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Dispur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dispur

Planning A Trip To Dispur? Here's a snapshot of Dispur weather and the best time to visit Dispur

The climate of Dispur witnesses warm summers and cool winters with occasional rainfall during winters that bring the temperature down by a few notches. With the monsoon season setting in June, the city experiences heavy rains and intense thunderstorms and it is best to avoid visiting the city then. Given the humidity level, the temperature’s usually hot for most parts of the year, with June to August being the warmest. One of the best times to visit Dispur is November through March when the weather’s pleasantly mild.

Spring (March-May)

Spring (March-May):  Dispur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dispur
Photograph by https://farm3.staticflickr.com

The combined levels of temperatures and humidity make spring in Dispur rather warm. With the maximum temperature at 33°C and the minimum at 29°C, it gets warmer during April and May. There are the usual occurrences of rains each month, varying from 3 to 12 days, making spring season the second busiest time for incoming tourist traffic and an opportune time for visitors to enjoy various activities and events in town.

Summer (June-August)

Summer (June-August):  Dispur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dispur
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Dispur’s summer season is one of the best times of the year to visit the city, as its mildly pleasant then. The period of June through August is warm with high temperatures, yet with comfortable weather. Rainfall is fairly significant with almost 11 to 15 days of rains every month, also slowing down tourism. Hence it is best to make advance reservations if you plan to travel to Dispur during this time.

Fall (September-November)

Fall (September-November):  Dispur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dispur
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The fall season is monsoon season in Dispur and the city receives intense and torrential rains during this time with chances of thunderstorms and landslides as well. It's best to avoid visiting the city during the monsoon season, as you won’t be able to enjoy sightseeing then. However, you’d be able to cash in on lucrative travel deals at this time in terms of flights and hotel stays.

Winter (December-February)

Winter (December-February):  Dispur Weather And Best Time To Visit Dispur
Photograph by https://upload.wikimedia.org

Winter’s extremely cold from December through February in Dispur and may not be really welcoming for those who enjoy traveling during warm weather conditions. With average temperatures oscillating at 29°C-23°C, it rains or snows at least once each month, slowing down tourism a great deal. The minimum temperature can reach as low as 5°C and this is not the best time to travel around Dispur.

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