Umananda Island
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Things To Do In Umananda Island

Planning A Trip To Umananda Island? Here's our list of top things to do in Umananda Island

In the midst of the majestic Brahmaputra River lies the beautiful Umananda Island, one of the smallest populated river islands in Guwahati, also known as the Peacock Island, owing to its shape. Renowned for its temple that was built in honor of Lord Shiva, you’d require a ferry to get to the island or to the temple. The Island’s large and adept to support the reducing number of primate species, chiefly the Golden Langurs. From 13, they’ve reduced to just 5 now and otherwise hostile, the primates have adapted to humans, more so to the tourists. Here’s a snapshot of things you can do in and around the Umananda Island.

Rock Climbing – Assam Zoo

Rock Climbing – Assam Zoo:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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Situated about 6km from Peacock Island, the Assam Zoo is an excellent place to explore artificial rock climbing, one of a kind and exciting experience. With an hour of this adventurous activity, you can not only test your physical strength but also revel in the scenic and beautiful areas neighbouring the zoo. To commence the rock climbing, you’d assemble at the Memorial Rock Garden, before you move up ahead to the natural rock at the Assam State Zoo. Post breakfast, you can begin climbing post a safety brief and continue up until lunch, after which you can resume again.

Amsoi Waterfall Rappelling

Amsoi Waterfall Rappelling:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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A medium-sized village that’s situated in Nagaon District, about 95km from Umananda Island, Amsoi is a captivating waterfall, surrounded by dense forests, and has cascades of water gushing down into a pool, crossing a number of rocky outcrops. An ideal sight for some exciting and thrilling water rappelling, the sport requires you to come down through the waterfall. You can continue enjoying the picturesque beauty around you and also look up some other places of interest close by, including the Kholakat Reserve Forest, Sita Jakhala, Deosal and Mayang.

Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Khetra Memorial

Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Khetra Memorial:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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Built to honor the memory of one of the best singers in Indian history and an Assamese Legend, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Samadhi Kshetra Memorial is located near the Guwahati University. Comprising a dome with a library, an auditorium and a life-size sculpture of Dr. Hazarika, the museum also has a microphone-pen styled statue. The museum displays the different phases of his life and musical journey, in addition to his compositions.


Joomering:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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If you’re a mountaineering enthusiast, then don’t miss out on exploring this adventure sport called Joomering, using a rope and a clamp to ascend from a mountain or treetop, which is as exciting as it is challenging. With qualified and trained instructors, you’ll be supported by proper and effective safety measures when joomering. The activity’s perfect for all kinds of group, individual, couple and family gatherings.

Elephant Rides

Elephant Rides:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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One of the most popular tourist activities in this part of the world is taking an elephant ride, which not only introduces you to the best views of the dense jungles but also helps you explore every nook and cranny, which may otherwise be difficult. As you ride atop the majestic and Giant Gentler, expect to be captivated with wildlife encounters like never before and get some amazing clicks, with experienced tour guides who know every inch of the jungle and the mighty Elephants.

Water Zorbing

Water Zorbing:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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Experience Zorbing, where you roll down a hill or across a water pool, all the while being dry in the safety of a giant bubble. With able and qualified instructors to guide you, you’re secured within a translucent ball before the activity commences and then rolled on the water surface for about 15 minutes or so. Zorbing is a particular favorite among the kids and one of the most thrilling experiences during a holiday!

Guwahati Dinner Cruise

Guwahati Dinner Cruise:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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Experience taking a sunset cruise on the gorgeous Brahmaputra River with live performances on deck, classical Assamese dances, colorful costumes and props and live band, not to forget scrumptious food and welcome drinks. This one hour cruise gives you a spectacular sunset view and picturesque views along the riverside with incredible photo opportunities of the encompassing landscapes, wildlife, flora and birds.

Garbhanga Reserve

Garbhanga Reserve:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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One of the largest forest reserves spanning over 1880 hectares on the foothills of Meghalaya, the Garbhanga Forest Reserve is a beautiful landscape brimming with tribal villages with over 1,400 people, thriving solely on agriculture as their means of livelihood. This is one of the best places to enjoy and experience flora and fauna, especially the numerous species of butterflies, which ranks the reserve at the 7th position across the world and is also an ideal place to indulge in trekking activities. Along the way, you will find a small waterfall as well.

The Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival

The Brahmaputra Pushkaram Festival:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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A 12-day mega-festival celebrated by the glorious Brahmaputra Riverside, the Brahmaputra Pushkaram is one of the second largest festivals celebrated in Assam after Namami Brahmaputra, in which a fair’s held on the ghat with over 50,000 Hindu sages and monks visiting from outside the state and over 3 lakh people from across the country coming especially to attend the festival. A festival of rivers, it celebrates the 12 significant tributaries in the country and is usually celebrated once in every 12 years for each river. 

Shankardev Park

Shankardev Park:  Things To Do In Umananda Island
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Usually known as the Kalakshetra, the Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra is a cultural facility that includes a cultural museum housing varied cultural displays, a library, showcases ethnic and artistic performances, houses a children’s and a heritage park as well. Built-in 1990, the park also has a cable car to ease the commute of visitors within the premise. The museum in-house offers a close representation of the Assamese culture in addition to providing beautiful and scenic views of the neighboring hills in the Shillong Plateau.

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