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Things To Do In Ban Lung

Planning A Trip To Ban Lung? Here's our list of top things to do in Ban Lung

Forming the capital city of the Banlung district, Banlung is situated about 636 km away from the national capital of Phnom Penh. This city forms a vibrant commercial hub for Cambodia thanks to its profitable trade connections with neighboring countries such as Laos and Vietnam. Banlung boasts of a beautiful collection of natural wonders such as cascading waterfalls, lush green wilderness, and tranquil lakeside vicinities. Tourists can either spend rejuvenating time alongside gorgeous waterfalls, relax in the presence of pristine lake waters, or trek and hike through the incredible jungles of Banlung. Let us take a look at some of the exciting things to do when in Banlung.

Visit Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake

Visit Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake is a serene circle-shaped lake that boasts of a volcanic origin. Sinking to a depth of approximately 48 m, the lake is believed to have been formed over a crater that was created by a volcanic eruption around 4,000 years ago. The pristine waters of Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake form a stark contrast in comparison to the lush green landscapes that surround it. During the months immediately after the monsoon season, visitors can also spot non-native birds, colorful butterflies, and wild pigs in the vicinity. Tourists can also take a swim into the lake's idyllic waters to experience bliss.

Explore Ka Chanh Waterfall

Explore Ka Chanh Waterfall:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Ka Chann Waterfall is situated approximately 7 km away from the southeastern hemisphere of Banlung. The areas surrounding this splendid waterfall are inhabited by the people of the unique Ka Chann community. Rising to a height of about 12 m, the Ka Chann Waterfall receives pristine waters from the nearby O'Kan Teung stream throughout the year. Named by the inhabitants of the Kreung minority, these waterfalls have an age-old suspension bridge spread across its expanse. It is a splendid experience to catch a glimpse of the clear streams flowing below from this bridge.

Take up a Trekking Expedition at Green Jungle

Take up a Trekking Expedition at Green Jungle:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Green Jungle Trekking Tours allow tourists to venture out on lush green trekking trails through the northeastern territory of Cambodia. Adventurous visitors can cherish the opportunity to stroll through the wilderness in the company of experts who can assist in both English and French. Tourists can discover some of the jungle's wildest terrains, get acquainted with the lifestyle of the minority people, and catch a glimpse of magnificent wild animals with ease. Visitors can opt for a jungle tour that lasts for more than a day to witness the captivating jungle life over a longer duration.

Spend time around Ka Tieng Waterfall

Spend time around Ka Tieng Waterfall:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Ka Tieng Waterfall is situated approximately 10 km away from the southeastern hemisphere of Banlung. Forming a part of the Labang community, these waterfalls are nestled amid lush green jungle terrain. Ka Tieng Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Banlung with its waters falling off a rock shelf. These rock shelves allow tourists to discover the backend of the waterfalls, while the many vines present in the surrounding area provide tourists with apt swinging options. Springing up to a height of  10 m, the Ka Tieng Waterfall and its surrounding forest area form a suitable haven for relaxing visitors.

Ratanakiri Smiling Tours

Ratanakiri Smiling Tours:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Ratanakiri Smiling Tours is a local group that organizes thrilling trekking, camping, and hiking experiences through the beautiful forests of Banlung. Tourists can venture on a hike through incredible waterfalls and mountain vicinities. The best thing about these trips is that Ratanakiri Smiling Tours provides visitors with experienced tour guides who speak articulate English. Visitors can carry along a personal camera to capture magnificent eyeshots of the different flora and fauna that thrive within the wilderness. Ratanakiri Smiling Tours also organize night camping wherein tourists can spend an overnight at the native community.

Virachey National Park

Virachey National Park:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Virachey National Park is one of the two Cambodian nature reserves to be a part of the ASEAN Heritage Parks list. This nature reserve nurtures a vast expanse comprising waterfalls, mountains, and wildlife. Some of the highlights of Virachey National Park include low-lying evergreen countryside, hilly savannah region, bamboo bushes, and splendid deciduous forests. Few of the magnificent animals found here are gibbons, wildsau, and beautiful peacocks. The best time to pay a visit to the Virachey National Park is during the dry season. This period proves apt for tourists to take up trekking and hiking through the jungle.

Kalang Chhouy Sacred Mountain Trek

Kalang Chhouy Sacred Mountain Trek:  Things To Do In Ban Lung
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Kalang Chhouy Sacred Mountain Trek usually comprises a three-day trek wherein the visitors spend time at a serene village stay area. This tour also includes a camping experience beside stunning waterfalls and the captivating Chour Preah Rapids. Some lucky visitors might even be able to catch a glimpse of the incredible Hornbill on one of these trekking expeditions. Tourists spend their time interacting with friendly locals from the village area and relaxing amidst breathtaking waterfalls.

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