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Kratie Weather And Best Time To Visit Kratie

Planning A Trip To Kratie? Here's a snapshot of Kratie weather and the best time to visit Kratie

Situated in the eastern zone of Cambodia, the city of Kratie remains sparsely populated. Local inhabitants usually thrive along the beautiful banks of the Mekong River. These riverbanks comprise stunning flora and fauna, majestic architectural structures founded by the French colonial rule, and celestial islands.


Kratie can be explored at any time of the year. However, the dry season offers tourists with convenient travel options, making it the best season of the year to pay a visit to the city's exciting tourist spots. Let us read on to see how the weather in Kratie fares on account of tourism odds.

Dry Season (October to Early May)

Dry Season (October to Early May):  Kratie Weather And Best Time To Visit Kratie
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Kratie witnesses a warm climate during the dry season, with March, April, and May experiencing the hottest environment. The dry weather provides perfect roads to explore tourism destinations, making the dry season the best time of the year to venture into Kratie. The temperatures keep fluctuating between 27°C and 36°C. Tourists will find solace while relaxing atop the breathtaking beaches of Kratie. The dry season is the best time of the year to catch a glimpse of the cheerful Irrawady dolphins residing in Kratie. Local authorities prefer the cold weather of late afternoons to spot these dolphins.

Wet season (Early May to September)

Wet season (Early May to September):  Kratie Weather And Best Time To Visit Kratie
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The wet season in Kratie experiences temperatures hovering between 24°C and 36°C. Owing to its coastal proximity, the city also witnesses close to 90% humidity. The high amount of rainfall precipitation received during this season provides perfect conditions for crop cultivation. The incessant rainfall turns Kratie into a stunning haven with lush greenery all over its campus. This is the perfect season to visit the different wildlife reserves present in the city and catch a glimpse of the stunning countryside.

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