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Things To Do In Mayong

Planning A Trip To Mayong? Here's our list of top things to do in Mayong

Considered the occult capital of India, Mayong is renowned for its witchcraft practices. Situated on the banks of the majestic Brahmaputra River, Mayong was feared by all the adjoining areas once, owing to its flourishing magic practices, which the ancient populace knew to be the Sorcery and Magic Capital of Assam. Now, with superstitions occupying a minimal place in the traditional and religious sect of Indian customs, the village of Mayong is more popular for its ancient past and beautiful scenic tourist attractions. When it comes to things to do in Mayong, you can look forward to the following list of activities to engage in.

Local Interaction and Tour of Mayong Village

Local Interaction and Tour of Mayong Village:  Things To Do In Mayong
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Owing to its repute of being the occult destination in India, you can interact with the villagers of Mayong to become familiar with and learn about some incredible magic tricks and listen to some uncanny and strange tales of glory, healing and magical treatments conducted by the witch doctors and local healers from the village. Despite the diminishing superstitions associated with occult and black magic, the village still inhabits magicians and local doctors who besides being adept at black magic also hold age-old knowledge of palmistry, Ayurveda, ancients chants and spells that can help heal varied diseases and life challenges.

Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife:  Things To Do In Mayong
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Mayong’s popular for the  Wildlife Sanctuary which has one of the world’s highest inhabitation of the One-Horned Rhinoceros and is home to herds of wild boars, buffalos and more animal species. You can enjoy jeep safaris and elephant safaris here amidst nature’s picturesque valleys and hillocks in and around the village, with the beautiful river Brahmaputra flowing gloriously at the west end of the hamlet, adding to its natural charm.

Religious Attractions

Religious Attractions:  Things To Do In Mayong
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There are a number of ancient temples and shrines in and around Mayong that include the Land of Pancha Devata, a place that has been set up in reverence of 5 deities – Lord Ganesh, Lord Dinesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Shiva (Parvati). Some other significant pilgrim sites that can be explored in the area are the Hatimuria Ganesh Temple, Kachashila Shiv Shrine, Hiloikhunda’s Narashinha Ashram and Burha Mayong’s Kechaikhaiti Shrine.

Witnessing the Archeological Marvels at Mayong

Witnessing the Archeological Marvels at Mayong:  Things To Do In Mayong
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The village of Mayong is also renowned for its ancient ruins and historical monuments, which include a huge stone inscription that goes way back to 100 years in the historic village of Burha Mayong. This inscription's about 3.85m long and is considered one of the longest stone carving in Asia. There’s yet another gorgeous stone engraving in an image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and about 3 images of Lord Ganesha from the 12th century found here. Another stone image of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati, along with one of Lord Ganesha from the 10th century is located at the Chanaka Village with a king-sized image of Lord Ganesha, again from the 10th century at the Ganesha Temple in Hatimuris village.

River Cruises & Eco-Tourism

River Cruises & Eco-Tourism:  Things To Do In Mayong
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As the village of Mayong’s situated by the banks of River Brahmaputra, it has a wide scope for River Tourism and you can indulge in a number of river cruises between Guwahati- Kajalimukh near the village and back to enjoy some of the most scenic and popular tourist attractions along the way. You can also enjoy various hills, valleys and other natural water bodies in and around Mayong. Feel free to explore solar rickshaws and aero motors, which are a new addition to promote tourism in Mayong.

Sivakunda Waterfall

Sivakunda Waterfall:  Things To Do In Mayong
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Located in the Amsoi Hills about 10km from National Highway 37 on the southern side, the Sivakunda water cascade is a scenic spot with a large number of visitors visiting here from October through March. A captivating attraction, Sivakund is best for day outings and picnics. Furthermore, you can also catch a beautiful tour of the Amsoi Tea Estates on your way to or back from the Waterfall.

Joon Beel Mela

Joon Beel Mela:  Things To Do In Mayong
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An ethnic melee of people from the hills going to the plains, the Joon Beel Mela is all about bartering goods between the two communities. Significant of an untold bond between the populace of the hills and the plains, this fair takes place annually during Magh Bihu. A 3-day local community event, the Joonbeel is so named owing to a natural water body shaped like a crescent moon. This mela is said to have been initiated by the Tiwa way back in the 15th century AD. During this fete, a huge bazaar is organized with products from Hill, Karbi, Tiwa and Jayanti communities who engage in a hi-tech barter system of their produce.

Traditional Festivals

Traditional Festivals:  Things To Do In Mayong
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Abundant in its cultural elements from times immemorial, Mayong witnesses a variety of festivals, most of which are associated with agricultural events like the Bihu festivities, Nowka Khanda Utsav, Bhekuli Biya, in addition to other ceremonial events like the Sitala Puja, Tulani Biya and Garakhiya Puja. Some other celebratory events include the Gohain Uliowa Utsav, which is a significant cultural celebration in the village. A royal anniversary initiated by the Mayong Royal Family, the event commenced in 1668 by the 10th King of the Mayong Kingdom and has since been observed for a period of 3 days each year with ceremonial baths, grand processions and cultural programs.

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