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Dimapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dimapur

Planning A Trip To Dimapur? Here's a snapshot of Dimapur weather and the best time to visit Dimapur

Dimapur is one of the most important cities and districts in the state of Nagaland. The presence of the only civil airport and railway station in the state accounts for the prominence of Dimapur. Any tourists traveling to Nagaland by flight or rail have to make a stopover in Dimapur before heading off to other destinations by road. The city serves as a transit base for tourists and a quick tour of the area doesn’t hurt. It is an opportunity to explore the gateway of Nagaland and its impressive progressive developments in recent times. However before scheduling a trip it is always better to be informed about the weather conditions of Dimapur and the best time to visit.

Spring (March to May)

Spring (March to May):  Dimapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dimapur
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Spring is one of the best times for visiting Dimapur. March is one of the busiest months in terms of tourism as the weather remains pleasant with little humidity. The temperature remains moderate and it is neither too cold nor too hot. As months progress humidity and temperatures tend to rise but are fairly bearable. Rain is also common in the later months. Spring is a beautiful time to explore the richness and beauty of Dimapur and adjoining areas.

Summer (June to August)

Summer (June to August):  Dimapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dimapur
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Summer sets in a little late as compared to most parts of the country. Temperatures tend to soar accompanied by frequent showers which increase the humidity in the air. July and August are considered the warmest months while August is considered to be the most humid month. August is also one of the busiest tourist seasons in Dimapur and hence booking hotels in advance is recommended.

Monsoon (July to October)

Monsoon (July to October):  Dimapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dimapur
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Dimapur receives a fair amount of precipitation almost every month. Monsoon is accompanied by moderate to heavy showers which help to keep temperatures on the cooler side but contribute to the high level of moisture in the air. It is advisable to avoid monsoon for a trip to Dimapur as there are frequent landslide flooding and not a great time for sightseeing. The rains can also disrupt sightseeing plans and hence monsoon is best avoided. 

Winter (November to February)

Winter (November to February):  Dimapur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dimapur
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Winter in Dimapur is extremely pleasant and soothing. The slight chill in the air feels refreshing. November, December, and February are the dry months in Dimapur and if dry weather is what you are looking for then this is the ideal time for planning to trip to Dimapur. Temperature ranges between 13-18 degrees Celsius. The weather and climate are perfect for sightseeing and exploring the vicinities. 

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