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Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari

Planning A Trip To Nalbari? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Nalbari

A small town in a district in the state of Assam, Nalbari is both historically and culturally alive and renowned for its wondrous landscape and sacred shrines. For nature enthusiasts, there’s bird watching in Sonkuriha that’s a must-visit, where scores of migratory birds fly in during the winter season, while Mahamara Pukhuri is a renowned pond which is ancient as well, constructed by the Ahom Dynasty, amongst other lakes and is a popular picnic spot too. There are more such tourist places to visit in Nalbari, including historic sites and other natural attractions. Here’s a list of few places to go sightseeing in Nalbari.

Billeshwar Temple

Billeshwar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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Set up in honor of Lord Krishna, the Billeshwar Temple is over 500 years old and is believed to have had a Shiv Linga unearthed. According to ancient folklore, a priest who resided on the site owned a cow, which gave milk to Virina-a grass variety, and due to his curiosity, the state King ordered the place to be excavated which then led to the discovery of the Shiv Linga, following which the temple was constructed here. Ranked as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nalbari, the temple was originally constructed in the name of Birreswar, which was later changed to Billeswar and is now called the Belsor Temple.

Hari Mandir

Hari Mandir:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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A significant landmark for Nalbari, Hari Mandir’s history is associated with the Raas Mahotsav that’s been organized in the town since the early 20th century. A major tourist hub for Lord Krishna’s devotees, the temple was established in 1965, for which the land was donated by Rambahadur Pratap Narayan and is flocked by devotees during November’s Raas Mahotsav for over 15 days every year. The temple and its festivities provide a platform for visitors from across the country to experience and witness the richness of Hindu Culture, the reverence and fervor with which devotees offer their love and celebrate God. It is best to visit here between October and February.

Shripur Devalaya

Shripur Devalaya:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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Shripur Devalaya is a temple that’s said to have been established by Sib Singha, an Ahom King in honor of Goddess Sati’s parts that fell her during her satidom. Festivals like Kali Puja and Durga Puja are celebrated with great enthusiasm here by the Assamese people and the local tribes.

Basudev Devalaya

Basudev Devalaya:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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Basudev Devalaya hails from the 1718-1744 AD era, constructed by the Ahom King Sib Sangha, and also includes 64 Bighas of land contributed by the King’s brother. As per popular belief, a fisherman who was unable to get his fishing net out of a pond for almost 7 days, was blessed by Lord Basudeb appearing before the local’s in his dream and asked to be released from the net. Following the dream, the individual went to the pond and found 2 large stones, removal of which resulted in failure and then in the construct of the temple by the King.

Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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The Buddhist Temple is situated 30km from the town of Nalbari and was established by the Nepalese people in 1965, initiated by Chhatra Singh, during which a new Gumba was constructed and earned its repute as one of the biggest in the district. The temple’s visited by devotees each year for the annual Budhha Jayanti celebrations, the Dhol Purnima and Mela. One of the best times to visit the Buddhist Temple in Nalbari is from January through June.

Kumar Bhaskar Varman Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University

Kumar Bhaskar Varman Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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Kumar Bhaskar Varman Sanskrit & Ancient Studies University is one of its kind in the entire region with its focus being to promote the ancient past of Kamrup, which goes way back to centuries BC. The university is known to provide degrees in the Sanskrit Language and its library includes varied works on ancient history and the Sanskrit language in Kamrup. It has other disciplines like arts, humanities and professional courses as well. The university is a state-run University established in 2011.

Fenguwa Rampart

Fenguwa Rampart:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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The Fenguwa Rampart Fort exemplifies great ancient significance and renamed after its founder, King Fenguwa who built the citadel in the 14th century on a gigantic scale of 3.2km in length. The purpose behind its construct was to provide safety and security to the kingdom. The village of Garbhita under Madhya Baska Mouza was the King’s capital to preserve and secure for which he built this rampart. The King ruled from 1350-1365.

Daulashal Temple

Daulashal Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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The Daulashal Temple located in the village Daulashal is situated in Nalbari’s extreme south-west region. Once known as Daulakhal in lieu of the presence of a huge temple and a canal, the temple today is also considered a centre of religious importance that attracts a large number of devotees throughout the year. The temple’s built-in reverence of Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balram and stands tall having witnessed many glorious moments in the history of Assam, especially during the time of Mughal Invasions.

Jaypal Than

Jaypal Than:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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As per popular belief, after being discovered by a Cow called Kapali during Ahom King Sib Singha’s reign from 1718-1744, Jaypal Than Temple comes with folklore attached to it. Located about 13km from Nalbari’s district headquarters, a major portion of Jaypal Than’s below ground on account of the massive destruction caused by an Earthquake, while only a small portion of the temple is visible now.

Thetha Gohain

Thetha Gohain:  Tourist Places To Visit In Nalbari
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The holy shrine of Thetha Gohain was built in a location away from inhabitation in a calm and serene environment at the end of the 19th century. It is built on land donated by Kamarkuchi, Janmi Majumdar who resided there. It is considered one of the top tourist attractions in Nalbari

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