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How To Reach Palakkad

Planning A Trip To Palakkad? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Palakkad

Nestled along the northern coastal rims of the South Indian state of Kerala, Palakkad boasts of an overload of heavenly sceneries and alleviating temples. This town exudes a radiating atmosphere with its hazy hillocks and refreshing tropical jungles. All these traits remind of the fact that we have just entered God’s Own Country. Palakkad enjoys great connectivity to other parts of the country due to the wonderful network of airways, roadways and railways that lie within close proximity. An airplane can help tourists reach the areas adjacent to Palakkad in a jiffy, forming one of the quickest ways to reach this city. However, with its decent tracery of roadways and rail lines, those travelling by road and railways also experience pleasant commutation. Let us dive in and learn about these different routes that can be used to get to Palakkad.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Palakkad
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Palakkad does not possess an airport of its own. However, the Coimbatore Airport is located within touching distance of this town, separated by around 49 km from Palakkad. This airport relishes perfect connectivity to other major metropolitans of India. Cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata have flights plying to Coimbatore Airport on a constant basis. Once tourists make it to the airport, they are free to rent a taxi to Palakkad. Local taxis or private cabs offer luxurious rides to your desired spot in Palakkad. If travellers prefer inexpensive options, then the state buses that run internally also offer swift commutation.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Palakkad
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Palakkad has been blessed with two railway stations within its vicinity. The Palakkad Town railway station caters to trains commuting over the narrow gauge line. On the other hand, Palakkad Junction railway station provides convenient travel for the railway carriages that ply over the broad gauge line. Major cities of South India such as Ernakulam, Kollam, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Salem, and Kozhikode benefit from their connectivity to Palakkad Junction railway station. Palakkad Town railway line provides ample connectivity options to travel to and from cities such as Madurai, Dindigul, and Pollachi. The local autos that stand outside these railway stations offer easy accessibility for tourists. They can hop on to one of them once at the station.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Palakkad
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Vehicles that ply through roadways offer convenient accessibility options for tourists and the locals. The bus system that traverses through Palakkad has been an exemplary mode of commutation. The state government has maintained perfect connectivity between Palakkad and other major cities of Kerala through its buses. However, if tourists wish for comfortable travel, they can opt to travel in private buses. Cities such as Kochi, Coimbatore, and Kozhikode operate buses that travel in and out of Palakkad regularly. Tourists can also get on board local taxis and cabs to reach their desired destination once at a closer bus stand.

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