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Things To Do In Kohima

Planning A Trip To Kohima? Here's our list of top things to do in Kohima

The northeastern state of Nagaland which shares its borders with Myanmar is one of the Seven Sister States of India that are located in the far eastern part of the country. Kohima in Nagaland is the capital of the state, which though has no airport or railway station, offers a plethora of attractions to the visiting tourists. It has a number of beautiful locales, spots, charming pristine villages, memorials and museums which are worth a visit during your stay in the city. As it is a dreamy little city, there are few activities that tourists can indulge in.

Visit Kohima War Cemetery

Visit Kohima War Cemetery:  Things To Do In Kohima
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This constitutes one of the primary attractions in the city. During WWII Kohima became the battleground of an intensely fought battle between the British Allied forces and the Japanese troops of the Axis powers. The battle which continued for a number of weeks saw the loss of a considerable number of lives among British and Indian soldiers who fought on behalf of the British Empire. The war cemetery house more than 1400 burials and a war memorial was built in memory of the Hindu and Sikh soldiers who were martyred in the battle. 

Head to Khonoma Village

Head to Khonoma Village:  Things To Do In Kohima
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Khonoma Village is the home of the warrior tribe Angami Nagas. The village is divided into three sections and each of them is in charge of protecting and preserving their own territory. This is the last remaining village which witnessed a tussle between the British and the Nagas and which resulted in the defeat of the latter. Today it holds the distinction of being the First Green Village of India. The tribal people have banned all forms of hunting to create a more sustainable ecosystem. It is a great place to visit to witness the tribal way of life.

Trek to Mt Japfu

Trek to Mt Japfu:  Things To Do In Kohima
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Located approximately 25 km from Kohima is the second highest peak of Nagaland Mt. Japfu. The peak can be accessed via the village of Kigwama and enthusiasts can trek up to the peak. Guides can be hired to trek the summit and it is quite a strenuous and demanding trail. The trail passes through thick rainforests and also involves some amount of rock climbing as well. From the peak trekkers are treated to a stunning and gorgeous panoramic view of the Dzukou Valley which is popularly referred to as the Valley Of Flowers. It is a must visit destination for tourists.

Stroll Along Shilloi Lake

Stroll Along Shilloi Lake:  Things To Do In Kohima
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Shilloi Lake is located few kilometers from Kohima and is a beautiful foot-shaped lake located at the foothills of the gorgeous Patkai range of Nagaland. Surrounded by valleys on all sides, the lake sits pretty offering a stunning locale for tourists and picnickers. Considered holy by the people of Latsum Village the lake is not used for fishing, drinking or for irrigation purposes. The quiet, serene and picturesque ambiance of the lake is perfect for spending some relaxed time.

Visit the Naga Heritage Village

Visit the Naga Heritage Village:  Things To Do In Kohima
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The Naga Heritage Village or Kisama Heritage Village is a major attraction in Kohima and has a large number of people visiting the village each year. The village has beautiful houses built in traditional Naga style and is rich in cultural activities. There are 16 houses that are built symbolic of the 16 different communities who reside here. There is a large stadium here where festivals are celebrated including the very famous Hornbill Festival of the tribal people.

Take a Taste of World’s Hottest Chilli

Take a Taste of World’s Hottest Chilli:  Things To Do In Kohima
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Take a bite into the world’s hottest chili popularly referred to as Bhut jolokia. It is also known as ghost chili pepper or ghost chili. It is cultivated here on a large scale in the northeastern states of the country and is widely used in local cuisines and food preparation. The chili is used not only in food but also applied on fences and as smoke bombs to help keep wild elephants at bay. Being extremely hot, judicious use of chili is recommended.

Eating in Kohima

Eating in Kohima:  Things To Do In Kohima
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In Kohima tourists will find the right mix of traditional Nagaland cuisine as well as Chinese and Continental food. They have on offer flattering choices for vegetarians as well though the local people are primarily non-vegetarians. Local cuisine is delicious, spicy, flavorful and colorful. The non-vegetarian dishes are pretty adventurous. Pork, mutton, beef, chicken and a variety of jungle animals are eaten here and feature prominently in the food preparations. Bamboo shoots and ginger are used widely in the local dishes. Locally brewed rice beer is consumed widely.


Shopping:  Things To Do In Kohima
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Kohima may not be the hub of expensive items but nevertheless offers a variety of products that tourists can take back home as souvenirs of the trip. Basketry, woodcraft, metalwork, pottery, woven crafts, beadwork, jewelry, etc. are readily available and they boast of exquisite craftsmanship. Simple yet beautiful these items make very good gifting options. Mao Market, Naga Bazaar, Tibetan market, Central Market, Wholesale Market, handicraft and handloom emporiums, the market, Ruzaphema market are popular shopping centers in Kohima that are frequented by tourists.

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