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Things To Do In Digboi

Planning A Trip To Digboi? Here's our list of top things to do in Digboi

With a diverse culture and heritage, Assam’s brimming with a blend of Assamese, Nepali and Bengali traditions and ways of life. Digboi accounts for a variety of ethnic groups that entered and stayed back here in search of a livelihood, with most of the outskirts still engaged in agriculture. Abundant in fertility, tea plantations are found in plenty throughout the state. In such a rich and culturally diverse state, Digboi’s a significant feather in its cap known to be Asia’s first Oil City. The city’s also renowned for other things to do here which include wildlife sights, handicrafts, textiles and more! Nearly one and a half centuries later, the colonial impact left by the British is still felt in the city’s architecture, in addition to it, the beautiful and scenic environment, the pleasant weather conditions, evergreen flora make visiting Digboi a visually appealing and memorable trip. Here’s a list of things to do in Digboi.

A Quest for Science Enthusiasts

A Quest for Science Enthusiasts:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://sentinelassam.com

Home to Asia’s first oil well drilled way back in 1889, Digboi’s known for having the world’s oldest functioning oil well. The Indian Oil Corporation Ltd was established here and its plant warrants a visit, which involves a guided tour of the entire premise with detailed introduction and information as well as the processing of crude oil. You can expect to see a well-preserved site with historic details to intrigue and engage you, with signboards indicating the presence of wildlife keeping you on your toes through the tour!

Visiting Nature’s Hotspot

Visiting Nature’s Hotspot:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://medium.com

60km from Digboi lies Assam’s largest wildlife parks, the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park that is home to over 300 varieties of bird species, in-migration and a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts. A biodiversity tourist spot, the park ranks at 19 across the world’s biodiversity spots. 12km, north of Tinsukia, the park is fenced by the Rivers Brahmaputra and Lohit, inclusive of wet semi-evergreens, deciduous forestry, grasslands and canebrakes, with the largest salix swamp forest in the North-East as well. A safe haven for most endangered species, the Park’s also abundant in fish. There are over 36 species of mammals, two species of lizards, eight varieties of turtles, 8 snake species and innumerable avian species here.

Engaging in a game of Golf

Engaging in a game of Golf:  Things To Do In Digboi
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Established in 1888, the Golf Course in Digboi spans over 6,309 yards and is one of the best golf courses in the region, amidst the Dehing Forest Reserve which encompasses the golf course on three sides, while on the fourth side are the majestic valleys of Arunachal Pradesh. With a variety of significant tournaments conducted here annually, this 18-hole golf course has traces of an oil well at the 11th hole which is a natural site. The presence of a clubhouse on-site makes the golf course even more delightful.

The Greens of DoomDooma

The Greens of DoomDooma:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://yatrablog.com

Renowned for its tea plantations, DoomDooma is a popular tourist attraction in Tinsukia where you can enjoy a visit to Hindustan Lever’s Tea Gardens and the DoomDooma Reserve Forest. With most tea estates established during the British reign, DoomDooma has a broad strip of tea plantations and is one of the biggest business sectors in Assam, which not only introduced the tea industry which is now responsible for the commercial development of Upper Assam but also the growth of its oil & coal industries. Known to have some of the best and most gorgeous tea gardens across the world, DoomDooma is a significant hub of tea trade in India and the captivating aroma of tea produced has made many giant conglomerates to establish their businesses here.

The 9-Lake Wonder

The 9-Lake Wonder:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://en.wikivoyage.org

One of the largest tourist spots in the district, the Na-Pukhuri is a group of 9 lakes on the outskirts of the town with a historical shrine built during King Sarbananda Singha’s reign. With the central tank the most popular of the lot, it spans over 10 acres and is brimming with natural water. Given its method of filling and the expanse, the tank is known as a lake and has been developed into a tourist site, with a 400m long pathway that’s tiled and a 1200m of concrete jogging trail, in addition to the placement of a variety of play equipment and a triple-layered water fountain.

A trek to Ridge Point

A trek to Ridge Point:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://nativeplanet.com

With a breathtaking view of the magnificent city of Digboi, the Ridge Point is a significant tourist spot, located near the town. You can catch a bird’s eye view of the city as also enjoy a picturesque sight of the snow-capped valleys of Eastern Himalayas. One can feel the British presence all over the town as well as enjoy the pleasant weather and clear skies, especially during winters.

Dehing Patkai Tea Festival

Dehing Patkai Tea Festival:  Things To Do In Digboi
Photograph by https://seasa-aude.com

Named after the foggy valleys of Patkai and the mesmerizing river Dehing, the Dehing Patkai Tea Festival is organized each year by the state government giving its visitors an opportunity to witness life on the hills with a food fest, guided heritage tour of the tea plantations, craft fairs, varied programs focused on the cultural and traditional side of the region, folk dances and more! Some other interesting events include a tour of the wilderness, golf games, and sightseeing trips.

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