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Things To Do In Nalbari

Planning A Trip To Nalbari? Here's our list of top things to do in Nalbari

Situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in Assam, Nalbari is ideal for a getaway in the wilderness with diverse paddy fields and dense greenery. With the Indo-Bhutanese border highlighting the northern edge of the district and the glorious River Brahmaputra on the southern side, Nalbari is perfect for experiencing a beautiful blend of rich cultural heritage in the arms of Mother Nature. Renowned as a land of worship and spirituality that’s speckled with multiple temples and shrines of ancient origin, tourism in Nalbari is busy not only from within the country but also across the globe. Here’s a snapshot of things you can do when in Nalbari.

Raas Mahotsav

Raas Mahotsav:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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The annual music festival of Raas is a significant spiritual and cultural festival in North East India that’s celebrated in the state usually in November each year for almost 11 days at the Hari Mandir. The event epitomizes the expression of dancing in delight in reverence of Lord Krishna, symbolizing love, beauty and happiness. This beautiful festival transforms the little town of Nalbari into a celebratory event that draws visitors from far and wide. The premise of Hari Mandir is decked at the Main Puja Spot with a spectacular idol of Radha & Krishna, in addition to numerous temporary stalls decorated with idols representing a diverse range of events symbolizing Lord Krishna’s life events. These also include mechanized versions of the Orissa floods, the bombing of the World Trade Centre and the Killing of Phoolan Devi from a few national events of importance. Most people visit Nalbari on a pilgrimage or during festivals of Buddha Purnima and Dhol Purnima when the tourist destination’s buzzing with festivities and a mela too is organized. The festivals form a significant part of Nalbari’s culture as the celebrations and festivities signify Nalbari’s socio-cultural lifestyle.

Science Centre & Planetarium

Science Centre & Planetarium:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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Located inside a small hamlet of Nalbari, Sariahtali, the Planetarium and Science Centre is one of the few popular tourist places renowned both amongst adults and children, where you can learn about varied scientific phenomena, enjoy incredible and informative shows on astronomy, planets, cosmology and galaxies. The centre also has on display different sections related to mathematics and physics.


Sonkuhira:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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One of the most popular spots in town and a well-known picnic spot, Sonkruhira’s home to a wide variety of migratory birds and a natural haven for bird watchers. It is a beautiful place for a scenic holiday, especially during winter. The place also comes alive during Ashok Ashtami, when a major festival’s organized in the area where devotees from all over the country visit to witness the event. With a small water pond, Sonkuhira is known far and wide for its captivating natural charisma.

Nature’s Envy: Nalbari’s Lakes

Nature’s Envy: Nalbari’s Lakes:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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Besides its scenic beauty and wilderness, Nalbari’s brimming with different water bodies that add to its natural charm. For instance, Angradhowa Pukhari is a tank built by King Fengua and is believed to be a pond, where the Queen’s ornaments were washed in Charcoal. Measuring 62m x 62m, the lake thereby earned its name. Then there’s Mahamara Pukhari, which was excavated under the Ahom Dynasty’s reign. As per popular belief, the Pukhari was excavated to eliminate scarcity of water, by sacrificing a buffalo. The Ganga Pukhari, located about 7km south of town is a pond that was established by Gangadhar, a Brahmin. This pond is usually known for a fair that is organized on Ashok Ashtami annually and flocked by devotees from all over the state in reverence of deceased souls.

Experiencing Religious Harmony in Hajo

Experiencing Religious Harmony in Hajo:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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25km from Nalbari via Guwahati is the ancient pilgrim spot of Hajo which is renowned for its unique amalgamation of 3 religious sects – Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Adorning the banks of river Brahmaputra, Hajo has sacred shrines set up in honor of different Gods and Goddesses like Durga, Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha and various Muslim Saints. Of the lot, the most renowned temple is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir which attracts Buddhist devotees, on account of Lord Buddha attaining Nirvana here, and the other being the Powa Mecca Mosque which is very popular among the Muslim devotees. Some other sacred shrines include the Kedareswar Temple, Kameswara Temple and Deva Bhavana.

Exploring the ethnic and rustic vibrancy of Sualkuchi

Exploring the ethnic and rustic vibrancy of Sualkuchi:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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About an hour and 24 minutes and 39km from Nalbari is the small and quaint village of Sualkuchi which is renowned for its cultural heritage and Assamese traditions in its highest form. The village, best known as the weaving hamlet is popular for producing one of the best varieties of silk in the state, and the techniques involved in it. The settlement’s houses and walls are covered in mud for keeping the heat away in summers and making the abodes warm during winters. Abundant in wildlife and greenery, Sualkuchi is ecologically diverse for its exotic animals, bird species and also speckled with a number of Namghars, monasteries and temples within a few steps of each other. Situated on the northern banks of the Brahmaputra, the village is beautiful and exhibits a captivating appeal that’s bound to leave you tongue-tied!

Adventure sports in Barpeta

Adventure sports in Barpeta:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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Located roughly 52km from Nalbari, Barpeta’s renowned as the ‘Sacred Satra Destination’. Besides this, the site is popular for its adventure sports, primarily the water sports which involve annual competitions that are organized on Rivers Brahmaputra, Jia Bhoroli, Manas and Kapili. Barpeta Adventure Activities are also conducted at the Manas National Park, one of the most popular heritage sites in Assam and India’s Tiger Reserve. You can explore angling in Barpeta, white water river rafting and wildlife safaris here.

Things to Do in Guwahati

Things to Do in Guwahati:  Things To Do In Nalbari
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Nearly 60km from Nalbari, there’s a wide variety of things to indulge in and explore in Guwahati. Spanning the glorious River Brahmaputra, Guwahati’s a beautiful blend of ancient history and urbanization, with a mix of age-old temples that take you back in time and then the electric tone and exciting nightlife that keeps you on your toes with its modern beliefs. From visiting the Kalakshetra, which is an interesting platform for local artists to showcase their talent, to enjoying diverse entertainment activities that involve music, dance and drama performances in an open-air theatre to enjoying an exhibition of local artifacts and gorgeous artworks in the museum, there’s so much to do for people of all ages and abilities here. The Assam State Museum is renowned for being one of the best in North India that houses relics as old as the 7th century, then there’s the Planetarium, a wonderful delight for Astro-enthusiasts.

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