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Things To Do In Dispur

Planning A Trip To Dispur? Here's our list of top things to do in Dispur

Located about 8km from Guwahati, Dispur – the capital city of Assam attracts visitors for its beautiful and delicately woven Mekhela Chadors, rustic villages, bird watching, prominent landmarks, pilgrim spots, tea auction markets and varied cultural festivals that showcase a celebration of life in its entirety! Dispur isn’t just significant for Assam but also valuable from a tourism perspective, as it attracts tourists from far and wide for its characteristic cultural heritage. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect in things to do in Dispur.

Evening River Cruise

Evening River Cruise:  Things To Do In Dispur
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Being the biggest rivers in Asia, the Brahmaputra’s popular for its evening river cruises amidst some captivating surroundings. With its origins in Tibet’s southwest region, the river enters India through the Himalayan Gorges and into Arunachal Pradesh and a river cruise, especially during sunset gives way to an enchanting & refreshing experience. You can go with your friends, family or your beloved, and enjoy cruising down the waters with river islands, birds and sceneries of Brahmaputra's banks passing you by.

Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife:  Things To Do In Dispur
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If you love exploring nature and enjoy bird watching then, you’d love visiting the Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the best remaining wetlands near a growing city, with a large waterbody and a blend of bird species. Also called Dipor Bil, it is one of the largest beels in the valley, featured as a water eco-system under the Burmese Monsoon Forest Biogeographic Area. The Dipor Bil’s is inadvertently responsible for supporting nearly 14 villages and about 1,200 families with its natural resources and was initially a significant port to the Tai-Ahom, in addition to the Mughals.


Accoland:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by https://www.sentinelassam.com

One of the first and largest amusement parks in the Northeast region, Accoland is filled with a number of thrilling and exciting rides, a wave pool, unlimited water rides and is a must-visit during summers especially. With a Ferris wheel right in the midst of Assam’s Hilly Greens, Accoland’s beautifully crafted as a castle cum amusement park with a variety of special events, Annual Summer Fest and Techno Tron, a laser light & sound show with some exclusive shows to attract visitors. There are about 30 rides that offer a mix of limited and unlimited fun, a vortex maze via a revolving maze and a 50ft giant wheel as its top attraction. Accoland is open for visitors 7 days a week from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm.

Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium

Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

Also known as Sarusajai Stadium, the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium is a football ground, which besides hosting football matches is also used for athletics and currently houses Northeast United FC. With a total capacity of 35,000 people, which was lowered later to 23,850, the stadium’s hosted some big-league events like the 33rd National Games of India in 2007 and the South Asian Games in 2016. The stadium was constructed in honor of the former PM, the late Indira Gandhi and continues to hold major national and international matches.


ISKCON-Guwahati:  Things To Do In Dispur
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Located in Ulubari Chariali on a hilltop, the beautiful ISKCON temple is actually called Shri Shri Rukmini Krishna, in honor of Lord Krishna’s wife. Constructed of pristine white marble that adds to the glorious architecture of the structure, ISKCON is encompassed by lush greenery, which makes spending quiet time here nothing less of spending time in paradise. Adorned with Lord Krishna and Rukmini’s idols in colorful attires, there are a number of halls inside the temple which promote the teachings of Vaishnavism. You will also find a variety of spiritual programs here that involve regular chantings, mantras, discourses and songs, befitting one and all.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by http://shubh-yatra.in

Located on the southern banks of the River Brahmaputra, the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary spans about 15 sq.mi. With a wetland habitat and grassland for the Indian Rhinoceros. Inclusive of at least 15 species of grass, it provides food resources and home to the Indian Rhino, which holds nearly the second largest population in Assam. There are a number of other mammals as well that can be found here like, the wild boar, the golden jackal, feral water buffalo, rhesus macaque, Indian leopard and nearly 2000 birds in transition, as well as reptiles.

Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra

Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

Usually known as Kalakshetra, a cultural institute, the Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra is a cultural museum-cum-library that holds varied cultural items that have been preserved and put on display, not to forget performed, in addition to a children’s park. Besides, being one of the largest social gatherings, the Kalakshetra is also a popular tourist spot with emporiums, open-air theatres, temples and restaurants within its premises. Another significant attraction here is an artistic village that signifies the Assamese rural life with life-like figurines and model thatched huts.

Annual Mega Event-PEWS

Annual Mega Event-PEWS:  Things To Do In Dispur
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An annual event that’s widely acclaimed, the PEWS group of institutes hosts UTOPIA a mega event that celebrates college life with inter-collegiate competitions, workshops, forums and cultural activities with celebrity artists in attendance. Basically a youth festival, UTOPIA actually offers them an opportunity to explore and prove their talent via varied sports, entertainment & culturally rich programs. It’s a 7-day extravaganza that’s enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

International Guitar Festival

International Guitar Festival:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by https://www.assamtimes.org

The International Guitar Festival at the Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra comes with a workshop for Children as well, with an aim to captivate its audience with soul-stirring music. With a number of celebrated and internationally acclaimed musicians and guitarists, this events also emphasizes on music workshops and allows different teachers from across various genres to work along with students in honing their musical skills and showcase different groups displaying their craft across the genres of pop, heavy, soul, jazz and more.

Cultural, Educational & Arts Festivals

Cultural, Educational & Arts Festivals:  Things To Do In Dispur
Photograph by https://nenow.in

From a variety of top-notch music fests to delicious food events to nights of fun, entertainment, Dispur is culturally brimming with programs that celebrate the local culture and vibe, inclusive of beach parties, outdoor events, film festivals and more. Events like the Jeevan Kite River Festival is one of the largest river beach festivals that encompasses events like kite flying, music and dance, adventure sports, art, riverside bazaars, mask making, food & drinks, films and much more.

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