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Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung

Planning A Trip To Mokokchung? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the third most important urban hub in the state of Nagaland. The nerve center of Ao tribe, Mokokchung is economically and politically an important district and municipality that is continuously developing and growing. Apart from its administrative importance Mookokchung is a beautiful and charming town that has been drawing tourists in large numbers every year. It is known for its extravagant Moatsu, Tsungremong, Christmas and New Year Celebrations and makes winter the ideal season for exploring the town and its vicinities. Though it has no airport or railway station, Mokokchung is extremely well connected by roads with other cities, towns and neighboring states. Let us take a quick look at the best places for tourists to visit during their stay in the town.


Longkhum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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Located in Southwest Mukokchung, Longkhum is an Ao village located at an altitude of 1846 meters. Ao-Funemro is the highest altitude village in Longkhum and offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding towns and villages. Such is the beauty of Longkhum it is said that it captures your soul and you have to visit again and again to retrieve it. Ao people believe that Longkhum is the resting place of the departed souls on their journey to paradise. Today Longkhum holds the distinction of being the ‘Vegetable Capital’ of Nagaland because of its rich harvest and is a leading producer of tomatoes.

Ungma Village

Ungma Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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Ungma village is the second largest village in the state and the oldest of the Ao tribe are said to live here. As per the Ao people, their ancestors settled here first time after coming from their ancestral place in Chungliyimti. From here the Ao people then migrated to different places and set up their own villages. As the supposed birthplace of the Ao people in Nagaland, the tribal people have taken care to preserve the culture and tradition of their tribe. The two major festivals of Moatsu and Tsungremong of Ao people are celebrated with much pomp and show.

Langpangkong Caves

Langpangkong Caves:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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The Langpangkong caves are part of the Langpangkong mountain range and located near Changtongya and Tuli town of Mokokchung. As per legends, an Ahom king fled from Sivasagar and had taken refuge in one of these caves. The caves though lack aesthetic appeal nevertheless is one of the major attractions of Mokokchung and frequented by tourists. The caves can be explored with the help of a guide. Tourists can take cabs from Mokokchung to reach Langpangkong Caves or even trek up.

Molung Village

Molung Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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This is another Ao village located in the Jangpetkong range in the district of Mokokchung. It is believed that seeds of Christianity were planted here from where it spread to other parts of the Naga state. There is an old leechi tree found here which is believed to have been planted by the first American Missionary to the Naga Hills, Dr. E W Clark. From here tourists can visit Langpangkong caves and Mongsenyimti.

Chuchuyinlang Village

Chuchuyinlang Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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This is another gorgeous village in Mokokchung rolling in the lap of Mother Nature. It is the epitome of beauty and tourists can never have enough of its beauty. The village is also known for grand celebrations of various tribal festivals particularly the Moatsu Festival that is celebrated for 3 whole days commencing on May 1st. Noon-natives are not welcomed during Moatsu festival by most Aovillages but Chuchuyinlang is an exception as they invite people from neighboring Trans Dikhu clans. The village lies close to NH61 and is about 30 km from main Mokokchung town.

Mukokchung Museum

Mukokchung Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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The Mokokchung Museum is a must visit for anyone who wants to learn more about the Ao culture, customs, traditions and lifestyle. They tell a beautiful story of the Ao tribe and their history. It is recommended that before you start exploring the different tourist destinations of Mokokchung make a trip to the museum. This will help you understand the Ao people better. You will also learn about the differences between the Ao tribe and other tribes. There is a wide collection of artifacts, jewelries and traditional outfits displayed here for tourists.

Dikhu River

Dikhu River:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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One of the primary river of the state, Dikhu River flows through Mokokchung and other districts. The river provides the perfect hideout for the city-dwellers. It is peaceful and serene and the water pure and unpolluted. The river banks offer great picnic spots particularly during the winter season when the water recedes significantly. A stroll along the banks of the river can be a charming and healing experience. The river is also the source of water and fish for the people of Mokokchung. The water is also used for irrigation to facilitate cultivation.

Baptist Mother Church

Baptist Mother Church:  Tourist Places To Visit In Mokokchung
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This is one of the largest churches in Nagaland and also known as Ao Baptist Church or Mokokchung Church. There are estimated more than 15000 baptized followers of this church. Every Sunday large number of followers throngs the church for the mass to seek blessings. Also referred to as Mother Church, the church was built in 1937 by the followers of Christianity. Inaugurated in 1938 with only five registered followers it has 100% of the total population of Mokokchung who have been baptized in this church.

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