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Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima

Planning A Trip To Kohima? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kohima

Kohima, the capital of the northeastern state of Nagaland has a rich cultural heritage. The city came into prominence in 1878 when the British Empire set up headquarters of the then Naga Hills. Kohima boasts of pristine natural beauty and some tourist attractions that are worth a visit. A visit to Nagaland is incomplete without a visit to its capital city which saw one of the major skirmishes of WWII fought out between the British and Japanese forces. It brought the Great War of 1939 to the doorsteps of India and Kohima was the one to face the brunt. Let us take a quick look at some of the places to visit during your stay in the city.

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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During WWII the British soldiers of the Allied forces clashed with the Japanese troops of the Axis powers in Kohima and brought the war almost to the doorsteps of India. It was an intense hard-fought battle that saw the death of several British and Indian soldiers who fought for the British Empire. These soldiers were buried or cremated as per their religious customs in the city of Kohima. Later a War Cemetery was built as a memorial dedicated to the 2nd Division of Allied Forces who died here. The cemetery has 1420 Commonwealth burials while a memorial is dedicated to 917 Hindu and Sikh soldiers who were martyred.

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral

Mary Help of Christians Cathedral:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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The Cathedral of Kohima or the Mary Help of Christians Cathedral is the primary church in Nagaland. The church is well known for its architectural charm and also seeks to incorporate several features and elements of traditional Naga houses. It is located on top a hillock. There is a 16 feet high wooden crucifix which is also one of the largest crosses in Asia. The cathedral was constructed funded mostly by the Japanese people who wanted to construct a monument for Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Kohima in WWII.

Naga Heritage Village

Naga Heritage Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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Naga Heritage Village located in Kohima is also known as Kisama Heritage Village. It boasts of stunning scenic beauty and is located at the foothills of gorgeous evergreen hills.it is rich in tradition and cultural activities. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Kohima and has thousands of tourists visiting the village every year. There are traditionally built houses that follow Naga traditions. The village has 16 different houses that are symbolic of the 16 communities that reside here. There is a stadium where the very famous Hornbill Festival is celebrated by the tribal people.

Shilloi Lake

Shilloi Lake:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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Shilloi Lake is a beautiful lake with gorgeous surroundings. It is a foot-shaped lake located in the heart of Patkai range of Nagaland. It is surrounded by valleys on all sides. It is considered important and of much significance by the people of Latsum village who believe that the spirit of a holy child rests at the bottom of the lake. It is for this very reason that the lake is not used for fishing, drinking or for irrigation. The picturesque locale of the lake makes it a great picnic spot for tourists.

Touphema Village

Touphema Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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Atop a hillock, few kilometers from the city of Kohima lies the township of Touphema Village. It has been built by the local community who collaborated with the Tourism Department of Nagaland. The village is a collection of small huts which have been built keeping in mind the sensibilities of Naga culture and designs. The village is an attempt to give the tourists a taste living in Naga tribal house. It is a fascinating tribute to the lifestyle, customs and culture of the people of the state of Nagaland. Book the huts in advance to avoid disappointments.

Khonoma Village

Khonoma Village:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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The Khonoma Village is located 20 km from Kohima and a one-of-a-kind village in the country. It holds the tag of being the first Green Village of India. For a more sustainable ecosystem, all forms of hunting have been banned. It is a reflection of the will power of the tribal people who are committed to protect and conserve their natural habitat. These people have a long tradition of hunting as they have depended on nature for food. Despite this, they have shunned their old heritage for more sustainable living. It has brought traditional people together and is a great place to visit.

Kohima Zoo

Kohima Zoo:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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Kohima Zoo is one of the primary attractions in Kohima and is frequented by tourists. The zoo is a major attraction as it houses the rare species of bird, tragopan bird. It is considered to be the state bird of Nagaland. A wild buffalo known as Mithun is also found here. Golden langur is another species that is commonly found in this park. It is a great place or bird lovers and photographers. They can spend hours engaged in birding and photography. It is frequented by nature lovers and bird lovers. It is also great for camping and jungle safari. Tourists often throng this place for picnics.

Kohima State Museum

Kohima State Museum:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kohima
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For museum lovers, Kohima State Museum is a coveted destination. It is a great place for acquainting oneself with the traditions, culture, lifestyle, customs and history of the state and its people. There are artifacts displayed here that provide much-needed information about the sixteen tribes who reside in this state. Tourists can find dresses, gateposts, pieces of jewelry, inscriptions, and musical instruments, sculptures of animals and birds and ancestral weapons on display here. There is also a gallery exhibiting paintings of local artists which can be of much interest to art lovers.

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