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Things To Do In Kampot

Planning A Trip To Kampot? Here's our list of top things to do in Kampot

Kampot spellbinds tourists with its perfect blend of riverside resorts and age-old shophouse structures. The city is set up against a beautiful backdrop that consists of the mesmerizing Kompong Bay River. The picturesque sceneries complement this setting on offer around the Bokor Hill Station. Tourists can explore the salt or pepper farms, venture into the incredible Phnom Chhnork Cave Temples, visit the bat caves at Phnom Sorsia, or trek through magnificent Bokor National Park. Let us take a look at some of the exciting things tourists can do when in Kampot.

Venture into the Salt Fields

Venture into the Salt Fields:  Things To Do In Kampot
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Kampot is popularly known as the land of salt pans. The city has salt pans spread across its expanse thanks to the saltwater deposited by the sea. The local authorities have created clay fields at a distance of 5 km from the sea and block the saltwater that comes in from the ocean. Once the saltwater evaporates, locals happily collect the salt crystals left behind. Tourists visiting during the dry months falling between December and April are bound to witness this process. It is a pleasing experience to catch the workers collecting salt during the morning or witness sunrise at these salt fields.

Take a Tour of the Pepper Farms

Take a Tour of the Pepper Farms:  Things To Do In Kampot
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Kampot yields some of the most exceptional pepper in the whole of Cambodia. The pepper fields of Kampot export different varieties of pepper, such as Green Pepper, Black Pepper, White Pepper, and Red Pepper, to different parts of the globe. Tourists can either take up a tour of the pepper plantations organized by local authorities or venture into the pepper farms themselves. The unique flavor that Kampot Pepper exuberates is believed to crop up due to the presence of quartz in the soil. Tourists can spend relaxing time at the pepper farm of Vine Retreat by feasting on unique, organic lunch and swimming at the restaurant pools.

Visit the Cave Temples at Phnom Chhnork

Visit the Cave Temples at Phnom Chhnork:  Things To Do In Kampot
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Phnom Chhnork Cave Temples are magnificently nestled atop majestic limestone mountains. The unique part about these caves is that the main area comprises remnants of a brick temple belonging to the 7th century. Constructed by the Funan regime of yore, the brick temples still stand flawless thanks to the protective strength of the Phnom Chhnork Caves. Tourists visiting the cave temples at Phnom Chhnork can view the stunning stalagmites and stalactites developing inside the vicinity. The entry gate of the cave temples comprises stalactite originations that resemble an elephant's head.

Tek Chhouu Rapids

Tek Chhouu Rapids:  Things To Do In Kampot
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The Tek Chhouu Rapids offer tourists with a beautiful series of free-flowing rapids that consist of refreshing and pristine waters. The area surrounding these rapids is studded with gazebos and food stalls that allow tourists to unwind here. Tek Chhouu Rapids has developed into a superb picnic spot thanks to splendid delicacies available here. Tourists can feast on a traditionally roasted banana and coconut cuisine that is served inside banana leaves. The wet season is the best time to rejuvenate at the riverside and gulp down some catfish or whole roast chicken.

Ecran Cinema House

Ecran Cinema House:  Things To Do In Kampot
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The unique setup offered by Ecran Cinema House comprises a private movie theater. This movie house allows visitors such as expats, locals, and tourists with more than 1,000 movies to choose from. Visitors can book the movie room according to their preference and feast on some refreshments too while enjoying the film. Tourists can also get acquainted with the intriguing history of Cambodia by catching up on the 4 PM daily show. Also, Ecran Movie House houses a Chinese restaurant that offers delicious noodles and dumplings. Tourists find comfort under the state-of-the-art amenities offered at Ecran Movie House.

Explore Phnom Bokor National Park

Explore Phnom Bokor National Park:  Things To Do In Kampot
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Covering a 140,000-hectare expanse, Phnom Bokor National Park nurtures the largest herd of elephants in the whole of Southeast Asia. Some of the captivating creatures found within this nature reserve include tigers, monkeys, elephants, and foxes. Magnificent flora such as the Nepenthes flower thrives within this national park. Tourists can walk through picturesque mountain trails that last for about 2-8 hours depending on the difficulty level of the trek. Some areas of Bokor National Park are filled with impassable wilderness while some areas offer exciting jungle treks and breathtaking landscapes.

Visit the Caves at Phnom Sorsia

Visit the Caves at Phnom Sorsia:  Things To Do In Kampot
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Phnom Sorsia nurtures several naturally formed caves and a flashy modernized temple. From this point, stairs lead up to a beautiful white elephant cave known as Rung Damrey Saa. Moving to the right side of the modern temple, visitors can discover the captivating Bat Caves of Phnom Sorsia. Thousands of bats inhabit these caves with their constant chirping and fluttering reverberating throughout the caves throughout the day. Tourists can catch a stunning glimpse of these birds flying out into the jungle and returning home. Also, the stupa located at the end of the circuit provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

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