Kannur (Cannanore)
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Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)

Planning A Trip To Kannur (Cannanore)? Here's our list of top tourist places to visit in Kannur (Cannanore)

Popularly recognized as Cannanore, Kannur is an attractive district located in the northern hemisphere of Kerala. Infused with an exuberant culture and unique art forms originating from ancient Kerala, Kannur has quietly preserved some exquisite features of the colonial times. Colonial regimes such as the Portuguese, Mysore Emperors, British, and the Dutch have left their imperial mark on this quaint town. This place is studded with an exhilarating profusion of tourist alluring destinations. Tourists can pick and choose from stunning beaches like the Mappila Bay and Payyambalam beach, historic monuments like the Kanaur lighthouse, sacred temples, and entrancing picnic sites. Let us take a look at some of these tourist places that you must visit when in Kannur.

Kannur Lighthouse

Kannur Lighthouse:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Kannur Lighthouse is an imposing tower that soars as high as 75 ft. Initially constructed in 1903, this lighthouse has stood firm against the gushing waters of the Arabian Sea for more than a century. Kannur Lighthouse guides seafarers about approaching land territory through the light that shines from atop its balcony at dusk. Tourists are left awestruck by the magnificent backdrop that the Kannur Lighthouse is set against. The sky-scraping height of the tower offers tourists with an all-encompassing vision of the whole of Kannur. The lighthouse also presents a breathtaking overview of the surrounding beaches and the fathomless Arabian Sea. If the natural aura of Kannur Lighthouse fell short then its authentic history is bound to woo one and all.

Mappila Bay

Mappila Bay:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.justkerala.in

The Mappila Bay is a natural waterfront situated adjacent to St. Angelo Fort. An elevated barrier forming wall keeps apart the turbulent sea waters from the peaceful internal waters. This has aided incoming boats with ample safety while dropping anchor at the port. These inland waters offer tourists with some boat rides that are soothing. The quaint surroundings offer tranquil rides. Mappila Bay breeds one of the busiest fishing harbors in the whole of Kannur. During yesteryears, this bay acted as an apt link between Kerala and foreign countries. It formed the connecting port between the Malabar of yore and various international traders for hundreds of years. These impressive features mean that Mappila Bay can not only attract tourists for its natural allure, but also for its rich history and trading significance.

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Payyambalam Beach is situated at a distance of 2 km from Kannur city. This beach comprises of a prolonged span of gleaming sands adorned by a foliage of coconut palms. The fact that makes this beach stand out is the unusual walkover bridge that stretches across a canal and provides accessibility to the main area. A particular spot of the beach also holds wonderfully erected life-size figures of politicians who were associated with Kannur. These statues act as apt ornaments for the sands of Payyambalam Beach. The undisturbed shores of Payyambalam Beach provide tourists with a relaxing environment. Families can spend time at the beach, basking in natural glory and total serenity.

Sundareswara Temple

Sundareswara Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Sundareswara Temple in Kannur is a sacred shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The term Sundareswara stands for “Beauty”, symbolizing the fact that Lord Shiva has been the God of Beauty since yesteryears. The temple pundits have always tried to spread the message that every human being is beautiful in their own way. They strive to make the devotees search for the positive side in anyone first. This dignified temple was constructed in 1916 and its resplendence cannot be put into words. The insides of this grand temple have been enhanced by the famous artist, Sri Chaithanyaall Swami. The cornerstone of Sundareswara Temple was laid down by none other than Sri Narayana Guru, one of the most revered communal activists of the state of Kerala. This serene temple welcomes people from all sectors of society and believes in equality. Tourists from all over the country throng the shrine throughout the year.

Thottada Beach

Thottada Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Thottada Beach is nestled right between two seaside hubs of Northern Kerala, Kannur and Thalassery. Untouched by many due to its lesser popularity, this beach offers tourists with a pristine getaway spot. The sands of Thottada Beach remain unpolluted and unblemished, allowing tourists to blissfully spend time amidst its tranquil shores. With an 800-meter span of glorious sands and crystal clear sea water to keep you company, tourists are sure to find solace at this beach. Thottada Beach is flanked by elegant palm trees that look over the black and red stones of the beach from their towering perspectives. A few marshy areas formed within the vicinity of the beach nurture some impressive bio-diversity. With these stunning features, Thottada Beach allures many visitors to its secluded shores.

Palakkayam Thattu

Palakkayam Thattu:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Nestled amidst the lush green vegetation of the Western Ghats, Palakkayam Thattu is a mesmerizing hill station. Scaling to a bewildering elevation of about 3,500 feet above sea level, this hill station offers a heavenly atmosphere for tourists to revel in. Palakkayam Thattu is blessed with magnificent hummocks, lush greenery, and skyscraping trees. Thanks to the lofty height that this hill station is placed at, even the clouds regularly pay a visit. These lowering clouds leave behind a refreshing and hazy environment. Trekking up to Palakkayam Thattu is a popular activity, owing to the breathtaking surroundings that beckon along the way. Tourists can break out from their routine life and enjoy the stunning landscapes presented by Palakkayam Thattu along with their near and dear ones.

Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple

Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.keralatourism.org

Situated in the northern hemisphere of Kerala, Parassinikkadavu Muthappan Temple is one of the holiest shrines of God’s Own Country. This temple lies along the embankments of the Valapattanam River, which adds a scenic aura to its blessed environment. Muthappan Temple revers the presence of dogs, as these friendly animals form the means of transport for Lord Muthappan. This temple is graced by a deity of Lord Muthappan, a representation of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The conventional dance form of Theyyam is performed frequently at Muthappan Temple in devotion to the Lord. This blessed shrine allures devotees from all segments of the community due to its rhythmic Theyyam and sacred charm.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.co.za

Camouflaged by its misleading name, the pocket-sized Baby Beach of Kannur packs a truly attractive punch. Forming an extended shoreline of the Payyambalam Beach, the tranquil shores of Baby Beach rake in many tourists with their placid aura. The shoreline of Baby Beach can be covered through a splendid drive or by walking through its smooth sands. Tourists often just rest atop a rock of their choice and gaze into the spellbinding intrigue of the sky-blue waters of the sea and the smooth movement of the waves. The sunrise at Baby Beach is popular among the locals and the tourists. Visitors strive to get to the beach just before sunrise to try and catch the mighty Sun in full glory. The breathtaking sight of sunlight appearing from the vista is sure to uplift the spirits of those who experience it.

Ezhimala Hill

Ezhimala Hill:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
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Located 36 km away from the town of Kannur, Ezhimala Hill expands into a cluster of lush hills that look like green mounds of carpet. The cloud puffs of white cotton kiss these hills, creating a vista that only nature could ever paint. There is a local legend which narrates the history of these hills — that Chola Chera battles took place here. Moreover, this land is supposed to be revered because Buddha is said to have visited here. Hence a trip to Ezhimala Hill is a must in your Kannur itinerary.

Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.google.com

The only beach that is drive-in in Kerala is Muzhappilangad Beach. A unique, one-of-its-kind place in Kannur, Muzhappilangad Beach promises you gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, sands of the Malabar that glitter like gold and amazing South Indian snack carts lined by the shore. Visit here for photography, nature views and authentic beach galore. Muzhappilangad Beach is around 14 km from Kannur.


Paithalmala:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.kerala.me

A hill that rests 4500 m above sea level, Paithalmala is all about waterfalls and lush forests, blooming flowers and aromatic shrubs lining the way. Most people come here to indulge in short hikes and even some treks, most of which lead to the small village in the hills. A 6 km trek is the most coveted. Paithalmala is 52 km away, and is easily reached by a car in about an hour.


Peralassery:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.google.com

Peralassery is a pilgrimage of Lord Subramania. The temple here is ancient, and hosts a beautiful statue of Lord Subramania, also known as Kartikeya, Lord Shiv’s son. The idol is sculpted in a serpent form and attracts pilgrims and tourists alike. Along with a pond in the temple premises, Peralassery also hosts the annual festival of Kodiyettam where culture and religion mingle together to create a vivid celebration.

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.google.com

The first Portuguese Viceroy in the subcontinent built St. Angelo Fort in Kannur. Its significance also lies in the fact that it is uniquely triangle in shape, sitting by a furious sea. The stone and laterite structure adds to its charm, creating a near-haunting aura. While the views from the top of the Fort afford you to see all the beauty of Mopilla Bay, right into Arabian Sea’s heart. St. Angelo Fort is only 2 km away from the bus stand of Kannur.


Pappinisseri:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by http://travelkannur.com

Pappinisseri is a little village, known for its quaint idyllic lifestyle and cute South Indian customs. The homes and markets of Pappinisseri are slow in their pace of life, while the small population know each other pretty well. Nature engulfs the village in its arms, with Baliapatam river and Vadeswaram hills adding feathers in its hat. A must visit from Kannur, Pappinisseri relaxes you -- mind, body and soul.


Madayipura:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://madayipara.com

Madayipura is a hillock where tourists visit for some sightseeing. One of the sights being — the laterite plateaus that change colour in every season. Like in summer, they are tangerine and brown, while spring and monsoon carpet them in deep green. There is a fort here called Madayi, belonging to a king named Vallabh, which makes an interesting tour for history lovers. Madayipura is not more than 27 km from Kannur.

Ezhara Beach

Ezhara Beach:  Tourist Places To Visit In Kannur (Cannanore)
Photograph by https://www.tripadvisor.in

Ezhara Beach is a picnic spot loved by local families as well as the visiting ones. Located 11.2 km away from the town bus stop, Ezhara Beach has seclusion as well as happy, bouncy energy in equal measures. Families, friend groups, couples… all kinds of gatherings get some space for their kind of fun. But on Sundays, the beach is not open.

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