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Things To Do In Dimapur

Planning A Trip To Dimapur? Here's our list of top things to do in Dimapur

Inaugurated as the eighth district of Nagaland, Dimapur today is the fastest growing city and district of the state. A political and economic hub, Dimapur is referred to as the gateway of Nagaland and Manipur. Dimapur city serves as the headquarter of the district and all different communities that inhabit the state have congregated here to give it a distinct character of its own. Blessed with a moderate climate and excellent connectivity, Dimapur has emerged as a popular tourist destination. There are a number of things to do for tourists while they are in the city. 

Trip to Triple Falls

Trip to Triple Falls:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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The biggest tourist attraction in the city for tourists is the Triple Falls. There are three waterfalls that come cascading down from a height of 280 feet and merge together at the bottom creating a pool. The falls is located in Seithekima village, a few km from Dimapur. The waterfalls are surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and offer a great opportunity for photography. Many tourists love to take dip in the pool. The best time to visit the falls is during monsoon as the rains increase the speed and width of the falls.

Visit Crafts Village in Diezephe

Visit Crafts Village in Diezephe:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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Diezephe is a crafts village that is located about 13 km from Dimapur. The village has attained a popularity for the excellent works of art found here. It is the home to skilled and talented craftsmen, artisans and weavers who weave magic with their craftsmanship. Tourists can find brilliant specimens of woodcarving and bamboo and woodwork here. It is an opportunity to see the men at work who are responsible for keeping the traditional arts alive. They can also pick up some items to carry back as souvenirs of the trip to Dimapur and Diezephe.

Spend Time in Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Spend Time in Rangapahar Reserve Forest:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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For nature, animal and bird lovers, a quick trip to the Rangapahar Reserve forest is certainly worth the effort. It is known for its rich flora, fauna and medicinal plants that are found aplenty here. They are extensively used to prepare medicines. Bird lovers will be excited to know that another of species of birds are found here and presents an opportunity to watch them in action or indulge in photography. The forest is also home to a number of animals like bear, chital, deer, etc. and some animals which are on the verge of extinction today.

A Tryst with History

A Tryst with History:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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If you want to get a flavor of old times and turn back pages of history, tourists can plan a trip to Kachari ruins. These are ruins that are scattered over a large area dating back to the 11th or 12th centuries. There are a number of mushroom dome-shaped pillars and one is not very clear about what they are. Some believe that they are remnants of temples while others believe that these pillars were used to play chess here. They are beautiful to look at but unfortunately have not been preserved well. Most of the pillars have crumbled down.

Get Bird’s Eye View

Get Bird’s Eye View:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the district of Dimapur then make a quick trip to Chumukedima. It is a town located 14 km from Dimapur city which is located at the foothills of the Naga Hills close to NH 39. Today it is popular among tourists for offering a panoramic view of Dimapur as well as Karbi-Anglong District of Assam. It is a great place to hand out in for a while enjoying the view of the surrounding landscape and soaking in the calmness. There are a number of waterfalls located in and around the town which attracts tourists.

Visit to Nagaland Science Center

Visit to Nagaland Science Center:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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For science enthusiasts, young or old, Nagaland Science Center makes an interesting tourist stop. The science center uses simple and exciting ways to explain difficult science concepts to help create interest for science among the people. There is a Tata Mandal located within the premises where tourists can catch a glimpse of the night’s sky and spend time identifying planets and stars. There are three galleries in the science center, one for Our Sense, a Children corner and one dedicated to Fun Science. The center has a park where science exhibits are displayed for viewing by tourists.

Dimapur Cuisine

Dimapur Cuisine:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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No trip is complete without a taste of the local flavor. As a growing city and district, Dimapur presents loads of eating options for the tourists. Cuisines in Nagaland differ with the tribe but they often interchange. Dimapur offers an opportunity to get a taste of these different Naga dishes. Naga cuisine is distinct from the rest of the country in terms of flavor and ingredients used. They use exotic items like bamboo shoots, fermented soybean, dry fish etc. Meat features predominantly in Naga cuisine but they are also known to use a lot of exotic vegetables as well. Fish in bamboo, smoked pork, snail meat, are some of the popular dishes that you can experiment with in Dimapur. Alcohol, however, is banned here.

Shopping in Dimapur

Shopping in Dimapur:  Things To Do In Dimapur
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The appeal of any place increases manifolds when there is an opportunity to shop. This holds true particularly for shopping buffs who are always looking for an opportunity to go shopping. Dimapur will not disappoint them as shopping can be a unique experience here. From road-side stalls to high-end malls and showrooms, the city has it all. From branded stuff to local wares, buyers are spoilt for choice. Stylish clothes, the latest accessories, local crafts, tourists have an array of stuff goods to choose from. Keep some time aside for shopping and make most of your stay here.

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