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Things To Do In Dibrugarh

Planning A Trip To Dibrugarh? Here's our list of top things to do in Dibrugarh

A significant commercial hub, a rail terminus and a port, Dibrugarh has industries that include rice, oilseed milling and tea processing. Renowned for its natural gas and oil reserves, Dibrugarh’s main economic activities include oil & natural gas exploration aside from tea plantations, with cottage and silk industries as some commercial businesses in the city. Visitors flock the city for its scenic beauty and tourist attractions, in addition to enjoying its pleasant climate, river cruises and lush tea plantations. With a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles, Dibrugarh’s culture is centered more on their core beliefs and practices, while being liberal and adaptable to the fast-growing urban culture. Here’s a list of things to do in Dibrugarh.

Cultural Festivals

Cultural Festivals:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Bihu’s celebrated with aplomb in Dibrugarh, where everyone irrespective of their religions, caste or creed participates in the festivities. The celebrations include Kangali, Rongali and Bhogali. The festival is celebrated in April, wherein the midst of green fields, the rhythmic beats of dhol and buffalo hornpipe, traditional costumes and a medley of love songs create a festive ambiance all around. Then, there’s the Dehing Patkai Festival that’s celebrated with great fervor with elephant safaris, craft fairs, and food fests as well with a variety of different cultural programs. Other than Bihu, Dibrugarh also celebrates popular festivals like Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja and Christmas with equal excitement.

Rafting in Brahmaputra

Rafting in Brahmaputra:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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The fierce and enormous River, the Brahmaputra unravels some fascinating experiences for rafting fans, with an adventurous tour of the upper waters making their way through some of the most isolated areas in the country. From the Pasighat plains to the other remote areas that have the tribal population residing in thick rainforests in the midst of flora and fauna, the river’s source begins at the frosty glaciers of Tibet, meandering through the country and descending forcefully towards the Himalayan countryside. There are some amazing stretches of Grade III & IV for rafting activities with a class IV plus rapid as well.

Fairs in Dibrugarh

Fairs in Dibrugarh:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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The Ambubasi Fair that’s organized in the Kamakhya Temple in Dibrugarh includes tantric rituals that are conducted during the menstrual cycle of Goddess Kamakhya and for 3 days, the temple is closed to devotees and visitors with prayers held only on the fourth day. Considered one of the 52 Shaktipeeths, the Kamakhya Temple is said to be the place where the genitals of Shakti fell. Known by another name called Ameti Festival, the event witnesses most tantric ascetics flock the city annually for the fair from their isolated habitats in observance of varied tantric rituals.

An Experience at Dibrugarh's Tea Estates

An Experience at Dibrugarh's Tea Estates:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Enjoy a guided tour of a Tea Estate, where you will become familiar with the process of tea manufacturing & trading, stay at a heritage bungalow in Dibrugarh, where along with a leisurely break you can revel in the fragrance of homegrown tea in the surrounding plantations. Feel free to take a stroll in the upbeat town market, experience an early morning walk through the farms and breathe in the healthy air from your surroundings.

Aelong Festive Tour

Aelong Festive Tour:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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When you reach the gorgeous city of Dibrugarh, allow yourself the luxury of reveling in the captivating & aromatic surroundings and views of the tea city. Then take a trip to Mon, to experience the fascinating heartland of Konyak with a mystic ambiance, where you will experience the Aelong Festival and get a sneak peek into the traditions and cultural heritage of this community, renowned for its tattooed citizens, explore the happening market places and enjoy the scenic beauty all around you. The festival is celebrated post the plantation process and as prayers are offered to the deities for a good harvest, communal protection and posterity, the Naga tribe makes the most of this significant festival.


Kayaking:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Located at the Indian border with China, the Lohit River’s situated at the most inhabited area of the country’s Eastern end, Kibithu with a class 4 plus river at the top alpine reaches that becomes a pool drop later. An exploratory expedition, you can enjoy Rafting here through the rapids, paddling through some of the most incredible white-waters and enjoy the remote and pristine surroundings. Usually, these expeditions are supported by land crews and these sessions are typically scheduled in March, November and December.

Namdapha Wildlife Trek

Namdapha Wildlife Trek:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Take a trek to the village of Embeong, visit some ethnic tribes and explore the neighboring cities along the Namdapha Wildlife Trek into the heartland of Arunachal Pradesh with some captivating and incredible trekking trails. Experience the local cultures and traditions and enjoy an enlightening & refreshing journey through the beautiful state. With over 1,985 sq.km of fenced property in Arunachal Pradesh, 1,000 floral and nearly 1,400 fauna, this biodiverse National Park is a hotspot in the Eastern Himalayas and protects the evergreen forests in the Northernmost lowlands.


Camping:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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The river camp in Dihing is an excellent way to enjoy some time with friends and family along with a picnic. Just a few miles from Dibrugarh, the Dihing River Camp is ideal for relaxing, taking walks along the riverside, enjoy camping or go dishing, with an amazing and delectable spread of local food. It serves as a brilliant example of an economically empowered community that prospers on tourism.


Angling:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Angling has been popular in Assam’s Jia Bhoroli since the reign of the Britishers. An incredible snowy and sparkling river that swirls down the rocky mountain range of A.P, and the dense Balipara Forest Reserve, resulting in fiery rapids and gorges as it joins the 'Brahmaputra', Jia Bhoroli is one of the most fascinating rivers, perfect for naturalists, anglers and adventure tourists. With the seasonal fishing camps easily accessible and only an hour’s drive from Tezpur, the Anglers can choose other camps in the scenic township of Bhalukpong or Tezpur’s Tourist Lounge as well. However, the best fishing experience is available through the length of Potasali and Bhalukpong, nearly 26kms aboard a rubber dinghy, from the early part of October through April.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Dibrugarh
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Situated partly in Dibrugarh and partly in Tinsukia District, Assam's sole rainforest, Dehing Patkai spans over 111.19 sq.km., under the state’s tropical wet evergreen forestry. Segregated into three parts of the Dirok rainforest, Jeypore and the Dihing River, the sanctuary was awarded its status in 2004 and besides wildlife, you will see a number of other significant sights like the Digboi Oil Refinery, which is one of the oldest in India, cemeteries from World War II and the Stillwell Road. The Rainforest’s part area is also named a Dibru-Deomali, an elephant reserve and is a 4 tiered rainforest with a variety of exotic orchids, wild bananas, an abundance of ferns and more; not to forget about 293 bird species in addition to the migratory birds in winter, 47 species of animals and 30 of butterflies. The animals include Black Panther, Black Bear, Pig-Tailed Macaque, Gaur, Squirrel, Gaur, Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, Hoolock Gibbon and Capped Langur.

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