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Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur

Planning A Trip To Dimapur? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Dimapur

Dimapur is a premier city of the northeastern state of Nagaland. Referred to as the gateway of Nagaland with the state’s only civil airport and railhead located here, Dimapur is critical to the survival of the state as they lend the much-needed access and connectivity with mainland India. It is also emerging as a political and economic hub of the state and one of the fastest-growing urban centers. Though it serves as a transit city for passengers, Dimapur offers a number of attractions to the tourists. Spend a day to soak in the beauty of Dimapur before heading off to other destinations in the state.

Triple Falls

Triple Falls:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.nativeplanet.com

This is one of the primary attractions of Dimapur. Located in Seithekima Village, a few kilometers from the city, there are three waterfalls that stream down from a massive 280 feet height through boulders and stones and create a gorgeous pool where they merge. Surrounded by stunning landscape, it is a must-visit destination for tourists. The gorgeous triple falls create a serene environment where people can spend some quality time close to Mother Nature. Many people even take a dip in the pool. For those interested in photography, this place offers a great opportunity to take some beautiful snaps. While the falls are visited throughout the year, monsoon is considered the best time as the speed and width of the Triple Falls increases with rain.

Kachari ruins

Kachari ruins:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

The Kachari ruins found in Dimapur date back to the Kachari civilization that ruled the region before Ahom invasion in 13th century AD. One will find a number of mushroom domed pillars scattered across the area. Most of the pillars have crumbled down while a few others continue to stand tall withstanding the test of time and nature. The presence and purpose of these pillars are not very clear to people. Some believe that they are remnants of temples while some believe that games of chess were played here using these pillars. Though a protected monumental site, not much has been done to preserve them.

Zoological Park

Zoological Park:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.tourmyindia.com

The Dimapur Zoological Park is located about 6 km from the main town. The park is located in a low lying area marked by a rolling plateau. The region is ideally suited for aquatic birds that thrive in these conditions. Inaugurated in 2008, the objective of the park is to preserve the flora and fauna of the region and emerge as a conservation center of the fauna of the northeastern region of the country and in particular of Nagaland. Creating awareness about the importance of preservation of their unique vegetation and flora is one of the primary goals of the park’s authorities.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Rangapahar Reserve Forest:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.hellotravel.com

Rangapahar Reserve Forest is popular for its wildlife and rich flora and fauna. It is believed to house some plants that are known for their medicinal value. They are used to prepare medicines. It is a great place for bird lovers and bird watchers. There are different species of birds which is good news for bird photographers as well. Apart from birds tourists can also detect animals like chital, deer, deer, bear and some endangered animals as well who are on the verge of extinction. Sprawled across an area of 49.4 acres of land the reserve park is a great destination for nature lovers.


Chumukedima:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.hellotravel.com

Located about 14 km from Dimapur district of Nagaland, Chumukedima is a town located close to NH 39 at the foothills of Naga Hills. During the British rule, Chumukedima served as the first district headquarters of the Naga Hills district. The village is popular among tourists as it gives a panoramic bird’s eye view of the entire district of Dimapur. There are also a number of waterfalls located in and around the region that attract tourists.

Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.ancient-origins.net

The Shiva Temple of Dimapur is extremely popular and is located in Singrijan village. Built in 1961 with the participation of neighborhood villagers, it is frequented by a fair number of devotees on a regular basis. Maha Shivratri is celebrated with much pomp and show and in a grand way by the people here. It is said to house Svayambhu Lingam. Though Christianity is the predominant religion in the state, the temple still enjoys immense popularity among the people.

Diezephe Village

Diezephe Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.lonelyplanet.com

This is a craft village located about 13 km from Dimapur town. It is a home to extremely skilled craftsmen and weavers who weave magic through their traditional arts. Nagaland Handlooms and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited assist the weaves with resources and support. The village is responsible for exporting craft to different states. The village is inhabited by Tenyimei Community who are known for their brilliant craftsmanship and excellence in woodcarving and bamboo and woodwork. Regular workshops are conducted by the handloom Corporation where weavers and craftsmen can learn about new technology and improved means of production. Tourists can pick up some stunning items as souvenirs of the trip.

Nagaland Science Center

Nagaland Science Center:  Tourist Places To Visit In Dimapur
Photograph by https://www.hellotravel.com

This is another interesting place in Dimapur that attracts interested tourists. The Nagaland Science Center is known for using exciting ways of explaining different concepts of science to people to enhance their interest and attract them to learn more. The center has three galleries dedicated to Our Senses, a Children Corner and Fun Science. There is also a Tara Mandal here with a dome to help tourists get a peek into the night’s sky and identify planets and stars. The center houses a science park where exhibits are displayed for the interest of the learners.

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