong

Viel Rum Plong:  Tourist Places To Visit In Ban Lung
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Viel Rom Plong is a large granite terrace nestled amidst the wilderness of the O'Chum district. Situated approximately 14 km away from Banlung, this tourist spot forms an apt place for picnic celebrations by families and friends. This terrace derives its name from a young boy named Rom Plong. An ancient Kreung folk tale narrates that Rom Plong once visited the terrace to fly his kite but found difficulty as the kite got strangled within the branches of a nearby tree. The boy lost his balance while climbing the tree to remove his kite and fell below and died. This story gave Viel Rom Plong its unusual name.

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