Kannur (Cannanore)
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How To Reach Kannur (Cannanore)

Planning A Trip To Kannur (Cannanore)? Here are some guidelines on how to reach Kannur (Cannanore)

Formerly known as Cannanore, Kannur is a place where Mother Nature’s magnanimity blossoms in the shape of tranquil rivers, secluded islands, imposing hillocks, vibrant foliage and immaculate sea waters. The various cultures that have stayed at this beautiful town over the ages have marked their remembrance in the form of majestic palaces, significant trade prowess, spiritual shrines and imperial forts. The State Government has done well to connect the outside world with Kannur through ample roadways and other forms of transport. The fastest way to reach Kannur still rests on the shoulders of airways. Although, for those who prefer commuting in the company of serene countryside, roadways and rail journeys are better options. Let us read on and discover how these different modes of transport fare on account of accessibility to Kannur.

By Air

By Air:  How To Reach Kannur (Cannanore)
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Kozhikode International Airport lies closest to Kannur district. Situated around 85 km away from the main city area, this airport operates flights that ply to other prime centers of the country, such as Mangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad on a regular basis. Along with its barrage of domestic flights, the Kozhikode International Airport also offers ample connecting flights to international hubs that lie within close quarters. There are many flights that ply to Gulf territories such as Bahrain, Dubai, and Doha. Once tourists reach this airport, they can hop onto the state-run bus services or hire a taxi or cab to make their way to the desired homestay.

By Rail

By Rail:  How To Reach Kannur (Cannanore)
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The Kannur Railway Station forms a part of one of the prime railway routes in the whole of Kerala. A number of trains run on a regular basis, connecting the town of Kannur to other metropolitan hubs of the country as well as major spots within Kerala, such as Alappuzha, Mysore, Ernakulam, Yeshwantpur, and Mangalore. Major express trains such as Kochuveli Express, Nizamuddin Express, New Delhi AC Express, Mangalore Express, and Madgaon Express ply through this route, offering excellent connectivity to Kannur. Tourists can make use of local auto rickshaws that are conveniently stationed outside the railway station. These autos will help reach your destination of choice with great comfort.

By Road

By Road:  How To Reach Kannur (Cannanore)
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A decent tracery of state highways provides Kannur with great connectivity to other prime cities in the vicinity. Kannur enjoys ample connectivity routes to the neighboring cities of Kasaragod and Kozhikode through NH 66. The KSRTC buses that ply in and out of Kannur offer great connectivity to cities such as Madikeri, Bengaluru, Thrissur, Ooty, Coimbatore, and Mysore. These buses are preferable for those who wish to traverse long distances. The roadways are always filled with awe-inspiring sceneries that entertain tourists along their journey.

Traversing within Kannur

Traversing within Kannur:  How To Reach Kannur (Cannanore)
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The roads of Kannur are always hustling and bustling with the local transport options. The internal bus system is easily accessible for travel and also offers backpackers with inexpensive means of commutation. If visitors are looking for low-cost travel and comfort, then the auto rickshaws that run through this city are perfectly equipped for such travel. A lot of cab drivers oblige and turn into tourist guides, showing visitors around this beautiful town. They do not shy away from sharing some inside info on the different places that you visit. If tourists wish to travel by themselves, they can always rent a car and experience the culture of the city on their own.

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