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Things To Do In Palakkad

Planning A Trip To Palakkad? Here's our list of top things to do in Palakkad

Resting amidst the blessed countryside of Kerala, Palakkad is a glittering city studded with enduring vistas. This town acquired its unique name from the endless line of Pala trees that once graced its landscapes. Back in the day, Palakkad was adorned by this stunning span of forest area gifted with aromatic flora of the Pala trees. This town offers great accessibility to those who wish to travel to parts of Northern Kerala. This gorgeous city holds within its confinements several exciting prospects for tourists, including many wonders like the Mayiladumpara Peacock Sanctuary, Nelliyampathy Hills, Fantasy Park tours, picnics by the Dhoni Waterfall and a trail through the Silent Valley National Park. One place, so many things to do; Palakkad is a delight through and through.


Visitors can either bask in the glory of Palakkad’s astonishing waterfalls or revel in the presence of the majestic wildlife and fauna that the sanctuaries in the area nurture. With a truckload of irrigation schemes being planned around Palakkad’s territory, this town is beautified by incredible dam areas that tourists can visit. Last but not least, the historic forts of Palakkad are also worth a stopover. Let us run through some of these invigorating things that tourists can partake in when on a tour of Palakkad.

Imperious Palakkad Fort

Imperious Palakkad Fort:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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Palakkad Fort holds great significance in the historical events of the town. Situated in the center of Palakkad city, this monumental fort was constructed in 1766 AD by Haider Ali. The eccentric structural design of the Hanuman Temple located within the fort’s campus area presents tourists with intriguing perspectives. Ascending from a small hillock, Palakkad Fort’s massive framework is believed to be a result of the efforts to improve connections with the neighboring city of Coimbatore. This fort has witnessed many epic battles during the reign of Tipu Sultan, the son of Haider Ali. In honor of the bravery of this martyr, Palakkad Fort is also referred to as Tipu’s Fort. Filled with abundant greenery around its enormous fort vicinity, Palakkad Fort is a must visit destination on a trip to this splendid town.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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The Parambikulam Tiger reserve is an exemplary sanctuary bustling with precious wildlife. This sanctuary has garnered a lot of attention for its attempts to safeguard the diminishing tiger species. The delightful reserve area comprises undulating hillocks and meandering rivers. This provides a marvelous backdrop that helps rare flora and fauna flourish within the sanctuary.


Enthralling animals such as the Bengal tigers, lion-tailed macaques, wild boars, Indian leopards, king cobra, sloths, flying lizards and Travancore kukri snake grace the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve with their presence. The center of attraction at the sanctuary however remains the ferocious tiger. Tourists can venture on treks through the jungle area or board a safari that helps them get up close and personal with the Royal Bengal Tiger. It is truly magnificent to spot these animals in full swing.

Invigorating Silent Valley National Park

Invigorating Silent Valley National Park:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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The Silent Valley National Park is an attractive reserve that boasts of flourishing greenery and alluring vistas throughout its enclave. The park’s vicinity spans a dominion of about 89 square km and extends into Kundali Hills, which are nestled within the furrows of the Western Ghats. Tourists can embark on exciting safaris through the rainforests of Silent Valley National Park to feast their eyes on the impressive animal and plant species that enrich these grasslands.


Several species that face extinction revel within the confines of this reserve, unscathed by the outlying humankind. Panthers, gaurs, sambars, lion-tailed macaques, elephants, wild pigs, and tigers are the pre-dominant species that throng the rainforests of the park. With elevated hillocks and a flurry of rivers that flow through its realms, this national park is set up against a unique backdrop. Visitors are sure to be enchanted by the natural charm of Silent Valley National Park.

Trekking through Dhoni Waterfalls

Trekking through Dhoni Waterfalls:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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Situated at a distance of 15 km from Palakkad, Dhoni Waterfalls is a sedate destination that holds peaceful prospects for tourists. An unchartered precious gem of Palakkad, these waterfalls and their surrounding natural beauty offer exciting trekking trips to those who wish to explore. The journey from the foot of Dhoni Hills to the waterfalls lasts for about three hours, including thrilling landscapes along the way. With its picturesque setting, these waterfalls form a perfect picnic site for families and friends alike. Tourists are free to climb up to the top of Dhoni Hills and spend time in the presence of the stunning overview of the waterfalls and dense jungles below. This is a pristine haven for nature enthusiasts who wish to saunter into the lush green jungles of Kerala.

A Tour of Fantasy Park

A Tour of Fantasy Park:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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Set about 10 km apart from Palakkad city, Fantasy Park is one of the most significant amusement parks in this city. The park is studded with excellent water rides, swimming pools, and entertainment activities that cater to both the elders and the children. Visitors can engage in different ventures, such as riding water tubes that fly in the face of gravity or catapult themselves from slides set up at dizzying heights. They can either nosedive from a mountain slide or soak up in a towering wave pool. Blessed with one of the highest wave pools in the state of Kerala, Fantasy Park offers the brave visitors with exhilarating experiences. Tourists can always indulge in some sumptuous food when hunger strikes. These intoxicating traits of the park attract visitors from all over the world on a regular basis.

Malampuzha Dam

Malampuzha Dam:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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Encircled by the Western Ghats, Malampuzha Dam forms the biggest reservoir in the whole of Kerala. Soaring to a height of about 355 feet, this dam cuts across the Malampuzha River. It boasts of a perfect amalgamation of earthen and masonry dam structure. With the potential to store around 8,000 sq. m of water within its gigantic reservoir, Malampuzha Dam forms a significant drinking water reserve for the neighboring towns. An interconnected system of two inland waterways help supply water to this reservoir. The sheer enormity of Malampuzha Dam and its brilliant structural prowess lure in hundreds of visitors. Tourists visit this dam area to bask in the glory of its greatness and the perfect natural aura surrounding it.

Magnificent Nelliyampathy Hills

Magnificent Nelliyampathy Hills:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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Nelliyampathy Hills form a part of the amazing hill station of Nelliyampathy. Graced by astonishing landscapes and refreshing foliage, this hill station earned the byname of “The Second Ooty”. Nelliyampathy is replenished by impenetrable forests, resplendent waterfalls, and enthralling trekking routes. Ancient folk tales believe that Goddess Sita and Lord Rama made use of Nelliyampathy as a residence when they set off on banishment for about 14 years. With a gorgeous waterfall surrounding its vicinity and plummeting from an incredible height of about 1,000 m, this location entices tourists throughout the year. Located within a distance of about 2 km from the central city of Palakkad, Nelliyampathy Hills form one of the most intriguing spots for tourism in the city.

Mayiladumpara Peacock Sanctuary

Mayiladumpara Peacock Sanctuary:  Things To Do In Palakkad
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A true bird watchers’ haven, Mayiladumpara Peacock Sanctuary hosts close to 2,000 species of graceful birds. One of these species is the National Bird of India, the Peacock, with the sanctuary breeding some 300 plus elegant peacocks. The Indian peacocks are gifted with sizeable and eye-catching feathers. Tourists throng the park during the day time to get a sight of these birds in motion. Fortunate tourists might even be able to experience these birds show off their famous peacock dance.


Spanning an expansive area of 500 hectares, Mayiladumpara Peacock Sanctuary boasts of picturesque grasslands and a relaxing aura. These exquisite features add to the sanctuary’s reputation as a bird watchers’ paradise. Operating in pin drop silence, photographers and nature enthusiasts could obtain wonderful pictures that can be cherished for years to come.

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