Manas National Park
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Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park

Planning A Trip To Manas National Park? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Manas National Park

An Elephant Reserve, a Tiger Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an important Biosphere Reserve, Manas National Park has it all. Home to hundreds of species of birds, animals and plants, the park is a treasure trove waiting to be explored and cherished. Let us look at some of the best tourist places to visit within Manas National Park and some attractions near it.

Tiger and Elephant Reserve

Tiger and Elephant Reserve:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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The park holds the distinction of being both, a Tiger and an Elephant Reserve. Hence a safari for tiger and elephant sighting is a must. Apart from these, the park houses a number of rare and endangered species of animals like Red Panda, Golden Langur, Pygmy Hog etc. It is also famous for the large number of Wild Water Buffaloes that the park has. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenic beauty and become one with nature.

Bansbari Tea Plantation

Bansbari Tea Plantation:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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Located at the entrance of Manas National Park is the Bansbari Tea Plantation which offers a beautiful retreat for the tourists. It is sprawled across a large piece of land with the Bansbari Lodge overlooking it. A visit to the lodge is highly recommended as you can use the opportunity to visit the lush green plantations, study the unique flora and fauna surrounding it and spend some time soaking in the peace and tranquillity.

Palace of King of Bhutan

Palace of King of Bhutan:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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Manas National Park is a sprawling wildlife habitat that continues into the Kingdom of Bhutan. The Manas River that flows by acts as the border between the countries of India and Bhutan and across it lies the Summer Palace of King of Bhutan. Overlooking a valley, the Palace is a must visit. Visitors have to hire a boat to reach the other side of the border but permission from Bhutan authorities is compulsory before crossing over. A slice of history in the lap of nature is an irresistible combination.


Mathanguri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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Unscathed by the onslaughts of technology and modern life is the unsullied territory of Mathanguri on the banks of River Manas in the midst of Manas National Park. The place houses a number of guest lodges allowing the visitors an opportunity to view wildlife from close proximity. The guest house authorities also arrange safaris to reach the interiors of the jungles.

Manas River

Manas River:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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A tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra, Manas River flows through Assam before flowing into Brahmaputra. Meandering through the wilderness, the sparkling water of the river has lent the landscape a beauty that is unparalleled. Surrounded by meadows and dotted with trees, it creates a picturesque setting. Visitors can sit on the bank and watch the sun setting in the horizon or take a leisurely stroll along its banks soaking in the pristine beauty.

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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Located a few hours' drive and about 142 km from the Manas National Park is the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary too is located at the foothills of the Himalayas, flanked by Bhutan in the north and the Udalgiri and Baksa districts of Assam. Set up especially to preserve the pygmy hog and hispid hare, the sanctuary now houses several mammals like white-winged wood duck, hoolock gibbon, golden langur and clouded leopard. Migratory and local birds also adorn the sanctuary, especially Bengal florican, kingfisher, woodpecker, hornbill, swamp partridge etc.


Bogamati:  Tourist Places To Visit In Manas National Park
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Surrounded by dense forests and located on the mouth of River Barnadi, Bogamati is a pretty little place in Baksa district of Assam. Over the years it has earned a reputation for being an ideal picnic spot. The pristine surroundings with the calm river flowing by and view of the Bhutan Hills in the distance have made this site a favourite among tourists. It is located about 140 km from Manas National Park and is perfect for a day’s outing.

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