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Things To Do In Battambang

Planning A Trip To Battambang? Here's our list of top things to do in Battambang

Formed in the 11th century, Battambang offers tourists with a display of marvelous French and Khmer architecture. This city allures tourists to its terrain thanks to its wonderful mixture of suburban modernism and smalltown affability. Tourists have a truckload of things to do when in Battambang, such as exploring the unique Battambang Caves, witnessing mesmerizing performances at the Battambang Circus, and interacting with friendly locals at Wat Kor village. Apart from this, visitors can also explore splendid hill-top shrines or prepare delicious Cambodian dishes. Let us browse through to look at the exciting activities tourists can take up on their visit to Battambang.

Get onboard the Bamboo Train

Get onboard the Bamboo Train:  Things To Do In Battambang
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Referred to as "Norry" by the Khmer people, the bamboo train comprises a bamboo platform overspread with a mat and fine pillows to rest. This unique platform rests atop two sets of railway carriages with a motor at the rear end. One age-old technique applied to the bamboo train includes using a wooden pole to apply brakes and accelerate. With the train taking up speeds of 50 km/hr at times, it is a superb experience to fly past beautiful landscapes of Battambang. Tourists usually prefer getting onboard the bamboo train at dawn to enjoy the cold weather.

Venture into Battambang Bat Caves

Venture into Battambang Bat Caves:  Things To Do In Battambang
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The Battambang Bat Caves are nestled atop the peak of Phnom Sampeou, approximately 12 km away from Battambang. From this peak, tourists can get a breathtaking view of the landscapes around the city. Visitors usually come here at sunset to watch thousands of bats majestically rush out of the Battambang Caves. For an adventurous experience, visitors can either trek up 700 steps to the peak of Phnom Sampeou or hire a tuk-tuk to get them to the caves. Around the Battambang Caves, visitors can also spot a beautifully embellished holy pagoda that adds holistic importance to the caves.

Explore Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus

Explore Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus:  Things To Do In Battambang
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Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus organizes eccentric performances by local Cambodian artists. Founded in 1994, this circus is a non-profit firm that allows youngsters to showcase their incredible talent. Most of these youngsters belong to underprivileged Cambodian families that fell victim to the Khmer Rogue reign. Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus offers tourists with a truckload of entertaining acts such as acrobats, dance performances, and juggling tricks. These acts usually include a compelling storyline and skillful enactment by the performers. It only fits that the organization was conferred with the Prince Claus Award in 2012.

Cook in the Cambodian Way

Cook in the Cambodian Way:  Things To Do In Battambang
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When in Battambang, tourists cannot miss out on learning to cook the traditional Cambodian way. Visitors can take up a Cambodian cooking class for 20 USD. This cooking venture starts with a tour of an outdoor market, with a guide providing insights about the seasonal food produced in Battambang. A local gourmet enlightens tourists about how Cambodian cuisine reeks of freshwater fish, vegetables, chicken, and herbs. After this, visitors can move to the kitchen and get hands-on practice of preparing traditional Cambodian delicacies. Once done, tourists can enjoy these sumptuous dishes.

Cycle through Serene Landscapes

Cycle through Serene Landscapes:  Things To Do In Battambang
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The beautiful surroundings of Battambang provide tourists with exciting cycling pathways. Visitors can ride through the city's critical industrial hubs that strengthen Battambang's economic status. Some of the exciting industries that can be covered include those preparing banana chips, rice wine, rice paper, fish paste, and tropical fruits. Tourists can interact with the locals of Battambang and get to know about age-old tales associated with the Killing Caves. Tourists can also stop by and munch on local snacks and delicious fruit produce when hungry.

Visit Prasat Banan

Visit Prasat Banan:  Things To Do In Battambang
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Situated approximately 23 km southwards of Battambang, Prasat Banan is an ancient shrine that was constructed in the 11th century. It is a stunning prospect to be able to catch a glimpse of remarkable sceneries while climbing 358 steps to this temple. Prasat Banan comprises five towers that were raised under the reign of Udayadityavarman II, the son of Suryavarman I. The doorway to each tower is adorned by imposing sculpted lintels. Additionally, the bas-reliefs at the apex point of the central towers add to the shrine's beauty quotient.

Explore Wat Kor Village

Explore Wat Kor Village:  Things To Do In Battambang
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Situated approximately 2 km away from the heart of Battambang, Wat Kor Village was named after its prestigious Wat Kor Temple. The Sangker River forms a major attraction here, with its banks soaking up the sunshine during the afternoons. The river is studded with magnificent bridges and across its expanse. Additionally, the pyramidical structures of the city turn silvery white under bright sunlight, and the unusual activities of the locals are on full display. Tourists can explore the magnificent heritage house from the Khmer era and get acquainted with the brilliant architectural prowess of the past rulers.

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