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Things To Do In Sihanoukville

Planning A Trip To Sihanoukville? Here's our list of top things to do in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is popular among locals as the launchpad for tourists looking to get to the serene islands of Koh Rong Samleom and Koh Dek Koul. Formerly a tranquil beach town, this city is slowly turning into a party hub with several modern amenities. This place is a backpacker's paradise thanks to its excellent blend of sandy beaches, delicious local and international cuisine, and bustling nightlife. Tourists can either take up a host of watersports, learn to prepare Khmer delicacies, soak up sunshine at the beaches, or venture on ATV expeditions. Let us check out the different things to do while in Sihanoukville.

Take up Scuba Diving

Take up Scuba Diving:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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Sihanoukville offers adventurous tourists with exciting scuba diving and snorkeling activities thanks to its suitable topographical characteristics. Islands in the neighborhood and places such as Condor Reef maintain warm offshore waters and better visibility for those who indulge in watersports. With radiant aquatic life, shallow sea waters, and rock-strewn coral reefs, Sihanoukville offers exciting snorkeling ventures for the brave-hearted. The best time to indulge in diving and snorkeling activities falls between December and June on account of the sea waters being crystal clear and more relaxed.

Prepare Khmer Cuisine

Prepare Khmer Cuisine:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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It is a stimulating experience for tourists who are fond of Southeast Asian delicacies to learn how to prepare traditional Khmer cuisine. Expert master chefs look over the proceedings and provide students with precise instructions on the usage of authentic food ingredients. The best thing about these cookery classes is that tourists can take back home recipe tips, which will help them recreate the same culinary experience. Some of the exciting food items prepared in these cooking classes include Lok-Lak, Spring Rolls, and Banana Flower Salad.

Visit the Kbal Chhay Waterfall

Visit the Kbal Chhay Waterfall:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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Situated around 7 km away from the heart of Sihanoukville, Kbal Chhay Waterfall is a tranquil natural hub. The waterfall has an eye-catching water flow during the wet season. Flowing down from a height of 14 m, Kbal Chhay Waterfall forms the convergence point for three different water bodies floating across the mountain range. The aptest time of the year to pay a visit to these waterfalls is during the wet season when the waterfalls develop a beautiful effervescence on account of cascading streams. Tourists can rejuvenate along the reservoir formed here and soak in the natural beauty of Kbal Chhay Waterfalls.

Spend Time at Serendipity Beach

Spend Time at Serendipity Beach:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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Serendipity Beach forms the prime beach hub in the country of Cambodia. Tourists can unwind and satisfy their taste buds by visiting some of the beachfront eateries lined up across a promenade at the beach. Situated within proximity to the waterfront, hotels even provide umbrella stands to create a relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants not only offer seats inside with a stunning vista of the ocean but also outside with a chance to sip on delicious cocktails under bright sunshine. During the evenings, Serendipity Beach comes to life with radiant lights, booming music, and young locals and tourists enthusiastic to party.

Venture on an ATV Tour

Venture on an ATV Tour:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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The ATV tours at Fun Buggy allow tourists to venture on thrilling ATV rides across mud-spattered red dirt tracks. Adventurous visitors would love to get their adrenaline going by riding through rocky streams and getting covered in a splash of red dirt now and then. The organizers arrange for local tuk-tuk vehicles to drop tourists to the starting point of the dirt track. Along with offering clear-cut expertise and instructions and safety helmets, the friendly tour guides don't shy away from gifting you with some chilled beer. It is an exciting experience to ride through the wilderness and nearby villages on these unique ATV bikes.

Sail through the Oceanic Waters

Sail through the Oceanic Waters:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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An organization named Sailsihanoukville offers several catamarans on hire. These tiny boats usually consist of green-colored sails and a white platform. These sail rides are prominently offered at Otres Beach, with visitors needing minimal training to ride these unique boats. Tourists can even sign up for a sailing class where experts provide insights on navigating the catamarans. Under the guidance of experienced sailing professionals, visitors are allowed to ride into the oceanic waters for a day or two. It is an exhilarating experience to sight breathtaking sceneries around the beach while on these sailing rides.

Visit Cosmos Cinema

Visit Cosmos Cinema:  Things To Do In Sihanoukville
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Situated along the Otres Alley, Cosmos Cinema showcases both international and local blockbuster Cambodian movies. These movie releases are screened on 4k theatre screens that offer surround sound speaker systems and halls that are air-conditioned. Tourists can pick and choose from a list containing more than 1,000 movies and series to watch. Set against a private lounge backdrop, this theatre offers visitors with royal treatment. Those who do not wish to watch movies can indulge in video games played on consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox One or visit a bar to feast on some refreshments.

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