Majuli island
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Things To Do In Majuli island

Planning A Trip To Majuli island? Here's our list of top things to do in Majuli island

The pristine unadulterated beauty of Majuli is unparalleled. The blue waters of the river, the greenery, the magical boat rides, the ethereal sunsets and the peace and tranquillity that reign supreme on this island capture the imagination of one and all. It is the time to be one with nature and rediscover one’s own self. Apart from being mesmerised by the surroundings, there are a handful of things one can indulge in once on Majuli island.

Visit Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra

Visit Sri Sri Dakhinpat Satra:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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The Dakhinpat Satra is the ultimate destination for those seeking peace and serenity. It draws hundreds and thousands of devotees every year from all over the globe. This Satra is an ornamental gateway, which has motifs of animals and flowers engraved all over it. Dating back to 1584 the Satra worships Mahaprabhu Jadavarai. Raasleela is celebrated with much pomp and show here every year on the full moon day in November and is considered as the National festival of Assam. One should visit the Satra even if only for the journey. The journey through the countryside flanked by lakes with water hyacinths and boats floating on them is a sight to behold.

Watch the Mesmerising Sunset

Watch the Mesmerising Sunset:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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There are very few moments that truly have the ability to take our breath away. And these are the moments to live for and those memories to nurture for a lifetime. One such moment is watching the sun setting over the mighty Brahmaputra, cuddling up into a golden ball and bathing the surroundings in it golden hues. The boatmen sailing back home in their boats at the end of the day’s work enhances the beauty of the sight that greets the spectators. They are mesmerised by the vision, by the performance of nature and its elements. All one can do is soak in this incredible beauty.

Stroll through Villages

Stroll through Villages:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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A number of pretty villages dot the island of Majuli. These villages are as beautiful and picturesque as Majuli itself. The best way to soak in the calmness and explore these villages is by taking a leisurely stroll through them. One of the most popular villages is Mishing Village. You can visit the people here and spend some time understanding their culture and learning their music and dance. It is perhaps the best way to understand Majuli.

Explore Pathorichuk Village

Explore Pathorichuk Village:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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Another prominent village of Majuli is Pathorichuk. The journey to this village is quite an expedition. You will have to cross three wooden bamboo bridges and even take a boat ride on traditional countryside boats. It is quite an experience, riding on these small boats. Life is all about the journey!

Spend Time at Samaguri Satra

Spend Time at Samaguri Satra:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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An interesting place, Samaguri Satra is the hub of mask makers. These people are exceptionally talented in making amazing masks using raw materials like dried cow dung and bamboos. These masks are in high demand as they are used while staging dramas like Bhawna. Each mask depicts a particular character. It is interesting to visit the workshop and see the craftsmen at work.

Take a Ride on a Country Boat

Take a Ride on a Country Boat:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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Country boats are extremely popular in Majul. Being a river island, these boats are the lifeline of the people. And for the tourists, it is the ideal way to explore the vicinity of the island and also get a flavour of country boats. Sailing down the Brahmaputra in a small country boat in complete abandon, soaking in the tranquillity of the surroundings, enjoying the breathtaking natural beauty all around is what making memories is all about.

Tasting Local Cuisine

Tasting Local Cuisine:  Things To Do In Majuli island
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Majuli does not boast of exotic restaurants but there is no dearth of exotic dishes. Visiting Majuli without tasting tribal cuisine is unthinkable. Roasted chicken in stick (chicken khorika), fish baked in banana leaf (pattot dia mas), sticky rice, fish curry with OoTenga fruit (Oo Tanga Mas jul)... the list is endless. To accompany these lip-smacking delicacies is their very popular local rice beer that is also known as Apong. 

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