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Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur

Planning A Trip To Tezpur? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Tezpur

Renowned for its pristine natural beauty, extensive biodiversity, tea plantations and warm people, Assam’s is bound on both sides with marshlands, thick forest grass, terraced tea gardens and sprinkled with rice field patches. There’s something magical about this historic city which is also the 5th largest in Assam. The place is also renowned for its national parks and forest areas that attract a huge number of tourists each year, in addition to having a rich cultural heritage and popular stalwarts like Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, Ananda Chandra Agarwala, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha. Here’s a view of some of the most popular tourist places to see in Tezpur.

Agnigarh Hill

Agnigarh Hill:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://en.wikipedia.org

A small hill situated in the town, Agnigarh Hill is the site for a fortress that was built by Banasura for isolating his daughter Usha. Located on the banks of river Brahmaputra, the hill has a circular stairway that leads to the hill’s crest with sculptures of Usha abducting Krishna’s grandson and the following battle between Krishna and Usha. The town’s best view can be enjoyed from the tall platform atop the hill, from where you can also see the Kalia-Bhumura Bridge adorning the vast river liked a bejeweled necklace.

Mahabhairav Temple

Mahabhairav Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

Located in the Northern end of the town of Tezpur the Mahabhairav Temple is said to have been established by King Bana in honor of Lord Shiva, in the pre-historic era, of stone but renovated & rebuilt in concrete. The original structure was damaged during the Islamic conquest, rebuilt by the following rulers, till it was destroyed yet again by 1897’s Earthquake. The popular festival of Maha Shivratri, an annual event of the Shaivite Branch is celebrated in the temple’s complex with devotees visiting here from all across the country with offerings of edible cannabis and sweets laced with Bhang. During this time various puja ceremonies are conducted and as symbolic gesture pigeons are also released from captivity.

Bamuni Hills

Bamuni Hills:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://static2.tripoto.com

The ancient remnants of Bamuni Hills are situated in Tezpur and are no less of a treasure for all archeological fans! Believed to be the historic ruins of an ancient temple from the 9th century, it is assumed that there was a Vishnu temple at the core with 4 Shiva temples surrounding it at the hill’s four corners in the Panchayatana style, with another ruin of an isolated temple on the North-Eastern side. The historic carvings on the temple’s walls and pillars represent the talent and skills of the sculptors and the artisans, who designed the floral, geometric, animal sculptures as well as the different forms of Lord Vishnu engraved on a slab that’s well preserved till date.

Ketakeshwar Dewal

Ketakeshwar Dewal:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by http://cdn.findmessages.com

A sacred site in Tezpur’s Ketakibari Area, the shrine of Ketakeshwar Dewal is known to have one of the largest Shiva Lingas in the world, with the site segregated in two parts. One part has the actual Linga located on-site while the other’s a few meters away with the base of the Linga, which is said to have uprooted the Linga from its base during an earthquake. Open to visitors, the shrine has a local committee that oversees the overall development of the site. Originally established in the midst of a bamboo groove with a small path for visitors on foot, a full shelter has since been erected for preserving the holy area from natural calamities as well as for the protection of the devotees, so they can gather and pray comfortably.

Da Parbatia

Da Parbatia:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://en.wikipedia.org

A tiny village close to West Tezpur, Da Parbatia has significant remnants of an ancient temple from the 6th century that covers the ruins of another temple built in Lord Shiva’s honor. From the 1924’s excavations, a 6th century antique of a stone door frame was unearthed with intricate carvings. The temple’s ruins that go back to the Ahom Period were built over the historic foundation of the temple and are present like a stone-paved layout plan of the Mandap and Sanctum Sanctorum. The door frame stands tall with a square cavity that housed the original Linga and speaks of an art form from the Gupta Era Archeology.

Hazarapar Lake

Hazarapar Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by http://sonitpur.gov.in/

One of the most popular tourist attractions; the Hazarapar Lake/ Pukhuri’s the 3rd largest water body in the city with a reservoir spanning 70 acres. This tank was excavated during the 19th century and usually keeps the city cool during the summers, making for a charming and beautiful locale. With the Padum Pukhuri close by, both reservoirs are situated close to the Bamuni Hills and a leisurely stroll around the beautiful lake or lazying around the cool grass ideal for some quiet time and self-reflection.


Dhekiajuli:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Located at an elevation of 100 meters, Dhekiajuli is a town and a municipal board in the Sonitpur District. An urban setting that’s inhabited by different social groups, there are tea plantations all over the place, in addition to the Gupteshwar Temple on the River Banks, with occasional glimpses of turtles in the temple pond. The town is also renowned for excellent craftsmanship in the realm of woodcraft and delicious produce of Lichee Fruit. It is about 35kms from Tezpur.

Nag Sankar Temple

Nag Sankar Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by http://sonitpur.gov.in

A popular shrine located near Sootea, Nag-Sankar Temple is believed to have been built in the 4th century by King Narasankar from the Lohitya Dynasty. It has a large pond with several rare varieties of turtles with soft shells, a large number of peacocks, deer, pythons and other animals that attract visitors from far and wide. Some turtles here are said to be over 100 years old. The temple was known to have been renovated in 1480.

Bhairabi Temple

Bhairabi Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://i1.wp.com

Built-in honor of Goddess Bhairavi, a Mahavidya of Goddess Durga Devi, the Bhairabi Temple is a significant Shakti Peeth in Assam. Its backdrop gives off an excellent view of the Kolia Bhomora Setu, and is also known as Bhairabi Devalaya by the localities. The 400-year-old structure has become crooked slightly due to another building close by having suffered damage because of an earthquake. The temple’s entrance has a long staircase that leads up to the temple from the access road and has a picturesque view for a Divine experience.

Tezpur University

Tezpur University:  Tourist Places To Visit In Tezpur
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

Established in 1994 by a Parliamentary Act, Tezpur University is located in the city of Tezpur, which initially operated from the Darrang College, then from the Law College. Later land was acquired in Napaam about 15km from Tezpur spanning 0.98 sq. km where it is now permanently stationed. Fenced by concrete walls, the campus is in a rural area with a residence to people from different castes. There’s provision for accommodation for visitors in the university guest house, while the University per say is a residential university with 5 hostels for men and 7 for women. There’s an additional hostel for married/newly recruited faculty members of the University. The campus also houses four schools that are divided into 21 departments and centres, chiefly the schools of Engineering, Management Sciences, Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences.

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