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Mon Tourism And Travel Guide

Planning A Trip To Mon? Here's a detailed Mon tourism and travel guide to help you plan a memorable holiday
Current Temperature:
21.7° C / 71° F
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Best Months To Visit:
November to February
Recommended Duration:
1 to 2 Days
Nearest Airport:
Dibrugarh (133 kms)
Nearest Railway Station:
Jorhat Railway Station (145 kms)

Located 357 km from the capital city of Kohima in the northeastern state of Nagaland is the peaceful and serene district of Mon. Far from the madding crowd nestled in the lap of nature and surrounded by gorgeous landscape and natural beauty Mon is one of the most unique yet charming tourist destinations in the state. It has an identity of its own that is distinct from the rest of the districts. Here is a snippet of travel guide to see in the district.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Mon Tourism And Travel Guide
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By Air: 

For air connectivity, Mon has to depend upon Dimapur Airport in Nagaland. The airports closest to Mon, however, are in Assam, namely the Jorhat Airport and Dibrugarh Airport located 154 km and 133 km respectively from the Naga district of Mon. from these airports, tourists can take a bus or hire a car or cab to reach their destination. The airports are well connected by regular flights with different parts of the country.


By Rail:

In Nagaland, the sole railhead is in Dimapur which is located 260km from Mon but the nearest railway station is in Jorhat in Assam which is about 145 km away from the Naga district. Tourists can take trains to either of these stations and then take a bus or cab to reach their destination. There are a fair number of trains traveling to these two stations.


By Road:

With no airport or railway station in the vicinity, Mon is completely connected by a network of roads. Roadways are the lifeline of the entire state and Mon is no exception. There is a network of national highways that help to keep these far-flung areas connected to the major cities and towns. Nagaland State Transport buses operate regular operations to ferry people to and from Mon. cabs and private taxis are also widely used.


Getting Around: 

Mon is a peaceful and small town and district and for local sightseeing exploration on foot is perfect. For more distant places rental cars and cabs are also available. Buses can be used for visiting nearby districts and towns. Bikes are also popular among tourists.

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Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Mon Tourism And Travel Guide
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Summer (March to April): 

Summer in Mon that is spread out across March and April is actually pleasant and comfortable. It is neither too hot nor humid which makes it perfect for planning outdoor activities and for sightseeing. It is a recommended time for visiting Mon.


Monsoon (May to September):

Monsoon in Mon is long-drawn. Starting from April, the rains continue through September and the region experience moderate to torrential showers that create much chaos in the day to day functioning. There are frequent landslides and mudslides that badly affect commuting as roadways are the only mode of transportation in the region. Monsoon is best avoided in Mon.


Winter (October to February):

November to February is the winter season in Mon and also the driest months. The skies clear up, the weather is pleasant and cool and there is no humidity. It is perfect for undertaking treks, hikes and nature walk. Sightseeing is a pleasant and comfortable experience and the chill is extremely enjoyable.

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Mon Tourism And Travel Guide
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Experience Konyak tribal Life:

Mon is inhabited primarily by the Konyak tribal people and a visit to Mon is an opportunity to learn more about these people, their lifestyle, customs and way of life. They are considered the last of the headhunters of Nagaland as they indulged in the ancient practice of headhunting. They take immense pride in the number of heads they have hunted and these ‘heads’ of animals and humans are often found adorning the walls of their houses.


Experience Aoling Festival:

Aoling Festival is the festival of the Konyak tribe that is a week-long celebration held in the first week of April. It is a celebration of the arrival of spring and is accompanied by prayers for a good upcoming harvest. There is a lot of merriment, dancing, singing, and feasting that is associated with the festival. Tourists visiting Mon in the first week of April must witness these festivities which throw light on the lives of the tribal people.


Trek to Veda Peak: 

Veda peak also known as Pak Koi is the highest peak in the region and is a popular trekking trail for enthusiastic trekkers. A trek to the top of the peak is a fascinating experience as along the way the trekkers are treated to some beautiful scenic beauty. From the top of the peak, they can get a panoramic view of the gorgeous landscape and also of Myanmar. The trek is worth every effort and time.


Explore Local Art and Craft:

The Konyak tribal people are known for their artistic skill and craftsmanship. There are beautiful specimens of woodcarvings, beaded pieces of jewelry and headgears made of feathers in the villages. Tourists can get a peek into their handiwork and how they are made. There is also a jewelry museum in Chenloisho Village where different types of ornaments found in the region are displayed.

Eating in Mon

Eating in Mon:  Mon Tourism And Travel Guide
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Tourists looking for restaurants and branded eateries will be disappointed in the simple tribal villages covered with thick foliage. For food one will have to depend upon roadside eateries or home-cooked meals and will have to be content with local cuisine. Sticky rice, noodles, and momos are delicious and a must-try. While non-vegetarians get to feast on dishes of fried pork, bamboo steamed fish and much more, vegetarians might find it difficult to get hold of pure vegetarian dishes.

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