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Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot

Planning A Trip To Kampot? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kampot

Kampot is one of the most magnificent provinces that occupy the northwestern region of Cambodia. This charming city is capable of luring in tourists with the sheer architectural brilliance of its colonial structures of yore. Some of the captivating tourist places in Kampot include ancient Buddhist shrines, splendid waterfalls, an old church built in the colonial era, intriguing museums, and charming cinema houses. If tourists wish to discover the unique pepper farms of Kampot, they can also visit beautiful plantations at La Plantation. Let us browse through to explore some of the incredible tourist spots that prevail within Kampot.

Wat Sampov Pram

Wat Sampov Pram:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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Constructed by King Monivong in the 19th century, Wat Sampov Pram is an age-old Buddhist pagoda. This shrine is nestled at a dizzying height of approximately 1,075 m and boasts of intriguing Khmer architectural structures. Wat Sampov Pram comprises five uniquely constructed boat-shaped rocks that form the center of attraction. Located within proximity to sea waters, this shrine offers tourists with a perfect blend of rejuvenating spirituality and stunning sceneries from atop the hillock. The back end of Wat Sampov Pram provides a scintillating view of the lush wilderness and the sapphire sea that lie below.

Popokvil Waterfalls

Popokvil Waterfalls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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Popokvil Waterfalls is perfectly nestled atop the apex point of the picturesque Bokor Hillocks. These waterfalls are set against the lush green backdrop of Bokor Hill Station. The name Popokvil stands for circulating clouds and is derived from the fog that continually lingers over the waterfalls. Tourists can stroll through the marvelous landscape in the surrounding vicinity to get acquainted with the beauty of Mother Nature and spot incredible flora and fauna. The best time to visit the Popokvil Waterfalls is during the wet season when the flow of the two tiers of the waterfall picks up momentum.

Old Catholic Church

Old Catholic Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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Old Catholic Church is an ancient shrine that was constructed by the French colonial regime during the 1920s. This historical shrine is famous for playing an essential role in the French settling their colonial empire within Cambodia. Tourists can take up adventurous treks that lead up to the apex point of Bokor Mountain, where the stone-covered Old Catholic Church lies. The atmosphere around the church turns misty and eerie thanks to the fog and cloud cover that engulfs the area. The local authorities have managed to preserve some intriguing French-style architectural masterpieces within the Old Catholic Church even today.

Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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Bokor Hill Station was initially constructed by the French colonial rulers as a resort meant for relaxation. The main highlights of this resort were the majestic Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino. Other prime spots in the area include an ancient post office, magnificent Royal Apartments, a wonderfully constructed Old Catholic Church, and several local shops selling refreshments. The winding roads that lead up to Bokor Hill Station offer tourists with a scintillating view of the surrounding lush jungle areas and Kampot. The fog that permanently surrounds Bokor Hill Station's scenery gives it a ghost-town-like resemblance.

Kampot Provincial Museum

Kampot Provincial Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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The ancient Governor's Mansion has been wonderfully reconstructed to house Kampot Provincial Museum. This excellent museum provides a sneak peek into the glorious history of Kampot and its peripheral areas. The artefacts, manuscripts, and photographs offer informative and systematically unveiled historical data in French, English, and Khmer. A series of sizable panels detailing the Khmer region's historical milestones. One highlight of the museum is a photograph taken by Adhémar Leclère in 1886, which happens to be the oldest eyeshot of Cambodia.

La Plantation Farm

La Plantation Farm:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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La Plantation is a beautiful organic farm in Cambodia that produces different varieties of pepper. The local authorities offer delightful walks through the farm in the company of an expert. These farm tours are available in French, Khmer, and English. La Plantation cultivates, harvests, and processes pepper of the most excellent quality. Some of the other plants grown here include medicinal herbs, chillis, peanuts, and fruits. Authorities organize English-based trips of the farm on traditional tuk-tuk rides at approximately 20 USD. These serene tours move past beautiful salt pans and an isolated lake area.

Old Royal Cinema House

Old Royal Cinema House:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kampot
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The age-old yet modernized structure of the Old Royal Cinema House lands its status as a site of national heritage. Constructed in 1951, this cinema house hosted several exciting activities such as Chinese and Indian forms of Martial Arts during its heydays. For European and American tourists, Old Royal Cinema holds exciting prospects thanks to the several Western-style Cowboy films it screens at its theater. The cinema house also exuberates impressive architectural prowess of the French colonial regime that held firm control over Kampot during the 1900s.

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