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Things To Do In Mon

Planning A Trip To Mon? Here's our list of top things to do in Mon

If you are searching for peace and serenity far from the bustling crowd of city life, Mon in Nagaland is the perfect destination for you. Surrounded by deep foliage of nature, mountain ranges in the backdrop and beautiful tribal villages, Mon is truly gorgeous. It is a unique tourist destination in many ways and that gives Mon an identity and character of its own that is distinct from the rest of the state. There are a number of interesting things for tourists to do during their brief visit to the place.

Get a Taste of Konyak Tribal Life

Get a Taste of Konyak Tribal Life:  Things To Do In Mon
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Mon is primarily inhabited by the Konyak tribes who have carefully preserved their ancient cultural heritage, traditions, and customs. A visit to tribal villages in Mon gives tourists a flavor of the tribal way of life, their celebrations, struggles, and festivals. It is also an opportunity to interact with the tribe who are the last headhunters of Nagaland. This is an ancient practice of headhunting carried out by Konyak warriors with tattoos adorning their bodies. They take pride in the number of heads they have hunted and you may come across human skulls, elephant tasks or hornbill beaks displayed as trophies in the homes of these people.

Explore Local Work of Arts

Explore Local Work of Arts:  Things To Do In Mon
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Konyak tribal people are extremely skilled and talented craftsmen and artisans. Tourists will come across woodcarvings, headgears made with feathers and beaded pieces of jewelry here that are beautiful In Chenloisho Village there is a museum which displays different types of ornaments that are found in the region and it is interesting to see the jewelry designs and patterns that are popular among tribal men and women.

Visit a Village through which International Border Passes

Visit a Village through which International Border Passes:  Things To Do In Mon
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Longwa is the largest village in Mon and a very interesting place to be. It is the village through which the international Indo-Myanmar border passes dividing the village into two halves. One half lies in India and the other in Myanmar. The local people enjoy dual citizenship and visa is not required to venture into the Myanmar side. Tourists can come across houses where the kitchen may be located in Myanmar while the bedroom lies in India.

Trek to Veda Peak

Trek to Veda Peak:  Things To Do In Mon
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Veda Peak is among the highest peaks in the surrounding area and is located in the district of Mon in Nagaland. The peak is also known by the name of Pak Koi and is a popular trekking destination for enthusiastic trekkers. The trek to the top of the peak is a stunning experience and once the trekkers reach the top they are treated to a gorgeous panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. It is worth the time and effort.

Visit during Aoling Festival

Visit during Aoling Festival:  Things To Do In Mon
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Celebrated in the first week of April in the district of Mon, Aoling is a festival of the Konyak tribes. Mon is the best place to witness Aoling Festival. It is a celebration of the arrival of the spring season and is held in anticipation of a good upcoming harvest. The festival in the first week of April also coincides with the start of Konyak New Year. The celebrations continue for a week and are organized by the Konyak tribe only. It is marked by dancing, singing and feasting.

Eating in Mon

Eating in Mon:  Things To Do In Mon
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A beautiful tribal district located in nature is not a place for fine dining restaurants or luxurious hotels. Food is limited to local cuisine only and you can get an authentic flavor of noodles and momos. Sticky rice is very popular here and must be tasted. For vegetarians it can be a tough place as finding purely vegetarians dishes is difficult. Non-vegetarians can happily gorge on bamboo-steamed fish, dried pork and a special beverage of rice beer.

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