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Things To Do In Jatinga

Planning A Trip To Jatinga? Here's our list of top things to do in Jatinga

Usually known as the Valley of Death for Birds, Jatinga’s a small village in Assam’s Dima Hasao District. Encompassed by scenic beauty, the popular mystery behind the death of bird species here is what makes Jatinda a tourist attraction. Over the last century or so, numerous birds have died over this small land strip, unexplained, despite extensive research by the country’s top birdwatchers. Every year, typically in September and October, specifically on dark, moonless nights, nearly 44 bird species get disturbed in between the hours of 6-9.30 pm, become unsettled and plunge down towards the city lights and torches. Usually, it is the villagers who kill the birds, in the belief that the spirits are flying about in a bid to scare them, and hence beat the birds to their death with bamboo poles.


Spooky, isn't it? If you are already hooked on to this place then here’s a variety of things to do in and around Jatinga.

Jatinga Bird Observatory

Jatinga Bird Observatory:  Things To Do In Jatinga
Photograph by https://experiencenortheastindia.com

Situated about 57km from the city, is the Jatinga Bird Observatory that’s a gorgeous place to visit, especially in the months of November through February, when it is home to different bird species both local and migratory. The bird species include pond herons, black bitterns, kingfishers, tiger bitterns and more. The site is much renowned and virtually a scenic paradise, especially during the winter months and also has gorgeous views of the Assamese mountain ranges.

Picnic at the Haflong Lake

Picnic at the Haflong Lake:  Things To Do In Jatinga
Photograph by https://tripnetra.com

About 15 minutes from Jatinga, there’s a lovely place for spending some quiet time in self-reflection and simply to enjoy the scenic views in the area, the Haflong Lake, which is located in the heart of the city. Besides other picturesque lakes in Assam, Haflong’s one of the most popular and frequented lakes in the state that provides a variety of outdoor activities. Here, you can indulge in a day-long picnic, explore some leisure water sports activities and boating as well. If you enjoy fishing, then feel free to explore angling and allow yourself some solace by the lakeside. The lake is one of the most incredible tourist attractions in the area with a Hanging Bridge Overpass.

Trekking to the Hempeupet Summit

Trekking to the Hempeupet Summit:  Things To Do In Jatinga
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About 4 km from Jatinga, is the Hempeupet Summit, where the sunrise is comparatively better as a natural marvel when compared to the rising sun from the Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. Located at nearly 6,000 ft above the sea’s level, the peak serves as a backdrop for an exotic trail in the North Cachar Hills, for trekking in the Borail mountain range. A steam safari will take you into a local village to experience the ethnic tribe’s daily lifestyle and their culture.

Jatinga International Festival

Jatinga International Festival:  Things To Do In Jatinga
Photograph by https://nenow.in

An event that is organized thrice a year, the Jatinga International Festival is planned and executed every year to support Jatinga’s development, attracting tourists from far and wide. The festival, in addition to being a musical event, is hosted also to promote tourism in the region and also appeal to the local populace to defer from bird hunting in lieu of their superstitious beliefs. An assortment of ethnic dance, music and rock concerts, also attracts many celebrated artists to join in the festivities every now and then.

Enjoy nature and adventure at Haflong

Enjoy nature and adventure at Haflong:  Things To Do In Jatinga
Photograph by http://jnrglobetrotters.com

Encompassed by mother Nature, at nearly 2,300 ft above the sea level, Haflong is the only hill station in Assam’s Dima Hasao District which not only provides beautiful and panoramic views of lush green landscapes but also misty hills and a host of adventurous activities. Also called the land of blue hills, Haflong is brimming with water streams, greenery, rivers and cascades owing to its natural beauty and nearly 2 lakh plus varieties of flowers. One can explore and indulge in an assortment of trekking, para-gliding and gliding sports and boating rides.

Cultural Events

Cultural Events:  Things To Do In Jatinga
Photograph by https://www.assamtimes.org

Situated closely to Jatinga, the Haflong Town’s considered a blessed spot with an abundance of nature and lush greenery, with many attractions that make visiting here a memorable and exciting experience. From visiting a number of water cascades after a fair amount of trekking to visiting the area and witnessing the life and daily chores of the various Assamese tribes in the region, the town is abundant with cultural and traditional activities with the locals extending warm and welcoming hospitality towards their visitors. In the Dima Hasao District itself, there are a number of local communities inhabiting the region, who also celebrate numerous festivals inclusive of music and dance to express their joy and celebratory fervor. These festivals include Bushu, festivals with agricultural relevance and other social causes like Nchang-bambe, Siami, Helei-bambe and more!

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