Kompong Thom
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Things To Do In Kompong Thom

Planning A Trip To Kompong Thom? Here's our list of top things to do in Kompong Thom

Kampong Thom is a beautiful city that boasts of some of the most intriguing ancient shrines in Cambodia. The riverside town provides tourists with a serene opportunity of basking in the glory of splendid landscapes. Tourists can rejuvenate at a relaxing riverside spa, take up thrilling rides at a water park, witness boat racing festivals, or discover lush green nature reserves. The city also boasts of several national heritage sites that include ancient temples from the Angkor era and an insightful museum that depicts the historical remnants of the past period. Let us browse through some of these exciting things to do when in Kampong Thom.

A Visit to Prey Pros Resort

A Visit to Prey Pros Resort:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Prey Pros Resort is a human-made water park that is nestled within the Prey Priel community. Located approximately 16 km away from Kampong Thom, this delightful resort helps tourists witness nature's wondrous creations from close quarters. The water park also plays host to annual sporting events such as bicycle races and running races during national festivals. Thee local authorities also organize exciting activities such as swimming, pedalo riding fishing, and boating for visitors. Tourists can choose between relaxing at the resort's lavish cottage or spending time amidst the tranquil waters of Prey Pros River.

Boat Races at Stung Sen River

Boat Races at Stung Sen River:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Boat rides through Stung Sen River's peaceful waters offer an intriguing view of the life of the locals of Kampong Thom that inhabit the surrounding area. Forming a tributary of the Tonle Sap River, its banks offer tourists with refreshing opportunities to cycle or walk through picturesque landscapes. Those visiting during the November month of the dry season can, fortunately, bear witness to the local boat races that are organized during the Water Festival. Photographers may also find the swollen waters of the Stung Sen River apt for remarkable eyeshots during the wet season.

A Tour of Kampong Thom Museum

A Tour of Kampong Thom Museum:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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The Kampong Thom Museum hosts a beautiful array of sculptures and relics that originate from the Sambor Prei Kuk temple. The museum authorities showcase incredible figurines of nagas, lions, Vishnu, Buddha, Lokesvara, and lions in wood and stone. Tourists will also find grand sculptures of religious lingas and a gravestone from the 7th century. Comprising an open-air gallery and one exhibition room, Kampong Thom Museum lures in visitors thanks to its ability to highlight the past happenings in the city. Tourists can hop onto local tuk-tuk rides and get to the museum comfortably in about 2 to 3 USD.

Discover Phnom Santuk Temple

Discover Phnom Santuk Temple:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Phnom Santuk is a delightful Buddhist shrine nestled atop the picturesque Santuk Mountain. The apex point of the temple is surrounded by lush wilderness, Buddha depictions, and several religious pagodas. Situated approximately 15 km southwards of Kampong Thom, Phnom Santuk Temple requires tourists to climb more than 800 stairs to get to it. The upper levels of this staircase have high-spirited macaques visiting in and resting around the area. Tourists can take up exciting treks up to the temple area and interact with insightful Buddhist monks while at the top.

Venture into Santuk Silk Farm

Venture into Santuk Silk Farm:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Santuk Silk Farm offers tourists with an intriguing tour of all the processes that form a part of silk production. Visitors can learn a lot about the changes that take place in the structure and characteristics of a silkworm over its seven-week life cycle. One interesting factor about this farm is that a majority of its artisan weavers include local women. It is a refreshing sight to catch these women knitting scarves and other clothes for about 20 to 35 USD. The silk fabricated by the worms of Kampong Thom has been dubbed as "Khmer Golden Silk" thanks to its prominent golden shades.

A Trip to Bronze Lake Resort

A Trip to Bronze Lake Resort:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Bronze Lake Resort is frequently visited by local Khmer families as well as tourists. The water park is studded with exciting ziplines and water slides that provide adventurous souls with a perfect adrenaline rush. Bronze Lake Resort also boasts of a fancy eatery and luxurious bungalows that tourists can rent to spend time amidst tranquil lake waters. The charming presence of Bronze Lake and the stunning landscapes that surround it provide an apt setting for film shooting, wedding celebrations, and photoshoots. This resort showcases a perfect blend of luxurious spa centers and a splendid amusement hub.

Stroll through Beng Per Nature Sanctuary

Stroll through Beng Per Nature Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Kompong Thom
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Beng Per Nature Sanctuary is a vast expanse of lush landscapes that breeds elephants, deer, wild cattle, and colossal water birds. Some of the endangered species that thrive within the wilderness of the sanctuary include barking deer, pileated gibbons, banteng, sambar deer, and silver langurs. Tourists can take up exciting trails through the dense jungles of Beng Per Nature Sanctuary trying to catch a glimpse of thrilling birds and colorful butterflies. Visitors prefer either trekking to the peak of the neighboring mountain, cycling across age-old temples from the Angkor of yore, or hop onto zipline saddles that offer stunning views.

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