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Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap

Planning A Trip To Siem Reap? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Siem Reap

Situated closest to the world-renowned Angkor temples, the city of Siem Reap is a symbol of the victory of the ancient Khmer regime over the Thai rulers during the 17th century. Siem Reap provides tourists with a splendid collection of tourism destinations to visit, including age-old blessed shrines from the Angkor era, intriguing museums filled with ancient relics and remnants, conventional markets bustling with vibrant local culture, and tranquil lake waters to glide through. With such an impressive list of places to visit, the city is slowly turning into a red hot tourism spot that lures in tourists from all quarters of the globe.

Ancient Baphuon Temple

Ancient Baphuon Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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The Baphuon Temple belonged to King Udayadityavarman II, who ruled the Khmer dynasty during the 11th century. Tourists from all over the globe visit this temple to catch a glimpse of the majestic stepped pyramid structure of this temple. The central construction of this temple stretches over an expanse that is 34 m tall, 100 m wide, and 120 m long. Initially dedicated to Lord Shiva, Baphuon Temple was later converted into a Buddhist shrine during the 15th century. With a luxurious environment in the background and a mesmerizing elevated walkway that spans about 225 m, Baphuon Temple is a national treasure.

Psar Chaa Market

Psar Chaa Market:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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The Psar Chaa market of Siem Reap is located along the western edge of the Siem Reap River. This market offers tourists with a beautiful collection of seafood, fresh vegetables, meat, and other food items. Also, visitors can pick up some interesting local handicrafts such as wood carvings, paintings, stone sculptures of Lord Buddha, silverware, and precious woven silk. The Psar Chaa market is studded with old notes, coins, and other souvenirs that can be taken back home. From delicious local condiments to rich tropical fruits, this market has a lot on offer for every visitor.

Angkor Archaeological Park

Angkor Archaeological Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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The Angkor Archaeological Park is studded with an impressive array of about 50 Buddhist and Hindu holy shrines. These temples were built between the 9th century and the 15th century and provide a sneak peek into the ancient architectural prowess of Angkor, the impressive artwork carved out by its people, and the vibrant people culture of Angkor. Angkor Archaeological Park has been recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and spans a stunning 400 sq km stretch of forest and civilian area. Tourists are sure to be treated with intriguing sculpture and carving remnants from the Angkor of yesteryears.

Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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Tonle Sap Lake is a national heritage for small yet beautiful Cambodia with its incredible natural reserve of wetlands and fishing centers. Forming the biggest freshwater lake in the whole of Southeast Asia, this serene waterbody breeds more than 300 species of aquatic life. Some of the magnificent marine animals that thrive within these waters include snakes, tortoises, freshwater fishes, otters, and crocodiles. Even water birds such as pelicans and storks survive around the Tonle Sap Lake. Comprising surprisingly shallow waters and a stunning array of floating villages, Tonle Sap Lake is a treat to the eye for any tourist.

Wat Damnak Pagoda

Wat Damnak Pagoda:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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Situated in the commercial hub of Siem Reap, Wat Damnak Pagoda initially formed a royal palace during the rule of King Sisowath. Currently, this pagoda comprises intriguing spots such as two charity houses, a sewing institute for young Cambodian women, and a primary school atop its flourishing grounds. Here, tourists are greeted by hospitable Buddhist monks, who can provide intriguing insights about the ideologies of Buddhism. Some of the highlights of this pagoda vicinity include stone carvings of Lord Buddha, conventional Khmer architectural structures, radiant waterlilies thriving in a pond, and firangipani trees.

Angkor Panorama Museum

Angkor Panorama Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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Constructed in 2015, Angkor Panorama Museum showcases contemporaneous facets of the elongated reign of the Khmer empire. The center of attraction at this museum is the magnificent panoramic painting that adorns its vicinity. Standing at a height of 13 m and spanning a 123-m circumference, this painting is named 'Angkor - the Age of Prosperity.' Angkor Panorama Museum also hosts several grandeur carvings of Buddhist monks within its territory. Tourists can also catch up on a theatrical movie that portrays the life and times of the Khmer people and the work that went behind creating majestic Angkor Wat.

Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Siem Reap
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Constructed in the 12th century, Ta Prohm Temple is a beautiful monastery that was built by King Jayavarman VII. This gigantic monastery is believed to have housed more than 70, 000 locals during the bygone era. The temple area is studded with close to 600 rooms and forms a resting home for several monks, high priests, laborers, assistants, and dancers. Galleries and courtyards that have been engulfed by the thick foliage of strangler figs and silk-cotton trees have made Ta Prohm Temple their home. It is a gripping experience to witness a shrine like this lost in the wilderness.

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