Kannur (Cannanore)
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Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)

Planning A Trip To Kannur (Cannanore)? Here's our list of top things to do in Kannur (Cannanore)

Kannur is a serene coastal town located within the confines of God’s Own Country, Kerala. This city forms a stunning tourist vista, decorating the northern coastal rims of Kerala. During yesteryears, Kannur formed a crucial spice hub that generously facilitated international trade of spices. Colonial monarchs such as the British, the Portuguese, and the Dutch tried enforcing their rule over this spice city during that time. The loss of these monarchs is Kerala’s gain as they have left behind some scintillating fort areas in Kannur that can be explored by tourists.


In addition to visiting forts, tourists can also take a trip to a wildlife sanctuary to revel in the presence of nature’s beautiful creation, visit local cultural centers to experience the phenomenal culture that breeds within the city of Kannur, or spend precious time on Kannur’s gorgeous beaches. Read on to know more about some of the exciting things to partake in within the city of Kannur.

Majestic St. Angelo Fort

Majestic St. Angelo Fort:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.keralatourism.org

Situated along the coastal belt of the Arabian Sea, St. Angelo Fort is one of the prime centers of attraction in Kannur. The fort was raised in 1505 by the Portuguese Viceroy who exercised control at that time, Dom Francisco de Almeida. Like every other historical monument, St. Angelo Fort conceals within its confines intriguing fables of the spiteful colonial conflicts of yore. Behind the walls of this marvellous fort are located some interesting remains from colonial times, such as memorial grave markers of the warriors who were martyred during intrusions by enemies. The fort also boasts of soldier cantonments and an ancient chapel worth exploring. Located within touching distance of the Arabian Sea, St. Angelo Fort also exudes breathtaking sceneries for tourists who visit its territory.

Exploring Arakkal Museum

Exploring Arakkal Museum:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.deccanchronicle.com

The Arakkal Museum was brought into existence as a mark of respect for the Arakkal royal regime. The Kannur family were in authority during the 16th century. The museum has been constructed inside the famed Durbar Hall of the royal palace that this great dynasty resided at, Arakkalkettu. The Arakkal regime was the solitary Islamic royal dynasty to exercise control in Kerala. Arakkal Museum showcases fascinating artefacts that were affiliated to the ancient kings that once ruled Kannur city. Some of the captivating artefacts stored here include the royal Arakkal regime’s seal, ancient utensils, equipment, furniture, and ammunition.


The museum also houses a telescope and telephone that were utilized by the Arakkal regime during their time at the palace. These intricate features only add to Arakkal Museum’s reputation as a historian’s paradise.

Fascinating Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Fascinating Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.keralatourism.org

Muzhappilangad Beach is located around 7 km away from Thalassery in Kannur district of Kerala. This beach has been remarkably conferred with the honors of being the lengthiest drive-in beach in the whole of Asia. The coastal belt of this beach spans an incredible 5.5 km, offering tourists with a sumptuous drive along the seashore. It is truly enlightening to just sit atop some of the black rocks emerging from the sands and witness the glorious sunsets or sunrises that light up the sky. Tourists can also indulge in exciting adventure sports such as parasailing, micro light flights, and paragliding. The waters of Muzhappilangad Beach also enthrals visitors with their plethora of watersports on offer, including a catamaran ride and power boating.

Enchanting Parassinikkadavu Snake Park

Enchanting Parassinikkadavu Snake Park:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Located about 16 km away from Kannur, Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is an unusual parkland that only nurtures a variety of snake species. This park has been conserving some exotic species of venomous and non-venomous snakes to protect them from extinction.


In keeping with the usual nature of conservation parks, Parassinikkadavu also houses a few birds and reptiles that could thrill tourists on their tour of the park. Some of the spellbinding snake species that dwell within the park include King Cobras, Pythons, Kraits, and Vipers. These bewitching creatures are placed within glass containers. Tourists are blessed with opportunities to stay close-knit while the enchanting snakes gracefully slither inside their apartments. The park opens at 9 AM and closes at 5 PM, offering tourists ample time to explore its treasures.

Trekking through Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Trekking through Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.hillstationboss.com

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in 1984 and boasts of an extensive reserve of flora and fauna. Situated atop the elevated plains of the Western Ghats, this sanctuary presents tourists with engaging trekking prospects. While trekking their way through the impenetrable evergreen forests of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, tourists are sure to come across some exciting species of butterflies. The sanctuary fosters animal species such as deer, elephants, sambhar, gaurs, squirrels, and langurs. Tigers also reside in the interiors of these thick forests, however they are hard to spot. Tree plantations such as eucalyptus and cashew nuts are also found in abundance inside the forest terrain. With its exquisite collection of flora and fauna, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Enthralling Backwaters of Kavvayi Island

Enthralling Backwaters of Kavvayi Island:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

A trip to Kerala is unfinished if you haven’t ventured into its backwaters. As Kannur forms a part of this Land of Backwaters, it is blessed with its own appealing backwaters that are found encircling the quaint Kavvayi Islands. These backwaters have been formed thanks to the confluence of the River Kavvayi and its tributaries. Kavvayi’s backwaters form one of the most eye-catching destinations in the whole of Northern Kerala. They are accessible from the city of Payyannur through a tiny bridge that crosses over the Kavvayi River. Tourists can get atop a houseboat and explore each of the five islands that reside in the vicinity. The tranquil waters offer visitors with a peaceful experience. These boat rides also help tourists familiarise themselves with the uncomplicated lifestyle of the villagers.

Madayipara Hillock

Madayipara Hillock:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Madayipara is a small unexplored hill formed out of laterite soil. This tiny hummock preserves some remarkable species of flora within its periphery. These grasslands nurture hundreds of species of flowering plants, normal plantations and some exotic butterfly species. Tourists can interact with the villagers to know more about the splendid bio-diversity of Madayipara. Madayipara once formed the administrative fulcrum of the Ezhimala dynasty.


Tourists are bound to stumble upon ruins of the Pazhi Kotta fort, which is reminiscent of the imperial historic roots of Madayipara. Madayipara comes alive during the Madayi Kavu festival. A visit during this festival offers tourists with a vivid representation of the scenic hillock area. The refreshing aura of Madayipara’s natural charm is bound to bring solace to nature lovers.

Check out the Kerala Folklore Academy

Check out the Kerala Folklore Academy:  Things To Do In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

Inaugurated in 1995, Kerala Folklore Academy is an unconventional cultural center that encourages and nurtures conventional art forms of the state. Situated around 6 km to the north of Kannur district, this academy graces the banks of the gorgeous Chirakkal Lake. The Kerala Folklore Academy symbolizes ancient nalukettu architecture with its structural features. It is believed that the academy consists of a library that boasts of a whopping 1,000 editions based on the conventional folk arts of God’s Own Country.


The academy also houses a museum that showcases realistic models of a variety of Patayani and Theyyams along with prototypes of the musical instruments used by artists. The Kerala Folklore Academy offers tourists with intriguing insights into the folklore of Kerala. Along with catching a glimpse of the exuberant costumes of the artists, visitors can also witness them perform.

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